Best Home Security Systems in Utah

Utah’s 85K square miles are home to quite a few home security companies — but which one should you trust with your money?

We reviewed the eight largest home security companies in Utah on pricing, contract length, and home automation to find out how they stood up to Frontpoint, our national home security recommendation. What we found is that No other company in Utah makes it as easy to get started as Frontpoint: It has the most affordable startup costs of all our top picks, and you can install its systems yourself.

The downside is that just like another one of our top picks, Procom, Frontpoint requires you to sign a 36-month contract. Zions Security Alarms costs much more to get started (from $700 for a basic system), but you get to keep the equipment, and it doesn’t require a monitoring commitment.

The Best Home Security Systems in Utah

Home Security Company

Initial Equipment Cost

Cellular Monitoring

Contract Length


36 Months

Zions Security Alarms

No Contract

Procom Security

36 Months


One of the biggest advantages to Frontpoint is that its systems are incredibly easy to install. Packages are shipped directly to your door and don’t require any drilling or wiring. Compare that to our other top picks which require an in-home consultation and a professional installation.

Frontpoint Frontpoint is our top pick for the best home automation and easiest setup in Utah.

Frontpoint also has incredibly transparent pricing. Its most basic plan, called Protection, cost $100 upfront and cellular monitoring starts at $34 per month, which is the most affordable of all our top picks. And each one of its three packages (Protection, Interactive, and Ultimate) can be completely customized.

If you’re interested in keeping track of your home from your phone, Frontpoint’s home automation is the best of all our top picks, by far: third-party Z-Wave devices can be easily integrated into the system, and the app is incredibly smooth. You’ll need to upgrade to the $45-per-month monitoring plan to take advantage of remote features, though, and video surveillance requires another $5 per month.

One thing to remember is that Frontpoint requires a 36-month contract, and you don’t get to keep the equipment when you agreement is up. This is where Zions security excels: If you can manage the upfront cost, it’s the only one of our top picks that sells its equipment. (Having a built-in home security system can be a great selling point if you ever need to move.)

Zions Security Alarms

Zions Security Alarms sets itself apart by its commitment to integrity and superb customer service. We experienced this not only through what its customers said in online forums, but also while talking to Zions Security Alarms’ owner, Jacob Menke, over the phone. He courteously told us everything we wanted to know, and offered up additional details that we hadn’t even asked about, like Salt Lake City’s burglar alarm response police.

We were quoted a security package for a hypothetical home in Salt Lake City that had three bedrooms and two exits. Zions’ basic security package included two door sensors, a window sensor, and a motion sensor for an upfront cost of $700 and a monthly cellular monitoring fee of $40. The good news is that the package did not require a lengthy contract: If you can spare the upfront cost, Zion offers the most affordable basic system that you can buy outright from a local provider.

Procom Security

Procom Security felt much more like a local, small business than Zions or Frontpoint. Case and point: We didn’t have to navigate through a confusing phone tree during our quote. Instead we were immediately greeted by a real, friendly person. Every customer review site we checked, like Angie’s List and Yelp, unanimously proclaimed that Procom Security consistently takes care of its customers.

We used the same setup that we explained above to test Procom’s quote process and we were not disappointed. It offered us a basic security package of two door sensors, one window sensor, and one motion sensor all for only $100 upfront and $40 a month for cellular monitoring, along with a 36-month contract. And like Frontpoint, Procom leases its equipment, so you’ll need to have your system uninstalled if you don’t renew your contract.

Other Companies to Consider

Mountain Alarm

Mountain Alarm’s friendly staff were very easy to work with, and never pressured us to make a decision, but instead simply gave us all the information we requested. However, there was a small breakdown in communication between staff members which meant that it did take us several days to talk to the sales person. Sincere apologies were offered and we quickly had our quote.

Mountain Alarm offered us a basic security package that came with the standard equipment (door sensors, a window sensor, and a motion sensor) for a $100 installation and equipment fee and a $42 monthly cellular monitoring fee. Again, the low initial cost was offset by their three-year contract requirement.

Mountain Alarm has a good reputation and a sleek website, and, although it didn’t quite compare to our top two choices, it still impressed us as a solid choice for home security. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to browse its website or give the company a call to get a quote.

OnGuard Alarm

While we weren’t able to speak to a salesperson the first time we called, a representative from OnGuard did call us back the next business day. He was very professional and left us feeling confident in OnGuard’s ability to provide great customer service over the long term.

OnGuard’s basic security package includes the typical setup of three door sensors, a motion sensor, and a keypad that comes with a remote. All that would cost $750 up-front, and $40 a month thereafter. The higher up-front cost means that we would only be required to sign a one-year service contract.

OnGuard doesn’t just specialize in home security, but in what it calls “life safety systems.” That means that monitored fire alarms and medical alert bracelets are a large part of what OnGuard does.

Being a smaller business, OnGuard doesn’t currently have a lot of customer service ratings online, but the customers that have spoken up, have mostly had good things to say. Our positive experience, combined with the competitive pricing OnGuard offers, is what gives us the confidence to recommend this company to you.

Salt Lake City Burglar Alarm Response Policy

Most people would assume that if their burglar alarm is tripped, the police will shortly be on their way. If you live within the city limits of Salt Lake City proper, that assumption would not be correct. The Salt Lake City Police Department won’t respond to a burglar alarm unless it has been “verified.” Alarms can be verified by a guard service that responds to the alarm, a video camera that shows an intruder, or by an eyewitness (this could either be the homeowner or a neighbor).

What does this mean for you?

First, it means that alarm monitoring companies are required to send out a private security guard to check on false alarm. Of course this means that companies are going to pass that cost through to you. Some include that cost in their monthly monitoring price while others, like Zions Security Alarms, will charge you a separate monthly fee for that service if you home falls in SLC PD’s jurisdiction (Zions charges $7 a month).

While this policy might seem like a negative thing, it actually has a few upsides. For starters, you’ll pay less tax since the city doesn’t have to account for some $500,000 that was spent responding to false alarms in previous years. It also means that response times are lower than ever before. Even when you add in the time it takes for the security guard to arrive at the scene, and then for that guard to call the police, the police will still arrive more quickly knowing there’s an actual emergency. You will also save money on false alarm charges that could easily be incurred (these can be quite steep – as much as $100 for the first offense).

The Bottom Line

If you want an easy setup and the best home automation around, Frontpoint is the way to go: You can get a basic cellular system for $100 down and $35 per month for monitoring, which is the cheapest of all our top picks. Zions Security Alarms costs quite a bit more upfront, but there’s no contractual obligation, and the equipment is yours to keep forever.