Best Home Security Systems in Phoenix

Best Overall

Frontpoint Frontpoint won the top spot in our review of nationwide providers. Check to see if it's available in your Phoenix neighborhood.

Choosing the right home security company can be pretty time consuming. That’s why we found the three largest home security businesses in Phoenix and pit them against Frontpoint, our national home security title-holder. We put in the time, evaluating and scoring each company on a plethora of factors (like contract length, customer service, reputability, and equipment cost). In the end, we determined that while Titan Alarm is our top local pick, Frontpoint is still offers the best home security system in Phoenix thanks to its slightly cheaper cellular monitoring package.

The Best Phoenix Home Security Systems

Home Security Company
Cellular Monitoring
Upfront Equipment Cost
Titan Alarm
JPG Home Security and Consulting
*Requires a quote
Bulwark Home Security

*Our upfront equipment cost is based upon the company’s most basic security package.

Local Home Security Reviews

Titan Alarm

Not only is Titan Alarm is the only one of our picks to run its own monitoring station; it runs three of them. (This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have faster response service, but is a great trust signal; Titan is here to stay.) As a result, Titan Alarm’s cellular monitoring is $40 per month, which is $5 more than the next cheapest competitor, JPG. While we’re on the topic of cost, Titan’s home security equipment bundles start at $100 — that falls just a little bit shy of the median for our top picks.

Titan Alarm does have one weakness: areas without cellular reception. The company officially pulled the plug on landline-based monitoring, so if you were depending on a hardwired connection, you’ll need to consider our other recommendations.

Similar to Bulwark, the minimum contract is 36 months. But if you choose to move during your contract, Titan does offers a one-time move fee for $99 as well as a panel removal fee of $85. These fees can be waived by signing a new 36 month contract with Titan. You can check out its moving policy or give the team at Titan a call. Just be prepared to be put on a brief hold after getting through the phone tree and greeting.

JPG Home Security and Consulting

JPG Home Security and Consulting doesn’t have a minimum contract period like the rest of our recommendations do — even Frontpoint requires that you sign a 36-month agreement. Between that, and its stellar scores on Angie’s List and the BBB, JPG was a solid runner-up in Phoenix.

It’s important to know that if you choose to go the contract-free route, you must pay for the security equipment and fees upfront. (We couldn’t convince the rep to give us an estimate as to what the upfront equipment cost would be, unfortunately.) On the other hand, signing a three-year contract with JPG requires no upfront costs whatsoever. This is the favored option among Phoenix residents as you’ll receive a free security system and only be charged $35 a month for cellular monitoring.

Bulwark Home Security

Customer service is Bulwark Home Security's biggest strength — it was the only business that greeted us with a real person, not a phone tree. We also observed that Jeff, the owner, personally responds to customers’ online reviews. When calling, you’ll be greeted by a receptionist and either be immediately transferred to a technician or wait for a speedy return call. (It took less than ten minutes before someone got back with us.)

Another plus to Bulwark is that it’s the only company that offers a lifetime warranty for equipment. Compare that to JPG and CopperStar, which only offer one for the lifespan of the contract. And speaking of equipment, Bulwark will provide you with a free system check, minor repairs, and backup battery for an old system too; not just a new purchase. There is no activation fee, but a minimum one year monitoring contract is required.

Finally, Bulwark offers the cheapest landline monitoring package of all the competitors. So if you already have a hardwired system — or live in an area with spotty cellular signal — Bulwark is probably your best bet.

Honorable Mentions

CopperStar Security and Kodiak were pretty competitive, but ultimately didn’t stand out enough to receive a formal recommendation — primarily due to a lackluster online presence. What is worth noting, however, is that CopperStar is the only other company besides JPD to offer a month-to-month contract agreement. As for Kodiak, it offered the cheapest monitoring at $32 per month. However, both companies had a lackluster reputation and also were the most expensive in terms of the upfront equipment cost.

Service Analysis

Titan Alarm JPGBulwark
Cellular Monitoring $40/Month $35/Month $35/Month
Landline / Broadband Monitoring N/A $30/month $25/month
Systems can Include a Cellular Backup
Minimum Contract Length 36 months No Contract 36 months
Initial Equipment Cost $100 *Requires a quote $80
DIY Installation Offered Not Offered Not Offered
Equipment Warranty N/A Length of ContractLifetime
Offers Life Protection
Offers Home Automation
24/7 Monitoring Proprietary
Can you get an online quote?
Can it work with an existing system?

Phoenix False Alarm Policy

Don’t forget to obtain a permit for your alarm system as it is required in the city of Phoenix. If you do not have a permit or if you undergo more than one false alarm in a year, you will be fined $96 for each false burglar alarm and $105 for each false fire alarm. For more information on preventing false alarms and to earn a waiver for a false burglar or fire alarm, you may participate in the Phoenix False Alarm Prevention Program. Make sure to RSVP for classes by calling (602) 534-0322.

The Bottom Line

Best Overall

Frontpoint Our pick for nationwide provider. See if you can get it in your Phoenix neighborhood.

Titan Alarm impressed us its longstanding reputation in the community and modern equipment, but ultimately, Frontpoint offers a slightly better deal: $35 cellular monitoring, which is $5 less than Titan each month. However, if you need a landline connection instead, Bulwark Home Security is going to give you the most bang for your buck.