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Kaplan's extensive online study materials and strong focus on individualized instruction have made them one of the top names in GMAT prep. Their tutoring packages aren't as flexible as those found with other companies, however.

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The Good

Thousands of practice questions

In addition to the nine full-length practice tests included as part of every comprehensive GMAT prep course, Kaplan also provides their students with a huge practice question bank, containing over 5,000 sample problems. This gives you plenty of opportunities to practice every type of problem that appears on the test. Working through the questions in the quiz bank and taking the practice tests are smart ways to get a sense for which sections of the exam you need to spend more time preparing for and which you excel in. You’re then able to use this information to further direct your studies.

Private tutoring with full-length courses

Going with the AdvantagePlus course from Kaplan entitles you to three hours of private tutoring on top of the over 32 hours of in-class instruction. Tutors take a look at your practice test reports and help you come up with a customized study plan to work on those areas where you could use some improvement. They also have a wealth of knowledge about how business school admissions processes work and are able to give you valuable advice on how to strengthen your candidacy. The AdvantagePlus plans are great if you’re struggling with one particular concept on the exam and need a little extra help in that area. Hourly tutoring isn’t available through Kaplan, so this is your best option if you’re not interested in paying for a full tutoring package.

Subject-specific workshops

Students who only need help with one section of the exam are going to find Kaplan’s refresher courses to be a more cost-effective solution than a traditional course. There are two different refresher courses available: one that focuses on math and one that focuses on data sufficiency. Each course contains three lessons dealing with the most common concepts that appear on the GMAT and the strategies necessary to succeed on that particular portion of the exam. These lessons are taught via online videos and specialized practice question sets available on demand from Kaplan’s website. However, because they’re not full-length courses, there aren’t any practice tests included with these programs. If you’re interested in these, consider enrolling in a more comprehensive Kaplan course and adding on the refresher course for some additional practice.

Experience test day before you take the exam

Kaplan has partnered with Pearson/VUE, the company that administers the GMAT exam, to provide students with the most realistic practice test experience available. You take your practice exam in the same location as you would your real one. You even walk through the whole process, from checking in to finishing up that final section. When you arrive on your actual test day, you’ll know exactly what to expect. It might seem like a small thing, but it makes a big difference in how comfortable you’ll be going in to take your exam.

The Bad

No hourly tutoring

If you’re interested in one-on-one instruction from one of Kaplan’s tutors, you need to pay for 15 hours upfront. This may be a problem for some students working with tight budgets. In this case, an hourly tutoring option would be a much better fit because it enables students to pay for just those hours they need. Many other companies make hourly tutoring available to their students, including TestMasters and Manhattan GMAT. You may want to take a closer look at what these companies have to offer if you’re thinking about purchasing just a few hours of private GMAT instruction.

The Details


  • Cost of Additional Tutoring Sessions: N/A
  • Price Range: $599 - $1,449

General Information

  • Average Class Size: Varies
  • Delivery Methods: Live On-Site, Live Online, Video on Demand
  • Hours of Instruction: 48+ hours of live instruction
  • Number of Full Practice Tests: 9
  • Quiz Bank Questions: 5,000+


General Instruction

GMAT Self Paced

  • Price: $799
  • Hours of Instruction: 30 recorded GMAT Channel sessions, Live GMAT Channel available with Self Paced Plus
  • Delivery Method: Streaming Video

GMAT Live Online

  • Price: $1249
  • Hours of Instruction: 48
  • Delivery Method: Live Online

GMAT Live Online PLUS

  • Price: $1,649
  • Hours of Instruction: 48 + 3 hours of GMAT Coaching
  • Delivery Method: Live Online

GMAT In Person

  • Price: $1,449
  • Hours of Instruction: 48
  • Delivery Method: On-Site and Live Online


  • Price: $1849
  • Hours of Instruction: 48 + 3 hours of GMAT Coaching
  • Delivery Method: On-Site and Live Online

GMAT Private Tutoring Live Online

  • Price: $2,799 - $4,999
  • Hours of Instruction: 15 - 35
  • Delivery Method: Live Online

GMAT Private Tutoring In Person

  • Price: $2,799 - $4,999
  • Hours of Instruction: 15 - 35
  • Delivery Method: On-Site

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