Best Home Security Systems in Columbus

Best Overall

Frontpoint Our pick for nationwide provider. See if you can get it in your Columbus neighborhood.

We set out to find the best home security system in Columbus, OH by rounding up eight of the most prominent companies in the area and evaluating them on a variety of factors (customer service support, ratings, affordability, and warranties). Once the dust settled, Executive Security Consultants impressed us with its affordable cellular monitoring and startup costs. However, Frontpoint, our national champion, still reigned supreme thanks to its long-term affordability and modern equipment.

The 4 Best Home Security Systems in Columbus

Cellular Monitoring Contract Length
Frontpoint $34/Month 36 Months
Executive Security Consultants $37/Month 36 Months
Silco Fire and Security$30/Month 12 Months
Vector Security $40/Month 36 Months

*Our upfront equipment cost is based on the company’s most basic security package.

Columbus Home Security System Reviews

Executive Security Consultants

At $37 per month, Executive Security Consultants' (ESC) cellular monitoring rate is $7 more than the cheapest option, Silco Fire and Security. But, as you can see in our cost analysis, ESC can come out cheapest in a three-year contract, which is what the company requires. The warranty for parts and labor provided by ESC is only valid for a year and extended warranties are not available. But, seeing as the basic equipment is only $100, and you can apply a $100-off coupon after visiting the website, a one year warranty doesn’t seem so bad.

What about customer service? Aside from being directed to a phone tree rather than a real person upon calling, Executive Security Consultants (ESC) was the easiest to work with, by far. Our apprehension toward the 36 month contract was relieved by the team’s ability to transfer the system in the event of a move. The team at Executive Security Consultants can either transfer the system to the new homeowners or relocate it within the Columbus area.

There is one small chink in ESC’s armor though: It doesn’t offer landline service. So if you need a system that’s hardwired into your phone lines, you’ll need to look elsewhere (specifically Silco Fire and Security).

Silco Fire & Security

Silco Fire and Security offers the lowest cellular monitoring rate of all our top picks ($30 per month) and it only requires customers to sign a 12-month contract. (Other than All Secured Security Services, which doesn’t require contracts at all, the rest of our recommendations require a three-year service agreement.) So why didn’t Silco win the number-one spot, you might be asking. The basic equipment cost for Silco is $395 upfront, and the warranty only lasts for 30 days. Between those two downsides, we couldn’t recommend it over Frontpoint or ESC.

There is one plus, though. If you can manage to cough up the $395 upfront, you will own your system outright, which can be a great selling point if you ever need to put your home on the market.

Vector Security

At $40 a month, Vector Security's cellular monitoring is the most costly when compared to our other picks. However, it won’t charge you a dime for your equipment upfront. Just remember that you’ll have to turn in back in should you ever cancel your service. Like ESC, Vector doesn’t service landline systems, so you’ll need to check out Silco if you currently have a landline system, or don’t live in an area with great cellular coverage.

What about contracts? Like most companies, Vector requires a three-year contract. The difference with Vector is that it offers full parts and labor warranty and at no added cost.

As for customer service, don’t expect it to be timely. After a few failed calls that wound up in phone tree limbo, we finally arrived at customer support. To be fair, once we were speaking with a rep our questions were answered in a completely friendly manner.

Honorable Mention

Ultimate Technology & Security Solutions, LLC

(614) 932-1444

Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions (UTSS) offers the second lowest monitoring rate at $35 per month, but like many providers, it requires a three-year service agreement. Outside of the monitoring cost, though, things get a little less competitive — at $400, it has the most costly upfront equipment fee of all four companies. All in all, it’s the most expensive of the local businesses, and didn’t quite stand out enough to get a full recommendation.

Bang for the Buck: A Price Breakdown

For many, the hardest part of purchasing a home security system is determining how long they can afford to be in a contractual agreement. If it’s possible that you might move within two or three years, your options are somewhat limited: You probably should choose the company that doesn’t require contracts. However, if you plan to live in your current home for a good while, use our chart below to compare the long-term cost of all our top providers:


Executive Security Consultants

Silco Fire & Security

Vector Security

Ultimate Technology & Security Solutions, LLC

Cellular Monitoring Cost (per month)
Basic Equipment Cost
Minimum Contract
3 years
3 years
1 year
3 years
3 years
Do you own your system?
Cost at 3 years (Equipment + Monitoring)

Permits and False Alarms

Don’t forget to obtain a permit for your new security system — it’s illegal to own an active system that isn’t registered. If you operate an alarm system without a permit, you can be charged for a minor misdemeanor. There is a $10 application fee in addition to the $25 permit cost for a permit that is valid for two years. Note: You may transfer the permit if you move houses but cannot transfer the permit to another person.

As the permit holder, you are responsible for all fees including false alarms. Not only will you be wasting an officer’s time for false alarms but you will also be financially punished for having more than two false alarms per year. After that you will receive a fine depending on the number of false alarms within the annual time frame according to the arrangement below:

False Alarm Fees:

  • 3-4 false alarms: $100 each
  • 5-6 false alarms: $200 each
  • 7-9 false alarms: $400 each
  • 10 or more false alarms: $800 each

The Bottom Line

Frontpoint Frontpoint is our top pick for nationwide providers. See if it's available in your Columbus neighborhood.

Columbus has three great local home security businesses, but Frontpoint still has the better long-term deal — unless you’d prefer to own your system outright, that is. If so, Silco Fire and Security's basic package runs $395 upfront and is garnished with the lowest cellular monitoring fee around: $30. Silco is also the only company that offers landline service. So if you already have a landline system, or live in an area with terrible cellular signal, it’s your best alternative.