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Last updated on Nov 20, 2019

ProtectMyID ID Theft Protection Review

Affordable protection fueled by a global leader in identity security ​
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  • 3 levels of coverage
  • $1 million identity theft insurance coverage
  • Fueled by Experian

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ProtectMyID Review

ProtectMyID pretty much does what its name suggests: it lets you take control when it comes to protecting your identity. As the product of a partnership between AAA and Experian, this means more protection from identity threats and a team of agents ready to help you resolve any issues.

The Claim

According to AAA, ProtectMyID helps customers in this new age of rampant data breaches with “multiple levels of identity theft protection.” The brand also claims its backer, Experian, is a global leader in identity security.

Is it true?

Yes, ProtectMyID offers three levels of protection. Starting with ProtectMyID Essential (free for AAA members) to ProtectMyID Deluxe ($10.95/mo.) and then ProtectMyID Platinum ($15.95/mo.). As you might expect, the higher the price, the more protection and safeguards are included.

The claim that Experian is a global leader in identity security is also pretty accurate. According to Experian’s company profile, it has over 16,000 agents operating across 39 countries. Experian North America, alone, manages more than 220 million consumer credit files, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Product Overview

Best for

AAA members and anyone looking for real-time protection and alerts

Not for

Anyone looking for specific help, like removal from mailing lists

ProtectMyID Features

Price ProtectMyID Essential – Free for AAA Members
ProtectMyID Deluxe – $10.95/month
ProtectMyID Platinum – $15.95/month
Number of plans 3
Identity theft insurance coverage Up to $1,000,000 (only $10,000 for ProtectMyID Essential)
Monitoring options Credit Monitoring Lost Wallet Protection Fraud Resolution Support Dark Web Surveillance Social Security Number Monitoring Criminal Bookings and Court Records Monitoring Bank Account and Credit Card Takeovers Child Identity Monitoring Dormant Credit Card Monitoring Social Media Monitoring Payday Loan Monitoring Sex Offender Monitoring
Alerts Real-Time Identity Change of Address Positive Credit Activity Credit Limit & Usage

Alerts keep you well informed

If an identity thief attempts to use your credit card or other personal information, you get an immediate alert from ProtectMyID apprising you of the details. From there, you can contact a fraud resolution specialist for immediate assistance. ProtectMyID also goes the extra mile by providing All Clear alerts if there is no activity for an entire month. This way, you’re assured your identity is still safe and that your personal information is always being monitored.

Fraud resolution support

The fact that you can get day-and-night fraud resolution support on any of these plans is a huge plus. That means that you’ll be able to get assistance whenever an incident occurs, regardless of whether you’re paying for the high-end Platinum plan or utilizing the basics of the Essential plan.

Discounts for AAA Premier Members

Being a AAA Premier Member can make you eligible for discounts on both the Deluxe and Platinum plans. The Essential plan is free for AAA Premier Members, although it limits identity theft insurance coverage to $10,000.

Possible Drawbacks

Very limited basic plan

One would expect a basic plan to have fewer bells and whistles than the pricier tiers, and ProtectMyID’s Essential plan is definitely at the basic end of basic. It offers less than what you would find with Lifelock or Identity Guard and you only get Experian credit monitoring on the basic plan, while the others offer monitoring for Equifax and TransUnion. While AAA members needn’t turn their nose up at the free Essential plan, if you’re looking for robust coverage you’ll need to pay for the higher tiers.

The Competition

Identity Guard
ID Watchdog
Plans Offered
Advanced Fraud Monitoring
Change of Address Monitoring
Court Records Monitoring
Dark Web Monitoring
Pay Day Loan Monitoring
Sex Offender Monitoring

ProtectMyID vs. Identity Guard

Not only does Identity Guard offer more packages than ProtectMyID, but the coverages and prices also reflect the different needs of families and individuals. Additionally, Identity Guard’s protection is backed by IBM Watson®, which monitors and processes billions of pieces of information.

ProtectMyID vs. Lifelock

Lifelock has the same number of plans as ProtectMyID, but offers more in its Standard package. ProtectMyID’s Essential plan doesn’t offer dark web monitoring, privacy monitoring, or virus protection for multiple devices – all available in Lifelock’s entry-level plan. You get all that, plus more, in the Standard Lifelock package. That said, the Standard Lifelock package comes in at $14.99/month ($9.99/month for the first year), which is pretty similar to what you’ll pay for the ProtectMyID Platinum plan that does have all those extra services.

ProtectMyID vs. ID Watchdog

While ID Watchdog may offer fewer options as far as plans go, the main difference between them (aside from the price) is credit scores and reports. You won’t get this with ID Watchdog Plus but you will with ID Watchdog’s Platinum plan. What you’ll get with both plans is basic and advanced identity monitoring, dark web monitoring, customizable alerts, and fully-managed resolutions. That said, ProtectMyID’s Platinum plan comes in cheaper than ID Watchdog’s Platinum.

ProtectMyID FAQ

Can ProtectMyID help with mailing list removal?

No. There are several ID protection services that do mailing list removal, and these might be a better option if this is an important feature for you. You can find mailing list removal coverage with both IdentityForce and Lifelock

Will I be eligible for $1 million dollars of identity theft coverage with ProtectMyID Essential?

No, this is only available for Deluxe and Platinum members. However, if you are a AAA Premier member and you opt into ProtectMyID Essential, you will be eligible for $10,000 in identity theft insurance coverage.

The Bottom Line

ProtectMyID does offer a variety of plans to choose from and they are all backed by Experian’s expertise as a global leader in identity protection. And while the entry-level plan that’s free to AAA Premier Members is incredibly basic, it’s hard to argue with the fact that the highest plan—ProtectMyID Platinum—still comes in cheaper than comparable plans offered by the competition. In some cases, ProtectMyID Platinum even offers more features.