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Manhattan Review offers some terrific study options that suit a variety of student needs, but falls behind the competition when it comes to supplementary learning and practice materials.

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The Good

Prep courses available on-site and online

Manhattan Review conducts standard comprehensive classroom courses in 29 states, offering one of the most extensive networks of on-site courses in the GRE prep industry. If you don’t live near a Manhattan Review location, the same standard course is available online. Manhattan Review’s standard course is organized around a schedule of 3.5 hours of class time per week over eight weeks. The 28 hours of live instruction you get with a Manhattan Review course compares well with other quality prep courses. For example, one of the top-rated companies in the industry, Kaplan, provides only 20 hours of live instruction as part of their standard GRE prep course, relying on online video lessons to supplement their live instruction schedule. As an on-site or online Manhattan Review student, you also get five full-length GRE practice tests and other useful instructional materials.

Flexible one-on-one tutoring options

Manhattan Review offers two different tutoring programs. The company’s 12-hour Private Course is the more affordable option of the two on a cost-per-hour basis. The Private Course is designed to systematically target your personal weaknesses. You begin by working one-on-one with your tutor to design a customized study plan based on your needs. Choose to focus on just one section of the GRE test, for example, or design a study plan that targets several different areas of the test. If you need just a few hours of tutoring, or perhaps a whole tutored course, go with Manhattan Review’s flexible hourly tutoring program instead.

Excellent MBA admissions prep program

you’re interested in getting help with your business school application, your personal admissions essay, or your interview skills, Manhattan Review has some great one-on-one consulting options for you. Choose a School Package to get comprehensive assistance in all aspects of the admissions process. The package provides personal access to a professional admissions consultant, who studies your background and qualifications to help you put together a sound strategic admissions plan and prepare a polished application that gets noticed. Specialized consulting and training packages are also available for interview preparation, scholarship advice, and admissions rejection analysis, among other options.

The Bad

Few supplementary practice materials

Apart from a decent selection of class materials, a study guide, and five full-length practice tests, Manhattan Review doesn’t offer much in the way of study tools and practice resources. While other companies, such as Kaplan and TestMasters, offer you access to thousands of GRE practice questions, interactive games, and content drilling tools, Manhattan Review has little to speak of in this area. Most students gain a lot of benefit from practice resources. While bookstores offer shelves full of GRE exercise books and practice guides for you to choose from, it would be nice to see Manhattan Review offer these kinds of materials along with the price of tuition.

No satisfaction guarantee

Manhattan Review stands alongside several GRE prep course companies that do not back the quality of their courses with a retake or refund guarantee. The best companies in this area, such as Kaplan and The Princeton Review , allow any student who initially completes all course requirements to retake a course for free, no questions asked. Although no student wants to enter a class expecting to retake it a couple months later, the ability to do so at no cost is comforting. If you’re looking for this kind of peace of mind, Manhattan Review isn’t going to work for you.

The Details


  • Cost of Additional Tutoring Sessions: $150/hour
  • Price Range: $990 - $1,590

General information

  • Average Class Size: 4 - 12
  • Delivery Methods: On-Site, Live Online, Streaming Video
  • Hours of Instruction: 12 - 28
  • Number of Full Practice Tests: 5 - 6
  • Quiz Bank Questions: None


General instruction

Classic class course

  • Price: $990 - $1,590
  • Hours of Instruction: 28
  • Delivery Method: On-Site, Live Online

Private course

  • Price: $1,590
  • Hours of Instruction: 12
  • Delivery Method: On-Site, Live Online


Private tutoring

  • Price: $150/hour
  • Hours of Instruction: 2 - 30
  • Delivery Method: On-Site, Live Online

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