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Last updated on Dec 04, 2019

IdentityForce Credit Report Review

Credit reports plus identity protection ​
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  • Two protection plans, one with credit report monitoring
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Wide range of benefits
  • Handy credit score simulator

How We Reviewed IdentityForce

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IdentityForce Review

IdentityForce might not have all the bells and whistles when it comes to credit reporting, but it offers good, solid credit score management along with some great identity protection features. While the price tag may discourage the budget-conscious, others may be interested in its complete credit services and the resulting peace of mind.

The Claim

As the IdentityForce website proclaims, “Identity thieves don’t rest.” To foil them, the company claims, it monitors your personal information 24/7, quickly alerts you to threats, and offers identity recovery services to help you if the worst happens. With its UltraSecure+Credit program, it also provides three-bureau credit monitoring, scores, reports, credit score simulator, and more.

Is it true?

Yes, but you only get the full benefit of the credit bureau services if you spring for the company’s more expensive option, UltraSecure+Credit, at $23.95 per month. Its basic level of service, UltraSecure, is $17.95 a month and gives you identity monitoring services plus a few extras, such as $1 million in identity theft insurance. But at that level, you don’t get the credit bureau monitoring.

Both of the company’s plans use identity theft protection technology like fraud monitoring and change of address monitoring to alert you if there is any activity that might impact your identity. If unauthorized or suspect use of your identity shows up on the dark web, sex offender lists, court records, or social media, you’ll be notified immediately. You’ll also receive immediate notification via text or email if there’s a change, withdrawal, or balance transfer on any of your credit cards that exceeds an amount you determine. You can place fraud alerts on your credit files, opt out of junk mail, and monitor your social security number and medical ID. Recovery service is available 24/7 at a toll free customer hotline, where a certified protection expert will complete paperwork, make calls, and do the heavy lifting if your identity has been compromised.

With the UltraSecure+Credit plan, you get all that plus three-bureau credit monitoring, reports, and scores, as well as a score tracker with a month-by-month graph, and a nifty credit score simulator that lets you explore how financial decisions might impact your credit. Experiment with different credit balances, credit card payments, balance transfers and more.

IdentityForce Pros

✓ Wide range of services
✓ Credit score tracker
✓ ID protection features
✓ User-friendly account

IdentityForce Cons

✗ No one-time report option

IdentityForce Overview

Best for

Those who want good, solid identity monitoring along with their credit reports

Not for

Anyone who is looking solely for credit scores or reports, without any additional services


Standout features Far-reaching identity protection Customizable alerts Wide range of services Three-bureau credit monitoring
Price UltraSecure: $17.95/mo.
UltraSecure+Credit: $23.99/mo.
In business since 1978
Individual plans UtraSecure UltraSecure+Credit
Identity theft insurance $1 million
Fees $17.95-$23.95/mo.
Customer service Phone, email, or live chat


Wide range of services

Once you create an UltraSecure+Credit account with IdentityForce, you can periodically view your credit scores from all three bureaus along with your credit reports. The company will provide you with a list of factors that are affecting your scores so you gain a better understanding of how your score was calculated. All your credit reports are monitored so you can stay apprised of any recent changes. This way, you’re able to remove any inaccurate or fraudulent information that appears before it significantly damages your overall creditworthiness.

Credit score tracker

Every month, IdentityForce updates your credit score so you can get an accurate representation of where you stand. This tracker helps you understand what factors influence your credit score in a negative or positive direction. You can then use this information to make better decisions in the future to improve your creditworthiness. The credit score tracker only applies to your single-bureau credit score, but it should still give you a very good idea of how lenders see you.

ID protection features

As its name implies, IdentityForce offers identity theft protection services as well as credit monitoring. It notifies you of any suspicious use of your credit or debit cards as well as unauthorized use of Social Security numbers for adults and minors. We really appreciate this since, you generally want a company that will go above and beyond when it comes to protecting ALL of your information. Our expert agrees:

“Look for a company that goes beyond checking your credit scores and monitoring your social media accounts. The company should check your email account records, social media sites, websites you own (if you’re a business), and do internet data-sweeps to remove potential information that puts your identity at risk like names, phone numbers and emails that have been compromised from a data breach.”

Chelsea Brown

CEO & Founder, Digital Mom Talk

For those that do become victims of identity fraud, IdentityForce offers lost wallet protection, $1 million in identity theft insurance, and access to Identity Restoration Advisors who help you take care of the problem quickly.

User-friendly account

IdentityForce’s online accounts are very user-friendly, with most of the important information accessible right on the dashboard. You can view all your alerts as well as your credit reports and scores from the three major credit bureaus. If you have questions about your account, there is a built-in resource center that guides you to the appropriate page so you can resolve your issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Possible drawbacks

No one-time report option

If you already have identity theft protection and you’re just looking to check your credit scores or view your reports, IdentityForce may not be the company for you. There is no way to access IdentityForce’s credit monitoring without also opting for ID theft protection. In this case, a company like Experian may be a better choice. That being said, it might be worth comparing your current identity theft protection service against IdentityForce’s offerings, since the combined might of both credit monitoring and ID theft protection is an effective one-two punch when it comes to securing your information.

The Competition

Identity Guard
Our review
Our review
Our review
Plans offered
3 individual
3 family
$8.99-$34.99 /month
$19.95-$39.95 /month
Free trial
14 or 30 days
30 days
Scores from the ‘Big Three’
Reports from the ‘Big Three’
Credit score tracker
Credit score simulator
Report frequency
Monthly (TransUnion) Annual (Equifax, Experian, Transunion)
Varies with plan

IdentityForce vs. Identity Guard

Identity Guard offers a more complete menu of plans (six, in total) than IdentityForce, including plans that protect your whole family. Unlike IdentityForce, it uses IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence to monitor and process information. Identity Guard includes options like an add-on for your browser that delivers proactive malware protection, and an anti-phishing mobile app. Costwise, the two companies are in the same ballpark, but Identity Guard is slightly pricier at $24.99/month ($34.99/month for the family plan) for their Premier plan, which includes 3-bureau credit reports, or $19.99 for their Total plan, which does not.

IdentityForce vs. myFICO

MyFICO offers a robust array of credit and identity monitoring functions, along with excellent educational tools and resources. If you’d like to improve your credit score but aren’t sure where to start, myFICO is a great option. We like its online forums, which have moderated discussions on just about any financial situation you can imagine. The company’s top-level overview saves you from getting bleary-eyed reading through extensive credit reports, and a user-friendly score simulator lets you calculate the benefits or drawbacks of various financial moves. It is slightly more expensive than IdentityForce, but the educational tools may make that worthwhile if you’re interested in improving your financial game.

IdentityForce vs. AnnualCreditReport.com

AnnualCreditReport.com is a bit different from the others included here, but it’s a valuable resource nonetheless. Why? Because of one big plus: It’s totally free. Jointly run by the Big Three bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion), this is the website to go to if you want to receive the one free credit report each year that these agencies are legally required, by federal law, to give you. Does it have the bells and whistles that the others like IdentityForce have? No. But if all you want is the raw data found in your comprehensive credit report, this site is the only thing you need. If you decide to go this route, we suggest that you stagger your requests for the reports so that you’re getting one every four months, rather than asking for them all at once; that way you can assess your credit throughout the year—without paying a penny for the information.

IdentityForce FAQ

How much does Identity Force cost?

IdentityForce normally costs $17.95/month for the UltraSecure plan and the UltraSecure+Credit plan costs $23.95/month. You can also pay annually ($179.50/y for UltraSecure; $239.50/yr for UltraSecure+Credit) which comes out cheaper compared to paying month to month. It you want to opt for child identity theft protection, that will cost an additional $2.75/month per child.

Does IdentityForce offer plans for businesses?

Yes. IdentityForce has identity theft protection plans for businesses and government agencies to offer as a benefit for their employees. It also provides immediate response and support in the case of a data breach. IdentityForce is a GSA Tier One approved supplier of credit monitoring and credit report solutions, risk assessment and mitigation services, independent risk analysis, breach analysis, and comprehensive protection solutions.

Does IdentityForce have a mobile app?

Yes. In 2017, it launched IdentityForce Mobile for iOS and Android. Available from the Apple App Store or Google Play, this provides expanded access to your data, from credit score information updates, if available, to social media identity and passport monitoring—handy if you are traveling internationally.

What is IdentityForce’s ChildWatch function?

Child identity theft is a growing problem in the U.S. School forms and athletic registrations often ask for the child’s social security number, and if it is stolen, it may be some time before the parent realizes it. To address this, IdentityForce offers Childwatch, for an additional fee, allowing you to, in essence, create your own family plan. Childwatch includes regular identity monitoring, a smart SSN tracker, social media identity monitoring, and restoration services in the event of identity theft.

The Bottom Line

IdentityForce offers excellent services if you are looking for comprehensive coverage that includes credit bureau monitoring as well as general protection of your identity from fraud, the dark web, and other dangers to your good name and financial resources. We like the company’s UltraSecure+Credit plan for its four-pronged attack: monitor, control, alert, and recover; and its handy credit score simulator, which can help you to improve your credit score by testing different financial scenarios. If all you need is access to three-bureau monitoring and regular reports on your credit health, you might want to check out myFICO instead, since its focus is solely on your FICO scores and reports. But for more comprehensive coverage, IdentityForce is worth looking