The 30-Second Review

The best high chair is safe for kids and makes cleanup quick for caretakers. We ordered eight of the most highly-rated, JPMA safety-certified chairs; Then we strapped in babies, smeared peas, and crushed some Cheerios to see how our chairs would fare in the real world. Four chairs stood out among the rest, catering to a variety of priorities: aesthetics, budget, room space, and the possibility of an expanding family.

Best Overall

This $130 no-fuss high chair impressed us with a tray that swings open and a faux leather seat cushion that made it one of the easiest to clean. While it’s not as versatile as some of our other picks, it’s the simplest to collapse and store.

Best for Growing Families

Graco Blossom™ DLX 6-in-1 Seating System
A $200 do-it-all product that comes with a separate booster chair and multiple ways to seat children of all sizes and ages. Its three layers of trays makes for quick mess management, and its wheeled base can be easily maneuvered around the room — though it's a bit bulky for smaller spaces.

A Stylish Upgrade

An attractively designed chair that comes in 30 color combinations and can be converted into stylish toddler seating. For $250, it was a challenge to assemble, but if you value interior design and want a chair with less bulk than the Graco Blossom, the OXO is a solid investment.

Best on a Budget

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair
A sturdy budget option great for small spaces or occasional trips to Grandma's house. For $40, you’ll sacrifice high quality fabric, and you'll have to work with sticky buckles. However, it was more solid than similarly priced options and easier to use than some of the most expensive.

The Best High Chair

Simplicity and convenience made the Joovy Nook ($130) an all-around favorite basic high chair for new and experienced parents alike. The Joovy arrived pre-assembled and ready to unfold. Unlike the majority of fabric-cushioned high chairs, its faux leather seat facilitated quick wipe-downs. But the standout feature? A unique tray that swings open sideways for speedy baby placing. If you want a hassle-free option that’s more portable than mondo chairs like the Graco Blossom, the Joovy Nook is for you.

The Graco Blossom DLX 6-in-1 Seating System ($200) is great for the expanding family, as it can arrange into multiple different seat styles to accommodate a growing child or two children at once. Rather than lugging the whole contraption to grandpa’s, you can remove the seat from the base to attach to a normal chair, or use the more lightweight booster seat provided. The remaining base then becomes a chair for older children. The Graco has three levels of trays for a quick transition from mealtime to playtime, no cleaning needed in between. When it is time for a deep clean, you can slip off the cover and toss it into the washing machine. Unfortunately, all of those configurations makes for a bulky chair, and there’s no way to collapse it for storage.

The OXO Tot Sprout Chair was an adult favorite, as it would fit fashionably into a modern kitchen. With five wood finishes and six cushion colors, you can easily match the aesthetics of your home without sacrificing the comfort of your child. Its vinyl-covered foam cushion wipes up in seconds, and its wooden base can be adjusted for children up to five years old. Its $250 price tag was hard to justify next to the Graco’s maximum versatility and the Joovy’s unique design, but if you value aesthetics and don’t have the room or patience for large chairs, consider the OXO.

If you’re tight on a budget or want a no-nonsense chair for more occasional installation at a grandparents' house, the $40 Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is a safe and storable option. At this price, you’ll sacrifice cleanliness — stains are hard to clean without a toss in the washing machine — and it may take you a few tries to snap on the tray. However, it stores well, collapsing down to about the size of a lawn chair. We also found it sturdier than similarly priced options from Fisher-Price, and it was easier to use than the expensive and frustrating Peg Perego.

Our Picks for the Best High Chair

Best Overall

Joovy NookA swing-out tray, easy assembly and storage, and smooth leather seat pads take this basic chair to the next level.

We pulled the Joovy Nook chair out of the box entirely assembled, and that same level of effortless was found in cleaning and storing it. Its faux leather seat was effortless to wipe down, and its densely weaved straps didn’t soak in any pea residue. It even comes with a removable plastic tray insert, which is ultra-light and dishwasher safe.

Joovy Close-up for High Chair

The Joovy's best feature is undoubtedly its swing-out tray, a unique and ultra-convenient swivel action that allows you to release the tray from only one side of the chair without having to remove the entire thing. With a mid-tantrum toddler demanding your attention, unlatching a tray full of food and finding suitable counter space for it are precious seconds. Even the trays from our other top picks, which are easy enough to remove, are still bulky enough that they take up some significant table real estate.

With the Joovy, you can swing out the tray to seat or free a child without having to find suitable counter space. It takes a step out of your busy life, and it leaves the mess contained — frankly, we we can't believe more manufacturers haven't thought of it.


Adjusting the tray forward or back is slightly tricky, requiring simultaneous presses of slotted buttons on each side of the chair — adjustment requires two hands and a bit more coordination. While inconvenient, it’s certainly child-proof enough for your fast learning baby Einstein. The removable tray insert, too, doesn’t always come flush with the actual tray. For some particularly messy eaters, food may squeeze beneath the lip of the insert onto the tray itself. We’d take the extra few strokes of cleaning for the convenience of having that removable insert, though.

Amazon reviewers note that the Joovy isn’t an optimal option for smaller infants (less than 20 pounds), as the chair is spacious and slightly reclined. But it earned 4.5/5 from 182 reviews, and parents raved about how painless it was to collapse and store on a regular basis. If you live in a smaller home or want an innovative high chair that’s hassle-free from the moment you unpack it, the $130 Joovy Nook is worth every penny.

Best for Growing Families

Graco Blossom DLX 6-in-1 Seating SystemWith four different seating configurations and three layers of trays, this chair is truly a do-it-all splurge.

Not only is the Graco Blossom a great chair for its impressive versatility, it was our tot tester’s favorite too. The Graco can convert into an impressive four different positions for the growing child and family and has been coined by users as the “Cadillac of High Chairs.”

The chair builds upon itself and can deconstruct to accommodate different stages of infancy. And though Graco markets six formations, two of them are a bit of an exaggeration: specifically, a reclined position for the full chair, and the “formation” where two kids simultaneously use different parts of the chair. When all together, it’s a classic five-point harness high chair with washable cushioned fabric. The seat itself can be removed and attached to a normal chair for an on-the-go day at grandma’s, and we found it significantly sturdier than the similarly-designed Fisher-Price SpaceSaver. The remaining base of the high chair functions as a seat for older children too — it easily sat our seven-year-old tester. Additionally, the Graco comes with a separate booster seat with a removable (and adjustable) back rest, for older kids who still need a boost to reach the table but without all the slipping-around of a makeshift phonebook booster.


In addition to the four different seating configurations, the Graco Blossom also comes with three layered trays. A one-handed center release latch pulls off the whole tray set, and side handles release the layers of inserts. This makes it possible pull off a messy tray without the rush or panic of immediately cleaning it for the next meal or Play-Doh playtime. When it came time to clean mashed peas and crumbled Cheerios off of those trays and the chair itself, we were pleasantly surprised by the lack of tiny crevices. Its fabric and straps were left with some minor staining, but nothing a toss into the washing machine couldn’t clear up.


The $200 Graco Blossom has a 4.8/5 from 515 reviews on Target, with reviewers praising its sturdiness and different chair configurations. Our child tester loved this chair, too; She instantly wanted to climb in, stating it was the comfiest-looking chair. However, our older audiences and online reviewers weren’t in love with its bulky design and lack of storability, often preferring the trendy minimalist look of the OXO Tot Sprout or easy folding of the Joovy. We found height adjustment to be a little difficult too; You have to put a foot on the base for stability, or the entire chair gets pulled up as well. But when all is said and done, if you’re looking for a luxury high chair you can use long-term for both a growing kid and a growing family, the Graco Blossom was a safe and functional favorite.

A Stylish Upgrade

OXO Tot Sprout ChairThis chair's attractive wooden exterior and soft vinyl seat overshadow it's tough assembly.

If you’re looking for a space-saving chair for your city loft, the OXO Tot Sprout Chair is for you. This minimalist wood-based high chair was a favorite for its aesthetics and quick cleanup. But its high price tag ($250) could be a bit steep for a chair whose best feature was how trendy it looks.

OXO for High Chair

Assembling the OXO took us a whopping 25 minutes, and even so, there was one screw we couldn’t quite get to spiral safely in — so it stuck out as a definite scratch-and-bruise hazard. Everything else assembled perfectly, so we chalked it up to user error and a faulty screw (we’re not installation professionals by any means). Though the chair initially seemed slightly unstable, we encouraged our two-year-old tester to rock back and forth in it, and she couldn’t build up enough momentum for it to even come close to tipping over.

OXO assembly for High Chair

After assembly, we were left with one stubborn screw, but we're attributing that to user error.

The OXO Tot Sprout held up under mass messy destruction, and it rivaled the Joovy in fast cleanup. Its soft vinyl-covered foam cushion is one-swipe wipeable. After scrubbing peas out of the thin fabric of other chairs, it was a relief to clean the OXO.

OXO has designed an attractive chair that will fit into even the most modern kitchen, and it can convert to fit older children for long-lasting family furniture. Side latches allow you to remove and lower the seat of the chair as kids get older. Unlike the Graco, the OXO can’t serve two children simultaneously, but the adjustability was still a nice addition that would allow you to get more out of your $200 investment.

Best on a Budget

Cosco Simple Fold High ChairDespite some drawbacks, this affordable chair outperformed more popular budget options with its stability and relatively painless cleaning.

If you’re set on a budget pick, this $40 high chair is safe and just as compact as the Joovy. You can store it anywhere, but gripping the hard metal bars during transport are a pain after the ergonomic handles of the Joovy.

Although the Cosco seat has more stitching than the Joovy or the OXO, crumbs in seat crevices were surprisingly minimal, and peas came off in one wipe. Those peas did leave behind some oily residue that wasn't present on other chairs, and we struggled to remove the fabric cover for machine washing, but day-to-day cleanup is smooth if you don’t mind a few stains.

Cosco Stain for High Chair

Downsides include its smaller tray (which has to be lined up perfectly in order to snap on) and its tough-to-unclick three-point harness. But for only $40, these minor inconveniences didn’t interfere with the safety of the chair. It still beat out the flimsy Fisher-Price ($50) and the $300 Peg Perego Siesta, whose tray handle pinched our fingers with every use. For families on a tight budget or for a spare weekend getaway chair, the Cosco Simple Fold is a reliable option.

Cosco for High Chair

Did You Know?

Check the working order of straps before borrowing or buying used.

Borrowing or purchasing a used high chair is a great way to save some cash, but be sure to double check that the product hasn’t been recalled. Also inquire before use that all of the safety straps and locking mechanisms are in working order.

Most high chair accidents are the result of misusing safety restraints.

The Center for Industry Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital released a study in 2013 that found that “more than 9,400 children were treated each year for an injury associated with a high chair or booster seat, equaling one child every hour nationally.” Before you panic, those numbers aren’t a direct correlation to the safety of high chairs themselves, but rather the misuse of them. Most of those injuries were preventable and a result of children climbing or standing in the chair.

Using the safety restraints every time was a unanimously recommended practice by our experts. Tracy Mehan told us that “the best thing parents can do to prevent injuries related to high chairs is to use the safety restraint system in the chair. Buckling the child in the seat with the straps every time they’re in the high chair will help set a routine and keep them safe by keeping them seated and securely in the chair.”

Dr. Lee told us that ideally the chair would have a five-point restraint (straps across waist, over the shoulders, and attaches at the crotch), but the JPMA standards do allow a three-point system — any safety restraint at all is better than a harness too difficult or complicated that it wouldn’t be used properly. If you have an extra-antsy or tantrum-prone tyke, the five-point might bring some extra peace of mind.

These rules aren’t just for the parents; Teaching your child to properly sit when eating is a big step in injury prevention, too. Permitting active play and climbing or standing in the chair, even with older siblings, can cause it to tip over. Tipping is also possible when the area around the high chair isn’t clear — Mehan advises that if the chair is too close to a table, counter, or wall, a child may knock the chair over by kicking their feet into those objects.

If your child is craving independence, it may be time to abandon the high chair.

High chairs are typically used until a baby becomes a toddler. As they age, they want to mimic the adult around them — they can become restless, and the high chair can become dangerous. It may too restrictive for them as they start to tantrum when it’s mealtime, or as they start to figure their own way out of the chair. Transitioning into a booster seat is typically the next step, and you may start with just snack times in a bigger chair until you know they’re capable of sitting through a whole or messy meal.

The Best High Chair: Summed Up

High Chair
The Best
Joovy Nook
Graco Blossom DLX 6-in-1 Seating System
For Growing Families
OXO Tot Sprout Chair
Stylish Upgrade
Cosco Simple Fold High Chair
Budget Pick