Times are good in Utah — the state crested third place in US News & World Reports annual rankings, boasting stellar healthcare and education systems, a young and fast-growing population, and the best fiscal stability in the country. But Utah’s exceptional status takes a small turn when it comes to crime.

Utah’s otherwise strong infrastructure reverses regional trends, but your home in the Beehive state is statistically in more danger than your person (this holds true on the national scale, too).

The good news is that crimes against your home — like burglary and larceny — can be resolved or even avoided with a strong security system.

We’ve located three exceptional, nationwide home security providers, all of which offer the technology and customer experience to give your most valuable possession the protection it deserves. Depending on whether you want professional installation, a customized, DIY experience, or the best gadgets money can buy — one of our favorites will work best for you.

The 3 Best Home Security Systems in Utah

  • ADT -

    Most Popular Provider

  • Vivint -

    Best for Home Automation

  • Frontpoint -

    Best Customer Support

Utah Home Security System Reviews

In our review of the best home security systems, we took eight of the biggest providers on an eight-month test drive. We researched their offerings, ordered equipment, scheduled professional installation or installed it ourselves (cue flexing bicep emoji). Then we lived under their surveillance, noting the ease and use-value of every feature.

All eight systems share the same basic traits, but the stand-out elements of a few distinguished them from the rest of the pack. These include live video surveillance, sophisticated devices, intuitive functionality, and exceptional customer experiences.

Our favorite three ace all of the above, but recommend themselves in different ways. If you are in the market for an all-around great provider, one with an instantly recognizable name and solid tech, go with ADT. For home security that does more than just ring the alarm (think: remote control lights and heat), Vivint provides exceptional equipment in a customizable format. And if you want a pure security system that you get to select and install, but still get great service when you need it, Frontpoint is there when you need them.

Most Popular Provider
The biggest name in the industry and our favorite, too. ADT combines unbeatable name recognition with industry leading equipment and fully customizable security packages.

The ADT name is synonymous with home security, so it comes as no surprise that it claims the top spot in our review. It’s been in this business for well over a century and has more subscribers than any other company by far. It’s so highly respected for a reason — its technology has consistently stayed on the cutting edge, and its professional assistance makes purchasing and installation a breeze.

It’s popular because it’s good; but it’s also good because it’s popular. Name recognition alone makes the ADT sticker worth the price. Advanced security technology helps identify problems in your home, but the best service a security company can provide is in deterring problems in the first place. Sticking the ADT sign in your front lawn should make you feel as good as viewing real-time video footage of your front door on your phone.

Though ADT has been around since the turn of the last century, its equipment is some the best of this millennium. Video cameras, remote control features, and modern command centers are a far cry from the clunky, difficult-to-control alarms you may be used to. They also do a lot more than simply sound an alarm.

Monitor your home from wherever you are using the associated app. Scope out the situation causing an alert so you can decide whether or not to call in authorities — is it a stranger lurking on your stoop or is it just the dog walker looking for their key?

If you want to install the full gamut of high-tech devices, ADT won’t leave you wanting. But if you just want a couple essential devices, you can take that route too. You choose the products to install, and dictate their performance by changing modes and adjusting settings. One example: put your home into vacation mode and your security system will periodically switch on the lights to mimic occupancy. It can even regulate the thermostat to keep pets comfortable, and pipes unfrozen.

Unlike some companies, ADT requires professional installation. This comes with an upcharge (approximately $100 to $200 depending on the package you choose), but we think the weight of the ADT name (not to mention the bliss of not having to fumble with wiring) are worth the extra expense.

There are lots of reasons why ADT is a great overall provider, but if you want truly exceptional technology for your home, or want a bigger say in what and how things are installed, check out Vivint and Frontpoint.

Best for Home Automation
Full-service professional security meets home automation; Vivint lets you manage all your home systems from one sleek station.

There’s home security, and then there’s total home automation. That’s the category Vivint falls in. Great technology is something we required of all our top picks. And while all three that made it to our winners’ circle can claim sophisticated devices and stellar functionality, Vivint goes just a little farther with just a little more chrome, and best of all, you get to choose which devices you want in your home.

This provider offers smart and stylish controls that help you take full control of your home no matter where you roam. Use the app to arm and disarm systems, watch a live feed of your home’s entrances, and dictate small adjustments to your home’s temperature and lighting. You can even have two-way communication between your phone and the home base’s screen.

While ADT and Frontpoint have great tech — zero complaints, plenty of compliments — Vivint allows you to select the elements that are important to your and forego the rest. ADT requires you purchase a total package, and pay a steeper price as a result. We also love the way Vivint's equipment looks: Its sleek appearance bespeaks its truly sleek function. The level of home-control available via a full set of Vivint equipment transcends home security.

If you want the total system, we'd say go with ADT and it's big name. And if you can do with fewer perks, opt for Frontpoint. The first if you want someone to take care of the labor, the second if you want to roll up your sleeves. But if exceptional controllability and top-of-the-line security equipment are exactly the species of protection you’re looking for, Vivint leads the pack.

Best Customer Support
Professional monitoring and a full range of security packages, backed by some of the best customer service in the industry.

There’s two sides to every coin. When it comes to high-end, automated home security you have, on one side, total virtual control. Nothing takes more than a tap of a finger. But on the other side, you have a lack of human-to-human communication. And when all that beautiful tech isn’t functioning properly, a human voice is exactly what you need. Enter Frontpoint.

We were blown away by the level of care Frontpoint’s customer service reps provide. This would be astonishing for just about any business in any industry, but is especially notable here because Frontpoint is the only one of our top providers that don’t send out professionals to install your system. There’s care in its method, too, though.

We spoke with Frontpoint on the phone as we went through the ordering and installation processes, and got extremely patient, helpful service every time. During our first call, the rep walked us through every room to help us decide on the devices we’d need and where they should go.

Once you’re signed up, you receive a personalized setup kit that includes a URL to the Frontpoint setup site. Follow the (very simple) instructions, and reach out via phone if you need any extra help.

If friendly over-the-phone help doesn’t replace a professional’s presence for you, consider ADT or Vivint. (Choosing between those two boils down to how extensive you like your technology.) But if you don’t mind figuring things out along the way, Frontpoint will hold your hand and protect your home.

Compare the Best Home Security Systems in Utah

Other Utah Home Security Companies to Consider

We're confident in the value of our top three home security picks, but the best rate comes to those who shop around. We’ve located an extra five great picks specific to Utah, culling from customer favorites on Angie’s List and Yelp. Call around to see who will guard your home for a good price.

Utah Home Security False Alarm Policy

Crying wolf isn’t just an Aesop’s fable, it’s also the makings of a potential fee from your city. Every state, and oftentimes every municipality within them, has its own laws in place regarding the prevention and punishment of false alarms. In Utah, your responsibilities to register your system and prevent its inaccurate activation vary by city.

Starting in the early 2000s, several US cities including Salt Lake City-instituted Verified Response systems. Rather than recruit a police force response every time your kid trips the alarm, VR sends a private security guard who then makes a recommendation as to whether or not the police are needed. This shift derives from the fact that about 99% of alarms wind up being false.

This staggering statistic also rationalizes the fairly steep false alarm fees levied by cities. In Salt Lake, the first false alarm costs $100 and the price increases from there (all the way up to $450 if you are unlucky enough to set it off five times in a calendar year). Your best policy will be to avoid setting off your alarm altogether, and to that end, the Electronic Security Association of Utah is a good place to start.

Utah Crime Rate

With Utah’s robust economy and solid infrastructure, it can come as a surprise that such a healthy, well-functioning state is not particularly safe. The larger Southwestern region is plagued by elevated crime rates, the highest in the nation. Still, amongst Southwest states, Utah has it best. Yes, rates of property crimes in Utah (the classification that includes all possible assaults to your real estate) are above the national average, but not by an enormous amount: Per 1,000 Americans, 25 fall victim to property crime. Per 1,000 Utahns, 29.52 do.

And that number lumps together the whole state, while according to the FBI’s 2017 data declaration of reported offenses, the vast majority take place in the Salt Lake region. Smaller cities, and presumably rural areas, report numbers a tenth as big.

But no matter where you live, you’re probably often leaving your most valuable asset — your home — empty and vulnerable. Protect it, and gain peace of mind, through installing a reliable home security system that stands guard when you can’t.