Last updated on Apr 03, 2020

IDnotify Review

From basic to in-depth coverage, IDnotify offers several plans to suit every need and budget. ​
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ID Notify

  • Multiple plans
  • Unique coverage options
  • Child monitoring add-on
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IDnotify Review 

Three different credit monitoring plans with varying price points make IDnotify a solid pick for credit monitoring services. Special features include things like financial account takeover, identity restoration, identity theft insurance, and lost wallet services. The Essential plan keeps coverage limited to the very basics, but its low price point means that everyone can afford protection. 

Backed by Experian, IDnotify has the support and resources of one of the largest credit companies in the world. Members can benefit from unique coverage with available add-on protections that offer well-rounded identity theft and fraud prevention. Built-in social media monitoring with credit bureau reporting, and full internet surveillance will keep you informed and your identity protected with basic and extended alerts if there is suspicious activity.

IDnotify is a solid choice for credit monitoring services. Its pricing and coverage are in line with industry averages, but its Premier plan includes many more services and features for its price.

Quick Facts/At a glance:

  • Credit repair offering: Yes; all plans
  • Price/cost information: Essential $9.99/month, Select $17.99/month, Premier $25.99/month
  • Does it monitor how a user’s personal information is used: Yes
  • Does it provide alerts via email and text: Yes
  • Does it provide legal support to reclaim your identity: Yes 

IDnotify’s Services & Features 

Whatever you need, IDnotify has it covered within one of its plans. Alerts and dark web monitoring come standard, with varying bonus features depending on the plan you choose. There is even optional child monitoring for under $6 a month for the comprehensive coverage that your family needs.

Credit Bureau Monitoring (1,2, or 3 bureaus) N/A1 bureau3 bureaus
Dark Web MonitoringYesYesYes
Change of Address MonitoringNoYesYes
Identity Theft InsuranceNoYesYes
Family PlanN/AN/AN/A
Banking AlertsNoNoYes
Child MonitoringAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on

*Information accurate as of January 21, 2020.

Credit Bureau Monitoring

Some companies like Identity Protect offer credit monitoring with all of their plans, but IDnotify only includes this service with some of their plans. The Essential plan does not provide any credit monitoring at all, while the Select plan includes service from just one credit bureau. The Premier plan is the most extensive of the plans, with alerts and notifications from all three credit bureaus.

Your credit monitoring notifications will include a wide variety of financial events: include loan processing, credit inquiries, new open accounts, judgments, and liens. All of these actions affect your credit report and thus trigger an alert. 


IDnotify offers several different alerts that keep you plugged into your financial standing. The Essential plan includes basic internet and social networking monitoring, checking for your personal information through constant surveillance. The Select plan includes internet surveillance, monitoring for court records and any changes of address, and a social security number trace. The Premier plan offers the most extended protections with non-credit loan monitoring from payday and quick-loan creditors, as well as a financial account takeover that monitors the use of your social security number. Sex offender monitoring is also included.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring is a form of internet surveillance that regularly performs an in-depth probe of the web to check for your information. It monitors the use of your personal information, so you know right away if there is unauthorized activity on any of your accounts. It is a crucial tool in the prevention of identity theft, and – even better – IDnotify includes this service in all of its plans.

Change of Address Monitoring

Change of address monitoring will promptly notify you any time there is a new address reported with your personal information. IDnotify uses technology to track any changes made to your address through the United States Postal Office. IDnotify includes change of address monitoring with both of its Select and Premier plans, but you will not have access to this service if you elect for the Essential plan.

Identity Theft Insurance

Also available under the Select and Premier plans is identity theft insurance. As we grow increasingly dependent on technology, the personal details of our lives become that much more vulnerable within the web. IDnotify not only helps to combat identity theft, but it also takes a proactive stance if the unthinkable happens. You can be reimbursed for certain expenses if they qualify. Sadly, Essential policyholders do not benefit from this feature.

Child Monitoring

Parents can worry no more with IDnotify’s child monitoring service. It uses your child’s social security number to scour the Internet for suspicious and fraudulent activity. While it is not included in any of IDnotify’s plans, it is available as an add-on feature for $5.99 each month.

Banking Alerts

Banking alerts are another vital part of credit monitoring and identity theft protection. As the name implies, it keeps you in the know with alerts whenever there is activity on your bank accounts. Not all plans have this service, however. The Premier plan includes Non-Credit Loan Monitoring, which will immediately alert you if there are ever any payday or quick-cash loans opened using any of your personal information. These places can be easy targets for criminal activity, so having an extra layer of protection is crucial for your family’s safety.

Sex Offender Monitoring

Those convicted of sexual offenses must register with the National Sex Offender Registry, and this information is used to notify you should any of these offenders live or move into your area. This benefit is available with IDnotify’s Premier plan but is not included with the Essential or Select policies.

The Bottom Line

From economical to in-depth coverage, IDnotify has a variety of plans to suit every need – and every budget when it comes to credit monitoring and identity theft protection. That makes it especially great for those who are younger and looking to protect their burgeoning portfolios and families. With things like sex offender monitoring and child monitoring, IDnotify is great for coverage that keeps the little ones in mind. Although you cannot custom build your coverage, their three plans offer the comprehensive services most people need with easy accessibility and extra support.