Best Home Security Systems in Connecticut

Frontpoint Our national recommendation. See if you can get it in your Connecticut neighborhood.

Frontpoint is our top home security company on a national level, but what about the businesses local to Connecticut? We dug into pricing, customer service, and even got quotes for ourselves to determine which ones are the best of the best. As it turns out, Advanced Electronic Systems is our favorite home security company in the area, with Frontpoint as a close second. While the latter leads the pack in home automation technology, AES has a far cheaper cellular monitoring payment of $26 a month and requires only a one-year contract.

The Best Home Security Systems in Connecticut

Home Security Companies

Cellular Monitoring

Contract Length

Advanced Electronic Systems
12 Months
Alarm New England
36 Months
MCI Security Systems
12 Months

Advanced Electronic Systems, LLC

Based out of Norwalk, the team at Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) is made up of 24 highly personable and professional employees. Service is its focus and that’s evident from the moment a representative answers your call on the first ring. Unlike Alarm New England, you will be greeted by a human every time you call. Customers find this especially beneficial in the event of a false alarm as AES employees are able to immediately disable the noise.

During our call we confirmed that cellular monitoring starts at $26 per month — pricing isn’t listed on the website, which is a bit of a bummer. In fact, the entire website is dearth of useful information. We’re not holding it against AES though; No other company offers cellular monitoring for that price. Plus, you only have to sign a one-year contract for service. Compare that to Frontpoint and Alarm New England which require a three-year commitment.

Speaking of a commitment, AES’ system is yours to keep after the contract is up. Already have an installed system? Not a problem, the licensed installers at Advanced Electronic Systems can service existing alarms installed by other companies. However, if home automation interests you as well, you’ll want to purchase AES’s systems which allow you to remotely arm/disarm your house, adjust your thermostats, access live footage, and much more.

Alarm New England

Alarm New England (ANE) is a well-established and family owned business offering responsive and genuine customer service — after you get through the phone tree, that is. It runs and maintains a proprietary monitoring centers and provides cellular monitoring from Rocky Hill starting at an affordable $35 a month. Keep in mind that the minimum contract period is 36 months and the Honeywell equipment is yours to keep at the end. If you have an existing system, no problem, ANE professionals are able to take over and service existing systems.

In addition to servicing customers in Connecticut, ANE extends their service to Rhode Island and Massachusetts as well. Alarm New England also provides panic buttons and home automation upgrades. And like Frontpoint, ANE gives mechanically inclined customers the option to self-install the system.

ANE actually scored the highest in our evaluation test due to its stellar website and customer service ratings on Facebook and the BBB. However, Advanced Electronic Systems scored well above ANE on Angie’s list. So between that fact and AES’ shorter service contract, we couldn’t justify making Alarm New England our top pick.

MCI Security Systems

MCI Security Systems is a family-run business serving the lower Fairfield County area. It provides alarm and fire protection, access control systems, CCTV and video surveillance systems, temperature sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors. All this equipment may seem overwhelming at first, but the MCI team are there to help from the very beginning. When you call, you are sure to hear a real human on the other end of the line.

We tried (begged) to get a quote over the phone, but both reps wouldn’t cave. So in order to get a solid idea of how much the startup equipment will cost, you’ll have to schedule a free consultation — this does require a home visit. Then, a the consultant will work with you to design an individual security system catered to your lifestyle, hand it off to a licensed technician, and your system will be built accordingly.
Compared to Alarm New England and Advanced Electronic Systems, MCI is going to come out a little more expensive because equipment is purchased not leased. Cellular monitoring begins at $44 per month (which is also on the pricey side) and if you’re interested in having on-the-go control of your system, you can add the mobile app for $2 extra a month.

Connecticut Crime Rates and Trends

Fortunately, Connecticut is not subject to high crime rates. In fact, CT falls way below the national median for violent, property, and total crimes per square mile. While residents are fortunate to live in a generally safe community, all homeowners and renters in Connecticut should be protected by a home security system. Sure crime rates are low, but of the crimes committed in the state, 89 percent are property crimes.

Remember: Home security is as much about protection as it is your peace of mind. Thoughtfully consider whether a home security system would actually make you feel safer. We absolutely recommend purchasing a system, but even if you aren’t ready to commit, there are still plenty of simple steps you can take to deter criminals.

Connecticut County Policies

No matter what county you live in, you’re required to register your alarm and fire alarm systems. Registrations and fees vary in every town so it is important to understand the regulations and fines that are individual to your area. Below, we linked each town’s police department where you can find more information about registering your alarm, fees, and renewals.

The Bottom Line

Frontpoint Frontpoint is our top pick for nationwide providers. See if it's available in your Connecticut neighborhood.

Frontpoint may be the best company on a national level, but if you live in Connecticut, Advanced Electronic Systems is your best option. The service is great; it requires only a one-year service contract; and it undercuts the next-cheapest monthly monitoring payment by $9. Just remember that you will have to front some money for the equipment (the amount will depend upon what you are quoted for). So if you don’t have more than a couple hundred dollars to spare, Frontpoint is the way to go — it only costs $100 to get up and running.