The 3 Best SOLE Ellipticals

The best SOLE elliptical machines all boast lengthy lists of desirable features. They come with some very strong warranties and a good variety of onboard programs. The SOLE E95, SOLE E25, and SOLE E35 all offer powered incline, something which anyone looking to take their workout to the next level will enjoy. Each of these models also includes some basic entertainment features to help improve your overall workout experience. With so many great features, choosing the best SOLE elliptical can be a little tricky, but by keeping in mind your budget and those features that are most important to you, you’re sure to find a great machine.

The SOLE E95 takes the top spot on the best SOLE ellipticals list because it offers a nice variety of workout programs, strong warranties, and excellent display features. No matter what your fitness goal, the SOLE E95 has onboard programs designed to assist you, including weight loss, heart rate, and interval programs. In addition, this machine has a 40-degree power incline function that is sure to be appreciated by many. As is typical of other SOLE machines, the E95 comes with very strong warranties, including a lifetime frame warranty and five-year parts and electronics warranties. These are some of the best in the industry so if warranties are important to you, the SOLE E95 may be a good option to consider. Overall, the SOLE E95 has many desirable features and should suit the needs of most who are looking for the best elliptical machine.

The SOLE E25 ends up in second place on the list, mostly due to the fact that its warranties are a bit more limited than those of the E95. However, there are still a lot of things to appreciate about this elliptical. It offers the same great variety of workout programs that can be found on the SOLE E95, including heart rate, interval, and weight loss programs. Also, like the E95, this machine has a powered incline function, though the E25 only inclines to 30 degrees. The SOLE E25 is significantly smaller than either of the other ellipticals on this list, which is great for anyone who is looking to save space. The lower price will also be appealing to those looking for a SOLE elliptical machine on a budget. With so much to like, the SOLE E25 would make a very strong choice for a home elliptical machine.

The SOLE E35 falls slightly behind the other SOLE elliptical machines in large part due to missing some common workout options. One of the main reasons that many people purchase fitness equipment like elliptical trainers is so they can use them to lose weight. Yet the SOLE E35 doesn’t offer any calorie burning workouts designed to facilitate this process. On a more positive note, this machine offers the same excellent warranties found on the E95, including five-year parts and electronics warranties, a two-year labor warranty, and a lifetime frame warranty. This should really help give you some peace of mind should you choose to purchase this machine. Though this model is slightly larger than some alternative models, it will undoubtedly prove to be a strong contender among elliptical machines for home use.