SafeMart Review

SafeMart offers access to a wide variety of home security equipment and affordable monitoring plans. With relatively short contracts and easy relocation options, SafeMart may be the right choice if you want to avoid long-term home security commitments.

The Good

Simple And Easy Relocation

With a SafeMart system, you can pack up, move, and reinstall your equipment at your leisure without any additional fees. This is possible since SafeMart provides DIY home security systems that don’t require the assistance of a professional technician. Meanwhile, some other top home security systems make it difficult to move your system or even charge a fee, which is one less thing you want to think about when you’re moving.

Comprehensive Home Automation

With SafeMart’s home automation system, you can select from a variety of door locks, thermostats, light dimmers, and even smart plugs, which look like typical power outlets but are designed to be incorporated into SafeMart’s smart system. The majority of these devices utilize Z-Wave technology, enabling you to seamlessly connect all your devices wirelessly. SafeMart also offers a low-price guarantee, matching any competitor’s online prices.

Products Available From Multiple Manufacturers

While other home security companies only offer equipment from one manufacturer, SafeMart gives you access to equipment from several different providers including Honeywell, General Electric, Visonic, and others. Providing access to so many manufacturers increases the probability of you finding the type of home security equipment most appropriate for your circumstances.

Relatively Short And Affordable Contracts

SafeMart monitoring contracts last one to two years and, following industry standard, they automatically renew unless you follow cancelling protocol. The vast majority of top home security systems require contracts that average roughly three years, with some extending to as many as five. SafeMart offers five home security packages ranging from $9.95 to $49.95. If you’re looking for a basic home security option, you won’t find a price lower than $9.95 per month.

LiveWatch Alarm Monitoring

LiveWatch is the online portal to your home security system. Through LiveWatch Premium Control and the high-end Complete 2.0 Alarm Monitoring package, you’re able to control your lights, locks, video, or any other aspect of your home automation system from your laptop or other mobile device. For those interested in a smart home experience, SafeMart’s automation equipment and LiveWatch can make that dream a reality.

Helpful Online Chat

For those times when you need to troubleshoot a quick problem, being able to jump online and chat with a support representative is an efficient way to find a solution. Many home security companies display online chat features, but some are just used as a way for salespeople to talk you into scheduling an appointment. The support representative we interacted with on the SafeMart website was smart and helpful and directly answered questions instead of forcing a sale.

The Bad

Incomplete Equipment Selection Online Tool

SafeMart provides Monitoring Advisor, which is a tool on the SafeMart website that asks a series of questions to better understand your security needs. Unfortunately, instead of ending with recommendations on which home security products you should purchase, you’re prompted to provide your contact information and wait for a SafeMart representative to contact you.

Subpar Website

Because SafeMart offers products from so many manufacturers, their website, at times, feels more like an outdated retail website instead of the company you’re trusting to protect your home and family. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re making an important purchase like a home security system, conducting upfront research can help ensure you end up with the right equipment and pricing package, and the SafeMart website could do better at facilitating this process.

The Details


  • Contract Length 1 years
  • Equipment Manufacturer GE, Interlogix
  • Monthly Monitoring Fee $9.95 - $49.95
  • Total Installation Cost $0


Basic Phone Monitoring

  • Monthly Plan: $9.95
  • Total Installation: $0
  • Standard Contract: 1 years

Basic Cellular Monitoring

  • Monthly Plan: $19.95
  • Total Installation: $0
  • Standard Contract: 1 years

Interactive Cellular Monitoring

  • Monthly Plan: $29.95
  • Total Installation: $0
  • Standard Contract: 1 years

Premium Control Monitoring

  • Monthly Plan: $39.95
  • Total Installation: $0
  • Standard Contract: 1 years

Complete 2.0 Monitoring

  • Monthly Plan: $49.95
  • Total Installation: $0
  • Standard Contract: 1 years

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