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Last updated on Feb 26, 2020

Identity Protect Review

Identity Protect offers affordable, comprehensive coverage with optional extended coverage and business plans ​
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Identity Protect

  • 2 plans to choose from
  • Dark Web Monitoring included
  • Small business plans offered
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Identity Protect comes in two packages, a deluxe policy appropriately called the Ultimate plan and also a streamlined version called the Basic plan. Both plans come with standard protections like credit bureau monitoring and fraud protection, credit fraud counseling, loan matching concierge service, and a social security trace report. Loss protection reimbursement is offered up to $100,000 for the basic plan, and you also benefit from discounted pricing with Identity Protect partners.

The Ultimate plan is Identity Protect’s more inclusive package with extra accommodations and protections. Credit monitoring includes all three credit bureaus instead of just one, with bonus access to Transunion’s helpful credit score tracker. Loss protection reimbursement is also much more, with up to $1 million in coverage.

Small business owners can also benefit from Identity Protect’s special business protections that are available in three different plans with varying services and rates.

Quick Facts

  • Credit repair offering: Basic Plan with single bureau credit monitoring and Ultimate Plan with all three credit score reporting
  • Price/cost information: $12.95 for the Basic plan; $19.95 for the Ultimate plan
  • Does it monitor how a user’s personal information is used: Yes
  • Does it provide alerts via email and text: Yes
  • Does it provide legal support to reclaim your identity: Yes

With Identity Protect, there are two different types of personal plans available: the Basic package and the upgraded Ultimate plan. The Basic plan includes some of the industry’s primary coverages within an affordable policy, while the Ultimate plan provides extended protection for just a few dollars more each month.

Credit Bureau Monitoring (1, 2, or 3 bureaus)
1 bureau
3 bureaus
Dark Web Monitoring
Change of Address Monitoring
Identity Theft Insurance
Up to $100,000
Up to $1,000,000
Family Plan
Banking Alerts
Social Media Monitoring
Investment Account Monitoring

*Information accurate as of 02/26/2020.

Credit bureau monitoring

The Basic plan provides only standard coverage with single bureau monitoring. If you are looking for more widespread coverage with greater protections, the Ultimate plan may be a better fit for you. It offers credit monitoring from all three credit bureaus, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Members also enjoy access to Transunion’s credit score tracker.

Even more impressive are the more unique protections that Identity Protect provides in its Ultimate Protection plan. The company goes one step further to offer reputation monitoring through social media, a necessity for anyone living in today’s digital age. There is also investment account monitoring to ensure that your financial portfolio is protected, too.


The kind and number of alerts that you receive depend on your plan. Standard alerts come with the Basic plan, including those for suspicious activity, Internet/Dark Web monitoring, and a change of address on your credit report. A social security trace report is available as well.

The Ultimate plan includes all of these benefits, as well as extra perks to include social media and investment account monitoring. You will also receive a notification when there is a new checking account opened in your name.

Identity Protect is not just mindful of the mail and notifications that the company sends you. There is also a special service that reduces the amount of unwanted email and postal mail for both your home and virtual mailboxes.

Dark web monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring may not be the first thing that you think of when it comes to your credit, but it is a necessity in today’s technology-based world. This service will continuously monitor the internet to ensure that there is no fraudulent or unauthorized information about you. Should it find something of concern, you will be alerted immediately so you can take action.

Identity Protect has a special detection and warning system that can deter identity thieves from stealing your information. It’s a preventive method to keep thieves away before trouble can strike.

Change of address monitoring

Every time you move, a change of address is reported to credit bureaus, but what happens when it is not actually your address? Change of address monitoring is a useful tool in the early detection of identity theft. If there is an address reported that does not match your current or previous residences, these early alerts give you a chance to take action before further damage can be done.

Identity Protect provides change of address monitoring as a regular service that is included with both its Basic and Ultimate plans.

Identity theft insurance

As technology improves, so does the risk of identity theft. Americans suffer from identity theft every year. It’s more important than ever that you protect yourself, and Identity Protect has you covered with its identity theft insurance.

With identity fraud financial reimbursement, Identity Protect will reimburse you for any costs you incur while trying to recover and repair the damage done. Reimbursement includes things like lost wages or income and attorney and legal fees.

Social Media Monitoring

You may not think your social media is vulnerable, but for many hackers it’s an easy entry point to your data. In 2018 social media breaches accounted for 27% of all identity thefts that year. That is why social media monitoring is an important part of identity theft prevention, and Identity Protect has the resources in place to help you make it happen with its Ultimate plan.

It’s an especially valuable feature for parents who worry about their children’s activities and interactions online. Social media monitoring can help keep an eye on your kids even when you can’t. A single court and criminal report are also included with its ongoing surveillance services.

Banking alerts

Banking alerts are a beneficial tool when it comes to balancing your checkbook and keeping tracking your expenses. It’s also invaluable when it comes to your credit – banking alerts provide quick notice, so should you find an unauthorized transaction, you can act quickly before you incur any additional losses.

Identity Protect’s Ultimate plan includes monitoring alerts for not only your checking accounts but your investment accounts, too. Should there ever be any suspicious activity, you’ll be the first to know with Identity Protect’s banking alerts.

Counseling and support

It’s great to receive notifications and alerts, but it’s even better when you have easy access to someone who can help. Identity Protect keeps support at the tip of your fingertips with credit fraud consultation and unlimited resources to keep you educated and informed.

You may not be thinking clearly when trouble strikes, but that is when Identity Protect is armed and ready and can step in to help. Its helpful member portal keeps your information within easy access 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Bottom Line

Identity Protect takes a proactive stance on your account management. It will not only keep you abreast of the latest developments, but it will also provide resources to replace your driver’s license, cancel a credit card, order a new social security card, or assess your insurance options.

Self-employed? Identity Protect is an option, as well, offering a series of small business plans uniquely designed for businesses with 100 employees or less.

Identity Protect provides an all-inclusive policy with a number of unique and thoughtful protections absent from many of its competitors. Whether you are looking for simple or extended coverage, Identity Protect provides well-rounded coverage you can actually afford.