The 3 Best Upright Exercise Bikes

Traditional upright exercise bikes are designed to mimic the body positioning and feel of a regular bicycle. They rank among the most popular home fitness machines, delivering a solid cardiovascular workout at a reasonable price. Upright exercise bikes are often less expensive than other popular indoor cycling options, like recumbent exercise bikes and stationary spinning bikes, because they typically utilize less complex mechanical and technological systems. As a result, an upright exercise bike is often the best choice for shoppers looking to start a workout program at home without making a huge investment in equipment. That said, the best upright stationary bikes do deliver useful technological features to help you maximize your exercise time.

The Schwinn 125 Upright Bike is a terrific in-home exercise option that delivers advanced technological capabilities and a solid warranty at a very good price. The bike utilizes an eddy current braking system to provide smooth resistance across 16 levels of difficulty. Choose from six different preprogrammed workouts or program your own custom workouts and save them for later use at the push of a button. This bike also features an onboard journal system designed to save your workout statistics so you can track your performance gains over time. This kind of technological feature is typically only found in exercise equipment at much higher price points. The Schwinn 125 upright stationary bike also comes with a five-year warranty on the frame, a one-year warranty on the brakes, electronics, and mechanical parts, and a 90-day warranty on labor.

The Stamina Magnetic Upright 5325 Exercise Bike offers buyers a good balance between technology and price. Although you don’t get day-to-day performance-tracking capabilities, this upright exercise bike does come with an LCD performance monitor that displays several workout statistics in real time, including speed, mileage, burned calories, and heart rate. Just keep a journal and pencil nearby to track your workout totals across the days and weeks. The Stamina 5325’s LCD also delivers six preprogrammed workouts to help you vary your exercise routine. Note that resistance changes are not automated. Rather, the workout programs are designed to indicate when to make resistance changes by hand in order to mimic different types of outdoor cycling courses. The main drawback to this model is its relatively limited warranty, which provides just one year of coverage for the bike frame and 90 days for associated labor charges.

The Stamina Magnetic Upright 1300 Exercise Bike is the low-price leader in this category. Along with a bargain price, you also get a basic LCD workout monitor to track your performance in real time. Monitor your distance, your speed, and your calorie count as you cycle to better fitness. What’s more, this bike has a smooth magnetic resistance system that enables you to dial in the level of difficulty you need to maximize your workout time. Many bikes in this price range come with direct contact braking systems, which have limited accuracy and are much more prone to wear and tear than magnetic systems.