Despite the endless lakes and dazzling skies of Minnesota, the brutally cold winters would seem to put a damper on the region’s health and happiness. But snow – even 70 inches of it a year – can’t keep a good state down. Minnesota has crested to second place in US News & World Report’s 2018 State Rankings. The state boasts top scores for Quality of Life, Opportunity, Infrastructure, Health Care — but falls behind in Crime and Corrections.

The majority of Minnesota property crimes take place in urban centers, but factors associated with property crime – economic disparity, hardship, insufficient education – appear in all areas of the state, and particularly in those rural zones where the loss of legacy industries (e.g., Minnesota’s once-prosperous iron mining) are most strongly felt.

Whether you live in the capital or a lakeside cabin, equipping your home with a security system will help ensure you’d continue to rank your own Minnesota quality of life high. To that end, we’ve scouted three excellent home security providers with the technology and customer resources to keep your most valuable assets safe. No matter what part of the state you call home.

The 3 Best Home Security Systems in Minnesota

  • ADT -

    Most Popular Provider

  • Vivint -

    Best for Home Automation

  • Frontpoint -

    Best Customer Support

Minnesota Home Security System Reviews

Home security is a priority for homeowners across America. We started by looking at nationwide home security providers – top names that boast best-in-class tech, high customer satisfaction, and impressively broad networks. We narrowed it down to a list of eight, then ordered the lot.

We purchased and installed eight security systems in eight homes, and lived with them for eight months. We explored their perks, familiarized ourselves with their functionality, tested features standout and exceptional, and contacted service reps via chat, phone, and email to figure out whose customer experience was the best.

Our top picks for the nation are our top picks for Minnesota, too. But here we look specifically at the home security needs of the state, as well its false alarm policy and local competitors.

Most Popular Provider
The biggest name in the industry and our favorite, too. ADT combines unbeatable name recognition with industry leading equipment and fully customizable security packages.

If any company can claim to protect your home with a small plastic sign, it’s ADT. But the strength of the name goes beyond the shield. The company has built its reputation by staying on the cutting edge of home security technology and expanding its service network, all without losing touch with the customer experience. It’s the largest provider in the space by millions of subscribers.

The technology offered by ADT is among the best — plush with video cameras, remote control features, and sophisticated device compatibility. Stream live feed on your phone to monitor the comings and goings in your house, and decide for yourself whether alarms are false or merit calling in aid. We loved home security systems that let us make educated decisions ourselves.

Home automation is the modern outgrowth of pure and simple home security, and ADT is hitting it hard. If you choose to automate with ADT, it’s good to know that they expect you to go all the way. Smart thermostats, smart, garage doors, and smart so forth are available only with the two top-tier packages. You’ll pay $50 plus a month and get the full spectrum of home automation features.

A corollary of ADT’s thorough equipment spread: Professional installation. ADT won’t leave you to put all the wires in place yourself. Calling in the pros makes for an upcharge, but because ADT’s system is so thorough, we don’t think DIY would be as practical with them as with other providers that allow you to take a more piecemeal approach to security.

If you’re interested in home security that takes the next step up to home automation, ADT is an excellent choice. But if you would like more customization in the type of devices you opt into, and get them for less, we’d point you to Vivint. If you’d like pure security, and are comfortable installing yourself, check out Frontpoint.

Best for Home Automation
Full-service professional security meets home automation; Vivint lets you manage all your home systems from one sleek station.

ADT does it all; Vivint gets specific. The provider’s identity leans more to home automation than home security in the traditional sense, and while it’s technology is on par with ADT’s, its options for equipment and package size are more expansive.

Intuitive controls and an array of smart devices make it like you’re home even when you’re far away. This means you’ll be able to monitor the front door, dismantle false alarms, and the like, but also adjust thermostat settings and lights remotely. If you’re just working late, these features help you get the house perfect for your return. If you’re on vacation, these features help your home look habitated.

You can get most of these services with most home automation providers, but only Vivint lets you pick and choose the tools you want, and get started on automating your home for less. À la carte selections let you choose and purchase just the home automation features that you need or want, while skipping those you don’t predict using or that you already have covered. You can also dip a toe into automation with a package that’s less thorough than that of ADT’s but also costs ten to twenty bucks less a month.

We were impressed with the sleek usability of all Vivints equipment, and particularly found the app so functional that it made the (equally sleek) base station almost unnecessary. We never felt like we had to be at home to effect any changes or troubleshoot problems — change the temperature, adjusts lights, communicate face-to-face via security cameras — and that’s really the whole point of automation.

For customizable home security with a heavy dose of home automation, you can’t do better than Vivint. ADT’s automation is on par, but doesn’t offer you the same flexibility in what you get or how much it’ll cost. That said, if you are looking for the total package, ADT is our top pick. If you’re looking for even more customization, and the ability to DIY, read on for Frontpoint, which also blew us away with exceptional customer service.

Best Customer Support
Professional monitoring and a full range of security packages, backed by some of the best customer service in the industry.

Everything you want out of your home security system isn’t necessarily everything you want out of your home security provider. From the system, we’re looking for incredible automation — functionality without feedback. From the provider, most of us appreciate having things not quite so automated, and a little more personalized instead. Frontpoint delivers on both counts.

While not quite as high-tech or sophisticated as the equipment offered by Vivint, Frontpoint’s lineup serves all the security needs of your home with live video streaming, motion-triggered photos, and night vision. Even better than its product, however, is its service. The customer experience with Frontpoint was the best we had with any of the home security providers we tested.

The human element we loved about Frontpoint came as a surprise, since it’s the only of our three top picks that doesn’t require professional installation. While Frontpoint technicians can’t show up at your door, they are always just a phone call away. They help you chat through your security concerns, walking through every room of your house to identify trouble zones and the best equipment to respond to them.

After ordering your personally recommended equipment, you can look forward to a customized starter box and website. The DIY installation process is incredibly easy, but if you get stuck at any point, jump back on the phone to get troubleshooting assistance. When out tester hit a snag getting the control panel to connect, she got Frontpoint on the phone and had a new panel in the mail that day.

If you’d rather not have to call for every question, you can also refer to the website’s plush online resources, including equipment guides, video tutorials, and an FAQ section that answers common issues.

The exceptional customer service of Frontpoint can supplant the need for professional installation, so long as you don’t mind carving out a little time to set up and get your questions answered. If you’d feel more comfortable leaving it to the pros, consider ADT or Vivint. But if you’re happy to DIY, knowing that a friendly and knowledgeable rep is always at hand, Frontpoint delivers stellar service and reliable security.

Compare the Best Home Security Systems in Minnesota

Other Minnesota Home Security Companies to Consider

We were impressed with the power of the national home security providers on many levels: Customer support, technology, response time, extra perks. But there’s another huge factor in finding your right system – price. Since the price you pay for home security depends on a lot of variables, like where you live and the value of your home, the only way to find your most affordable provider is to shop around.

Compare quotes between our favorite three, but it may be worthwhile to see what Minnesota’s local home security companies have on offer. We plumbed the customer reviews of Angie’s List and Yelp to find five great home security companies doing business in your state.

  • Minnesota Security
  • Westco Systems
  • Lloyd Security
  • Akers Home Security
  • Security One

Minnesota Home Security False Alarm Policy

To be effective, your home security system has to be sensitive. But a finely tuned system has a downside — it will likely get set off on accident. The wind blows open an upstairs window, the kids come bursting in after school without remembering to dismantle the code, or the babysitter forgets how to use the control panel — all manner of situations can lead to a false alarm and, in most parts of the country, a false alarm fee.

No one likes a letter from the city that ends in dollar signs, but the toll on municipal response teams is steep. Some estimates suggest that above 95% of home and business security alarms turn out to be baseless. In an attempt to control this high toll, lots of cities and counties in Minnesota institute a false alarm tax that gets pricier the more times your system cries wolf in a calendar year.

The specifics vary between cities and counties, but Minneapolis imposes a false alarm policy typical of the state. Chapter 176 of the municipal code requires security system owners to do due diligence to avoid false alarms altogether — things like ensuring you and everyone in your family knows how to work your system.

At your first false alarm, you’ll be required to register your system for $30. A second offense, you’re charged $100. With every subsequent offense, the fee increases another hundred bucks. This is nearly identical to the legislature in place in St. Paul. Check with your local government to make sure you’re toeing the line and avoiding big bills.

Minnesota Crime Rates

Nationally, property crime rates are on the decline. And while assaults to property are much more common than violent crime throughout the country, Minnesota boasts lower property crime rates than the national average. Per 1,000 residents, 25 Americans experience property crime, but only 21 Minnesotans do. Even more impressively, while the Midwest has experienced a small increase in property crimes, Minnesota is enjoying a substantial decrease — down 9% year over year.

Certain parts of Minnesota boast greater safety than others. Given the classic urban/rural divide, It’s no surprise that the safest towns in the state are all small. But pursuing safety shouldn’t mean packing up and heading for the hills. No matter where you live, your home is an investment and a haven worth protecting.