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TestMasters' GMAT prep courses keep students highly engaged and focused by offering a number of interactive online practice materials and one-on-one instruction. Some of their tutoring packages are a bit expensive, though.

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The Good

Impressive amount of live instruction

TestMasters’ live GMAT prep course includes 60 hours of in-class instruction, which is considerably more than what you find with most other companies in the industry. This extra class time gives you the opportunity to work on more practice problems and get the one-on-one assistance you need from your instructor. If this still isn’t enough, head to class early for Q&A sessions where you can go over homework assignments and any other questions you have.

Get the individual assistance you need

TestMasters enables you to get the one-on-one support you need in whatever manner is most convenient for you, whether that be over the phone, online, or in person. Whichever method you choose, you’re matched with a tutor who’s scored within the 99th percentile on the official GMAT exam, so you can be sure they have a deep understanding of the material they’re teaching you. Tutoring packages are pretty flexible in terms of how much instruction you receive. Maybe there’s only one of two concepts giving you trouble. In this case, hourly tutoring is the smartest way to go. If you want to focus intensely on one particular section of the exam, the 10- or 25-hour packages may be better. There’s also the Platinum package, which includes the full 60 hours of instruction you’d receive in the traditional course.

Tutoring included in self-study course

Students who choose to go with TestMasters’ online GMAT prep course also receive three hours of private tutoring from one of the company’s highly trained instructors. Choose whether you’d like to speak to your tutor online or over the phone and decide when it would be best to meet. This way, they’re able to help you with any problems you’re running into and advise you on how to proceed with your studies. Private tutoring isn’t something typically found with self-study courses, but it’s a useful thing to have on your side when studying for such an important exam. So, if you’re interested in a self-study program TestMasters is definitely a company to consider.

Interactive games make studying fun

TestMasters keeps students engaged by providing entertaining games and drills that test your knowledge of the concepts you’ve been studying. These resources are located in your online account and are useful tools for staying motivated and on track with your studies. Practicing the concepts and skills you’ll be tested on on the exam is extremely important if you want to achieve a high score, so the fact that TestMasters gives you so many opportunities to do so is definitely a huge plus. These online games are available to all students who sign up for one of TestMasters’ GMAT prep courses.

The Bad

Missing a live online course

If you don’t happen to live in an area where TestMasters provides in-person classes, you’re limited to private tutoring if you want live instruction. The company’s online course largely consists of videos and online exercises you do on your own, though you’re entitled to three hours with a tutor as part of that course. If what you’re really looking for is an online course with a live instructor who can quickly answer any questions, it’s best to explore some other options. Manhattan GMAT’s Complete Course is a good one to consider. It’s available online as well as in person, so you’re able to enroll in it regardless of where you live.

Tutoring can get a little expensive

Though their hourly tutoring rates are fairly competitive, some of TestMasters’ tutoring packages might be a little out of some people’s price ranges. The Platinum Package in particular costs far more than what most other companies charge for their tutoring services. However, it’s important to know you’re getting 60 hours worth of tutoring with this program, whereas most other GMAT test prep providers usually offer about 30 hours of instruction. For this reason, one of the tutoring packages may still be a good option for you, but the fact remains that they just might be too expensive for some people.

The Details


  • Cost of Additional Tutoring Sessions: $75 - $150 per hour
  • Price Range: $950 - $6250

General Information

  • Average Class Size: Varies
  • Delivery Methods: Live On-Site, Live Online, Video On Demand
  • Hours of Instruction: 60
  • Number of Full Practice Tests: 9
  • Quiz Bank Questions: 1,000+


General Instruction

GMAT online course – online video

  • Price: $950
  • Hours of Instruction: 60
  • Delivery Method: Streaming Video

GMAT live course – on-site

  • Price: $1,250
  • Hours of Instruction: 60
  • Delivery Method: On-Site


Telephonic tutoring

  • Price: $100 - $4,750
  • Hours of Instruction: 1 - 60
  • Delivery Method: Telephone

Online tutoring

  • Price: $100 - $4,750
  • Hours of Instruction: 1 - 60
  • Delivery Method: Live Online

In-person tutoring

  • Price: $150 - $6,250
  • Hours of Instruction: 1 - 60
  • Delivery Method: On-Site View Courses

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