Best Home Security Systems in Las Vegas

On a national level, Frontpoint is our favorite home security company. But what about the plethora of businesses in Las Vegas?

After reviewing the four largest businesses in the city on pricing, contract length, and home automation, we determined that Frontpoint was still best home security in Las Vegas thanks to its affordable startup costs, easy setup, and cutting-edge home automation technology — as long as you’re OK with leasing equipment, that is. If you prefer to pay more upfront and buy the equipment outright, Brantley Security Systems is your next-best option.

The Best Home Security Systems in Las Vegas

Cellular Monitoring

Contract Length


36 months

Brantley Security Systems

36 months

Frontpoint Frontpoint is our top recommendation for the easiest setup and best home automation in Las Vegas.


Of all our top picks, Frontpoint was the only one that made it easy to understand how much money we’d be forking over for a home security system — and we appreciate that. All its pricing is clearly defined on the website: The Protection Plan, which is the company’s most basic cellular setup, costs $100 upfront, runs $35 a month for monitoring, and includes three door/window sensors, a motion detector, and a control panel. Brantley and Alarmco wouldn’t even give us a ballpark figure as to how much the upfront equipment cost would be — the reps insisted that a home visit was required to determine a quote.

On top of that, Frontpoint’s equipment is simple to setup, and doesn’t require a professional to install it. That’s a really big deal if you’re a renters, or if you aren’t sure how long you’ll live in your current home. You can ship the equipment back and a new, carbon-copy setup will be mailed to your new address.

A second advantage is that extra equipment can be purchased a-la-carte, at any point in time — and that includes home automation devices. You’ll need to upgrade to the company’s $40-per-month monitoring plan to take advantage of home automation features though.

Speaking of home automation, Frontpoint has some of the smoothest technology available. The app is incredibly smooth, and its systems can incorporate a bunch of third-party, Z-Wave-supported devices. You’ll need to upgrade to $45-per-month monitoring to take advantage of home automation features — even if you already own Z-Wave devices. And online video surveillance isn’t available until you upgrade to the Ultimate plan (which costs about $300 upfront).

Brantley Security Systems

Brantley Security Systems offers $50 cellular monitoring and a 36-month contract, but its top-notch customer service give it a slight edge: Brantley scored the highest on BBB, Angie’s List, and Facebook of all the local competitors that we evaluated.

When we called Brantley, we were answered by a real person who introduced us to five cellular monitoring packages, starting at $50 per month. (Landline is also available for a cheaper $32 per month.) With the most basic package you’ll get a standard burglar alarm: a control panel, audible siren, window and door sensors, and a motion detector. This can be upgraded to include as much as a cellular backup, home automation service, and a camera system which allows you to view your home from any PC or mobile device for added security (this is known as the “Ultra Premium” package).

The biggest downside is that Brantley prefers to give out quotes based on a home consultation, so it’s impossible to know how much you’ll spend on equipment without setting up a visit.

It’s nice to know that if you are dissatisfied within the first 90 days, you will be fully refunded for all installation and monitoring fees. Post 90 days, you will receive a full warranty on all equipment and labor for new equipment installations. Keep in mind there is no activation fee but contracts start at a 36-month period.

Crime Rates and Precautions

Whether you’re native to the Greater Las Vegas area or you’re still unpacking, the risk of a property crime in the area is unfortunately high for residents. The likelihood of being victim to a violent or property crime in Las Vegas is 1 in 26. Remember: Burglary is common across all areas and income levels, and there’s no silver bullet that will keep you from becoming a target. However, owning a home security system is a great way to make sure if you are targeted, the thieves won’t make it very far.

Your local Metropolitan Police Department offers a wide range of tips for personal and home safety. You can even contact them to schedule a complimentary home security check with a specialist. Even if you’ve never experienced a property crime or noticed suspicious behavior in your community, a home security system is beneficial for every homeowner and renter in Las Vegas.

The Bottom Line

Brantley Security Systems and Frontpoint are your two best options in Las Vegas, though Frontpoint has two advantages: It’s way easier to setup, and costs far less up front (at the expense of leasing the equipment).