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IdentityForce Review

IdentityForce offers comprehensive plans for fraud monitoring, plus optional credit monitoring. ​
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  • Free 30-day trial
  • Deletes personal data online
  • Protection against malware
  • Bank and credit card alerts
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IdentityForce Review

IdentityForce lets you pick and choose the identity protection services you need while still providing extensive coverage even at the most basic level. With two plans to select from, you can take advantage of various monitoring services and also secure identity theft insurance. IdentityForce also offers add-on plans that include credit monitoring and child fraud protection.

There’s no option just for credit monitoring, but the basic package gives you just about everything you could want when tracking your credit score and reports. And with child identity fraud on the rise, adding that extra layer of security can safeguard your children’s financial future. Each plan is fairly affordable but for those who are willing to commit to a year-long contract, you can save even more money by paying annually.

Learn more about how IdentityForce works and which plan and add-ons best suit your needs.

Quick Facts/At a glance:

  • 3-bureau credit monitoring available
  • Plans cost between $9.99 and $17.99 per month
  • Advanced fraud monitoring
  • Email and text alerts
  • Identity theft insurance and restoration service included

IdentityForce’s Services & Features

IdentityForce monitors your personal information on multiple levels. Not only that, it incorporates financial alerts and more in-depth monitoring beyond financial fraud.

UltraSecure + Credit
3 Credit Bureau Monitoring
Dark web monitoring
Change of address monitoring
Identity Theft Insurance
$1 million
$1 million
Family Plan
ChildWatch add-on available
ChildWatch add-on available
Banking Alerts
Additional Feature
Court records, pay day loan, sex offender, and social media identity monitoring
Credit score simulator

*Information accurate as of January 28, 2020.

Credit Bureau Monitoring

When you upgrade to the UltraSecure + Credit plan, you receive extensive coverage that monitors both your credit reports and your credit scores. One major benefit is that Identity Force works with all three credit bureaus so you get an inclusive picture of your credit health. In addition to monitoring, you receive instant online access to all three credit reports and scores.

Additionally, you can track your credit score with a month-by-month graph to see what changes have occurred over time. As you consider making new or significant financial decisions, take advantage of Identity Force’s credit score simulator to see how different options could impact your score, either for better or for worse.


Both plans offer an extensive number of alerts. It’s helpful in getting near real-time notification of potentially fraudulent activity in a variety of areas. The fraud alerts track your credit profile. Any time someone tries to open a new credit line in your name, you’ll be notified so you can put a stop to it before it snowballs into a bigger issue.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring helps to ensure your personal or financial information doesn’t show up in illicit corners of the internet. Identity Force constantly scans websites, chatrooms, blogs, and more to see if your data is being traded or sold. Common information that can be found on the dark web includes Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, mother’s maiden name, contact information, bank account information, and even credit or debit card numbers.

Change of Address Monitoring

Identity Force’s change of address monitoring can be effective in catching and stopping fraud early in the process. This feature alerts you whenever your USPS mail has been redirected without your permission. It typically means that a criminal is trying to get your mail in order to gain financial information from things like bills and credit card statements.They may also try to open a new account in your name by using a credit card offer from your forwarded mail.

Identity Theft Insurance

Both Identity Force plans come with identity theft insurance valued at $1 million. It helps you recover any of your out-of-pocket expenses incurred because of identity theft. The insurance policy even covers lost wages if applicable. A bonus feature is that Identity Force also helps manage your identity restoration process. Their team of certified experts do the legwork involved with reversing fraud schemes, such as filling out paperwork and making phone calls on your behalf. It’ll save you tons of time in the event you need to use this service.

Family Plans

According to Identity Force, you can sign up for family plans, but you’ll need to call their toll-free number to learn more about your options. You can also enroll in their ChildWatch program, which monitors your child’s Social Security number and other personal information. Just like the standard plans, this add-on feature includes a $1 million identity theft insurance policy and restoration management in the event your child’s information is compromised.

Banking Alerts

You can set up alerts for your bank and credit cards, investment accounts, identity threats, and fraud either through email or text messages (or both). You’re able to set your own parameters as to what triggers an alert, such as a bank account withdrawal over a certain amount. For investment accounts, you will get alerted anytime there is a deposit or other transaction on your accounts. Alerts can be set up for your 401(K), brokerage account, or other financial account. All of these banking alert features automatically come with both Identity Force plans.

Additional Features

Identity Force’s list of services also includes a number of advanced monitoring services on both plans. For example, Payday loan monitoring sends you a message anytime a payday or other type of short-term loan is opened in your name. Sex offender monitoring also involves two-fold benefits. It makes sure a sex offender doesn’t use your personal information when registering and also notifies you if a registered offender moves to your neighborhood. Finally, Identity Force monitors your social media accounts for inappropriate posts or other activity.

The Bottom Line

Identity Force offers comprehensive options for anyone interested in identity monitoring or credit monitoring. While you can’t choose a plan for credit monitoring alone, you can craft a custom solution based on you and your family’s needs. Not only do you get alerts in major fraud categories, you also get insurance to help protect you financially — in addition to a team of experts to help you with identity restoration if needed. If you are seeking a full-service identity theft protection service, Identity Force is definitely worth consideration.

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