Iconic mountain ranges and desert sunsets make Tucson an appealing place to live. But peaceful scenery aside, Tucson is still a large metropolitan area, which means it has a higher rate of property crime than less populated areas. Fortunately, residents also have access to home security companies that offer the protection you need to keep your home and belongings safe.

After researching and comparing home security companies, we found three providers that offer the most dependable protection for Tucson residents. For those who want the latest home security tools from HD cameras to home automation, these providers will be a great match. More importantly, our top three picks offer the security you need for peace of mind in the Old Pueblo.

The Best Home Security Systems in Tucson

  • ADT -

    Most Popular Provider

  • Vivint -

    Best for Home Automation

  • Frontpoint -

    Best Customer Support

Tuscon Home Security Systems Reviews

We compared the most popular local and national home security systems in Tucson to find the three companies that offer the best home security coverage. Each needed to provide equipment and services that covered four fundamental levels of protection:

Intrusion: Door, window, and glass-break sensors
Environmental: Carbon monoxide, fire, and flood sensors
Surveillance: Indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras
Life safety: Life alert and panic buttons

We assessed each company by borrowing from the methodology we used in our national review of the best home security systems. We compared the customer service experience, process of installation, and equipment quality — systems with mobile or home automation capabilities earned extra points for convenience. After living with each home security system for eight months, we came to a conclusion: All three companies provide dependable protection without a drop in quality. In that sense, choosing between the three will depend on a few individual preferences.

Most Popular Provider
A provider with over a century of experience for dependable home security.

No home security company is more recognizable than ADT. The company leads the industry with a loyal following of more than 6 million customers With more than a century of home security experience, ADT earns its reputation as one of the most dependable providers on the market.

Experienced sales representatives are available by phone to help you build a security package with equipment tailored to your home’s specific needs. As our tester explained, “My needs drove the conversation… [the rep] explained the purpose behind each device I was receiving.” We were even more impressed when, the installation technician offered a refund on unused equipment after determining it didn’t offer any additional protection. Rather than upsell us on unnecessary equipment, we appreciate that ADT focuses on trustworthy and essential protection.

As for the equipment ADT offers, you can expect all the standard options as well as extensive video and home automation options at higher service tiers. In the event of an alarm, having access to recordings or live feeds of your home allows you to assess the situation before notifying the police. That allows you to keep an eye on your home from afar and reduces the possibility of false alarm fees. Home automation allows another degree of control, such as the ability to automate lights — a good way to make it seem as if someone’s home. Put simply, ADT offers a range of equipment that will keep your home safe.

ADT isn’t flawless. The company doesn’t have the best customer service reputation — although, to be fair, the company has several million more customers than its closest competitors, which makes negative experiences more likely to bubble up. In addition, the security tech it is still up-to-date and excels at protecting homes. If you want protection from the most experienced provider available, ADT is the best option.

Best for Home Automation
Innovative mobile and home automation services for the latest home security tech.

Vivint might not have the same amount of experience as other home security providers, but the company leveraged technological advances to provide security systems with innovative mobile and home automation services. The result? When it comes to finding a provider with best-in-class home security tech, Vivint is tough to beat.

The Vivint mobile app makes managing your security services a breeze. Simply pull out your phone to check the footage from the company’s HD cameras and even lock your doors — a popular option for those who might be a bit more forgetful. As our tester explained: “The notifications for the door sensors are nice in case I open my basement sliding door and leave it open.” In other words, Vivint equipment actively reminds and encourages you to keep your home safe.

However, Vivint equipment comes at a substantial cost. The company requires you to either purchase all of your equipment at once in order to pay by month or to sign up for a five-year contract — a heavy commitment. You also only get three days from the date of your installation to cancel for a refund, which isn’t that much time to determine if Vivint is right for you. Opting for a longer trial from another provider may be the better choice for those who are unsure about committing to a security system.

Vivint may not offer as much time to make a decision, but if you do commit to the company, you’ll be in good hands: Of the companies we looked at, Vivint earned the highest consumer ratings in the J.D. Power 2017 Home Security Satisfaction Report. It also offered unique features such as a touchscreen control panel, which was popular with our tester for its ease of use and convenience. Vivint won’t have the same amount of experience as other providers, but the forward-thinking quality of its services make it a solid choice.

Best Customer Support
Excellent customer support to guide new and old security system owners toward a safer home.

For those who are new to home security, strong customer support can go a long way. Customer support reps and services will help you build the perfect security package and offer immediate assistance if you run into trouble during and after installation. The best should offer guidance without plugging unnecessary upgrades, and out of all the companies we compared, Frontpoint was most up to the task.

Building a security package with Frontpoint is painless: A quick phone call with a sales representative is all it takes. When you receive your equipment, the company’s mobile site will walk you through your installation step-by-step. If you get confused or stuck on a step too long, a helpful message will pop up with a phone number for customer support. More impressive is the balance the company manages to strike — the extra support never became overbearing, nor did we ever feel a lack of guidance.

In fact, the guidance actually helped our tester. During the installation process, our tester’s control panel had trouble getting online. After a quick chat with customer support, she learned that her panel was defective. This was disappointing, but we were impressed by how quickly Frontpoint managed to provide a solution. She not only had a working replacement the very next day, but the mobile site saved her progress, so the security system was up and running within 15 minutes.

As for the equipment itself, you can expect standard offerings including video cameras and home automation services. The exact equipment you receive will depend on your specific needs, but with excellent customer support you won’t have to worry about difficulty setting it up. In short, Frontpoint is a strong option for beginners and experienced home security customers alike.

Compare the Best Home Security Systems in Tucson

Other Tucson Home Security Companies to Consider

We feel confident that our top three picks will offer reliable protection, no matter your home security needs. But obtaining quotes with local, regional, or smaller providers will help you obtain the best price possible. After all, having quotes from other providers can be used as a negotiation tool during your phone call with customer support. We compared reviews on websites such as Yelp and Angie’s List to create a list of five strong alternatives to our top picks.

  • US Alarm Brokers
  • Protech Security Systems
  • Central Alarm
  • Moore Security Solutions
  • Young Alarm

Tucson False Alarm Policy

Security systems excel at keeping homes and belongings safe, but all of that extra protection can come with a cost: false alarms. Surveys have found that up to 99.8% of home security alarms are false — a common trend across metropolitan areas including Tucson. Alarms can be easily triggered, sometimes requiring as little as a pet walking past a motion detector.

The prevalence of home security systems has led many cities to implement fees to offset the cost of false alarms, which can cost millions of dollars in wasted resources. Tucson is no exception. While the city will excuse the first false alarm, the second will cost you $100 unless you complete an alarm user awareness class within 90 days of the invoice. However, the third through the seventh false alarm makes the fee mandatory, and if you exceed seven, you will have to pay $200 per violation.

That said, the fees aren’t meant to deter you from buying a home security system. We recommend getting a security system that includes cameras so you can verify whether an alarm is real or false. And remember to register your system.

Tucson Crime Rate

We won’t sugarcoat things — Tucson has one of the highest crime rates in the state of Arizona. But that doesn’t mean Tucson is a dangerous place to live. Crime rates have been decreasing over time, and like any metro area there are plenty of safe neighborhoods.

But it’s important to know that a home security system may be more beneficial to Tucson residents compared to residents of other cities. According to U.S. News and World Report, Tucson’s property crime rate is higher than the national average. A separate study agreed and found that property crime is one of the most common incidents reported to police. In other words, investing in home security system is highly recommended for Tucson residents who want to protect their belongings.