The 3 Best GRE Practice Test Providers

Completing a series of full-length GRE practice tests is a standard component of the GRE preparation process. Practice tests help you get accustomed to the pressure that comes with taking a nearly four-hour timed test. Your practice test scores indicate how far you’ve progressed in your preparation and in what specific sections you’re having the most and least success. The best GRE prep companies in this category offer six to eight practice tests, which is sufficient for most students. Perhaps most importantly, these companies provide you with useful post-test diagnostic reports to help you better understand your performance and how to improve going forward.

Kaplan provides all their GRE students with seven individual online practice tests, at least four of which are required as part of their standard GRE prep course. Every GRE practice test you take is tracked and analyzed by the Kaplan Smart Reports program, providing you with a sophisticated yet easy-to-understand analysis of your performance. View your test results online in your Smart Reports Dashboard and learn what content areas or question types you should focus on to make the most of your study time. In addition to the full-length practice tests, Kaplan offers an online quiz database containing more than 5,000 GRE questions. The database enables you to filter the questions by type to focus on the areas with which you have the most trouble.

As a Princeton Review student, you take eight full-length GRE practice tests, the most offered by any of the top GRE prep companies. After taking each electronic practice test, you receive a detailed performance report to help you identify your areas of weakness and track your progress in the course. If you’re enrolled in an on-site or live online GRE course, you are also entitled to a one-on-one review of your tests with your instructor, which is a great opportunity to get personalized help with some of your key problem areas. Other prep companies only offer this kind of one-on-one GRE practice test review as part of a tutoring package. The eight practice tests make up just a part of the extensive online study materials that you get access to as a Princeton Review student, which include extensive video lessons, drills, and other practice resources.

Manhattan Prep offers six full-length GRE practice tests to all prep course students. Like the other companies in this list, Manhattan Prep delivers their practice tests online under realistic timed conditions. After completing a test, you get immediate access to an assessment report detailing your performance. You also get access to a review tool that sets out solutions and explanations for every question on the test. As a Manhattan Prep student, you also get numerous hard-copy study guides, a book containing 1,800 GRE practice questions, and other online practice materials.