The 4 Best GRE Tutoring Services

All major GRE prep companies offer both in-person and online GRE tutoring services. The best-performing companies offer a variety of flexible plans to satisfy a wide range of student needs at reasonable prices. If you expect to utilize tutoring services as part of your GRE preparation, consider these top companies during your research.

TestMasters tops this list with several GRE tutoring formats and some of the most affordable rates in the industry. In-person tutoring is available in cities across the country, while online and telephone tutoring services are available to students around the world. TestMasters online tutoring utilizes course delivery software to provide live audio-video communication and a collaborative whiteboard space which combine to create a truly interactive learning experience. A number of different plans are available for each tutoring format. The hourly plan offers the most flexibility, while the 10- and 20-hour prepaid packages offer reduced per-hour prices. If you want to take a complete 45-hour GRE prep course one-on-one with a GRE tutor, check out the Platinum Package, which is available for all three tutoring formats.

PowerScore offers affordable in-person, online, and telephone tutoring options to meet just about anyone’s study needs. If you’re not sure how much help you’ll need, choose an open-ended tutoring plan with no minimum commitment. To save some money, consider one of the prepaid GRE tutoring packages, including options at the five-, 10-, 20-, and 30-hour levels. The prepaid tutoring packages come with supplementary study and exercise books. PowerScore tutors are stationed in cities throughout the country, making the company a strong all-around alternative to TestMasters.

The Princeton Review’s comprehensive tutoring package provides 18 hours of private on-site or online tutoring at a competitive price. This program can be used as a replacement for a standard GRE prep course or as a course supplement. If you’re looking for a little more flexibility, the Princeton Review pay-as-you-go program has no commitments beyond an initial three hours of tutoring. If you need additional hours, simply contact your tutor to schedule it. Princeton Review tutors are located in cities across the country.

Although Kaplan does not offer the same flexibility as other companies in this list, their unique tutoring program is worth a look. Kaplan’s one-on-one tutoring service is designed specifically to serve as a supplement to a standard full-length online or on-site GRE prep course. In fact, all of Kaplan’s GRE tutoring packages include a standard prep course in the price, meaning no stand-alone tutoring services are available. Choose a basic 15-hour tutoring package, or upgrade to a 25- or 35-hour package. Kaplan maintains the largest network of on-site course locations in the industry, serving 41 states. The company’s GRE tutor network is even more extensive.