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With their live online and on-demand courses offered in almost all 50 states and seven full practice tests included, Kaplan's GRE prep is the most noteworthy.

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Kaplan GRE Prep Boasting the highest quantity of on-site courses in the country, Kaplan shines in the GRE prep industry by providing students with unique course options, extensive study aids and practice materials, and a no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.

Kaplan’s GRE prep is offered online and in 41 states and boasts a unique tutoring program. Kaplan’s courses offer a large online quiz bank and seven full practice tests to make sure you’re at the top of your game before taking the real deal. Kaplan’s Smart Report feature breaks down your performance in all different areas and effectively targets where you need the most work. And of course, they offer their standard satisfaction and performance guarantees so you don’t have to worry about shelling out your dollars without any gains.

The best GRE tutoring service

TestMasters Join over 150,000 students who have taken advantage of TestMaster's high-quality courses and 1-on-1 tutoring programs.

When searching for the finest GRE tutoring service, we found TestMasters to be the best option. Their in-person tutoring can be found in many cities across the country, making it easily accessible. If you live in a remote area, TestMasters is still ideal for you with their online and over-the-phone tutoring services. If you’re not sold, their live audio-video communication and shared whiteboard space will be sure to draw you in.

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Choosing the right GRE prep course for you

The 4 Best GRE Tutoring Services

November 11, 2015

The best-performing companies offer a variety of flexible plans to satisfy a wide range of student needs at reasonable prices.

The 4 Best Online GRE Prep Courses

November 11, 2015

Most of the best online GRE prep courses provide both a live online course and an on-demand course for their students.

The 3 Best GRE Practice Test Providers

November 11, 2015

The best GRE prep companies offer six to eight practice tests to help you get accustomed to the pressure that comes with taking a nearly four-hour timed test.

How we chose the best GRE prep course

We produced a list of 22 GRE prep course companies and chose the 7 top companies to review based on 34 of the most important features.

What GRE prep course features matter most and why

GRE Course Delivery

GRE Course Delivery covers the different methods used by GRE test prep providers to deliver instruction and course content to students. The category includes traditional classroom teaching, live teaching delivered online, and prerecorded teaching delivered online or by DVD. The GRE Course Delivery category ranks among the most important for many students. It is of critical importance to students who desire a specific delivery method due to home location, scheduling, or a basic learning preference.

Most important GRE course delivery features
  • Live Online – You can take GRE test preparation courses through live streaming video online.
  • On-Site – You can take GRE test preparation courses at on-site locations.
  • Streaming Video – GRE test preparation courses are available through prerecorded online videos.

GRE Practice

GRE Practice refers to the materials containing sample exam questions given to GRE prep test students. The most important component of this category is the full-length practice test. Full-length practice tests enable students to experience a nearly four-hour test under strictly timed conditions. Quiz banks are another key element of the GRE Practice category.

Quiz banks enable students to focus on specific types of questions in isolation, getting the focused training they need to master each part of the GRE test. GRE Practice is a very important part of choosing a GRE test prep company since it is so essential to basic skills development and provides a way for students to build confidence in their abilities.

Most important GRE practice features
  • Free Online Practice Test – The company provides access to a free online practice test.
  • Free Proctored Practice Test – The company provides access to a free proctored test at an on-site location.
  • Full-Length Practice Tests – The company provides full-length practice tests.
  • Practice Question Bank – The company provides access to a test bank of practice questions.
  • Practice Test Reports – The company provides feedback after completing practice tests to identify areas of improvement.

GRE Custom Instruction

GRE Custom Instruction includes learning options that GRE courses offer to students who are looking for specialized help. GRE tutoring is the primary component of this category. GRE tutoring includes both in-person and online options, and usually provides a focused, one-on-one learning experience. Although many students in GRE prep courses get sufficient help in a standard course, some students benefit enormously from the personalized attention that one-on-one tutoring offers.

Online tutoring options are especially important to students who don’t live near an in-person tutoring service. The GRE Custom Instruction category also includes refresher courses, which are designed for students who have already completed a standard course.

Most important GRE custom instruction features
  • Custom Study Strategy – The company provides a custom study strategy or study schedule.
  • Online Tutoring – You can receive GRE tutoring online via webcam.
  • On-Site Tutoring – You can receive GRE tutoring at an on-site location.
  • Subject Refresher – The company offers instruction that focuses on a specific portion of the GRE.

Learning Materials

Learning Materials refers to the study tools and learning exercises GRE courses give students to aid them in studying GRE concepts, vocabulary, and strategy. The Learning Materials category includes flash cards, workbooks, study guides, interactive games, and online quizzing tools. Students who are looking for all-in-one GRE prep courses usually place a lot of importance on the Learning Materials category. However, since these kinds of items are readily available from third-party publishers, other categories often take precedence in the search for the best all-around course.

Most important learning materials
  • Blog – The company publishes a blog that discusses content relevant to the GRE.
  • Books – The company provides books/workbooks to help you prepare for the GRE.
  • FAQs – The company provides a list of answers to GRE-related frequently asked questions.
  • Flash Cards – The company provides flash cards featuring GRE material.
  • Forum – The company provides an interactive forum where users can post questions and answers.
  • Interactive Games – The company provides online interactive games to help you learn the material.

Student Support

Student Support covers the various ways in which GRE prep courses provide students with the individual help they need to achieve their full potential on the GRE test. Student Support includes email and telephone communication between students and GRE instructors or tutors.

Student Support also includes special programs that guarantee student satisfaction by granting the ability to retake a course if a student is unhappy with their test performance after the first course attempt. While some students complete a full GRE course without once making use of Student Support resources, it’s important to have the option available in the event that it is needed.

Most important student support features
  • Email – You can reach your instructor or tutor via email for assistance.
  • Free Study Guarantee – The company allows you to retake classes for free if you do not receive a higher GRE test score.
  • Live Chat – You can reach your instructor or tutor via live chat for assistance.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – The company offers a money-back guarantee if you do not receive a higher GRE test score.
  • Phone – You can contact your instructor or tutor by phone.
  • Social Media – You can contact the company with questions through social media websites.

Admissions Prep

Admissions Prep centers around the extra services that GRE prep courses offer to help students prepare for the graduate admissions process. Common services in this category include application preparation assistance, informational seminars, and interview coaching services. Some students find a lot of benefit in these services. However, since they are strictly supplementary, few students rank the Admissions Prep category above categories that focus specifically on test preparation.

Most important admissions prep features
  • Admissions Seminars – The company holds events or seminars to discuss the admissions process and strengthen your candidacy.
  • Application Assistance – The company provides guidance and input to help improve your application.
  • Mock Interviews – The company provides mock interviews to help prepare you for admissions interviews.

Best GRE Prep Courses: Summed Up

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