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TotalProtect Home Warranty Review

TotalProtect Home Warranty has a sizable footprint in the home warranty category, with over 40,000 approved service technicians and more than 35 years in the business. Its biggest differentiator is that it has no liability caps on major appliances and systems and no maximum aggregate liability for the contract term. For that, we awarded TotalProtect with “Best for Generous Liability Caps” in our roundup of Best Home Warranty Companies.

Homeowners who need comprehensive coverage of appliances and systems, as well as owners of old houses and apartments that need constant or imminent repairs, will appreciate TotalProtect’s dependability. The 180-day workmanship guarantee, which insures repairs and replacements arranged by TotalProtect, is generous compared to the 90 days for parts and 30 days for labor typically offered by competitors. In this regard, it’s second only to AFC Home Club, which guarantees workmanship through the life of your contract.

However, those who need flexibility in coverage or don’t own many of the covered appliances and systems may be better served by a custom plan with American Home Shield or a plan with lots of add-ons through The Home Service Club. TotalProtect is slightly more expensive than both, and while its coverage is excellent, it’s possible that you’d be paying for more service than you actually need.

The Claim

With the vast array of home warranties available on the market, you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to understand what’s covered and what’s not. TotalProtect promises full transparency: “You should know exactly what to expect from your home warranty plan. Our goal is to eliminate any surprises or confusion about what is and isn't covered by being as open and accessible as possible.”

Is it true?

Yes. On its website, TotalProtect outlines which appliances and systems are covered under each of its three plans. You can even see an additional break down of which specific parts and issues are covered. TotalProtect’s policies are also straightforward — there are no liability caps on most appliances and systems, and if a repair or replacement from TotalProtect fails within 180 days (a longer window than most home warranties), the company will send a technician to fix it, free of charge.

Product Overview

Best for

Homeowners who need broad, dependable coverage; owners of older houses and apartments

Not for

Homeowners who need flexibility in which appliances or systems are covered


Price Appliances Plan - $23/mo.
Systems Plan - $35/mo.
Combo Plan - $44/mo.
States served 50
Customer service hours 24/7
Workmanship guarantee 180 days
Standout features No caps on most appliances and systems
Comprehensive coverage
180-day workmanship guarantee
Free for first month

No caps on most appliances and systems

With few exceptions, TotalProtect will cover the most common wear-and-tear costs in your home. Because there are no liability caps on most of your major appliances and most systems, you aren’t on the hook if your refrigerator and dishwasher decide to fail you at the same time. This is ideal for owners of older houses and apartments who have more items that are liable to break. There are some liability caps, but they are generous and likely to cover your average repair cost. For example, geothermal and water source systems have a liability cap of $1,500, while the average repair cost for those systems is $454.

Comprehensive coverage

When they say “TotalProtect,” they really mean it. At $44 per month, the Combo plan includes nine of the most common home appliances, from cooktops to garbage disposal, as well as 17 systems, including air conditioning, heat, plumbing, and electrical and gas lines. If you don’t need coverage this broad, you can save some cash and opt for the appliances plan ($23 per month) or the systems plan ($35 per month).

180-day workmanship guarantee

TotalProtect offers a lengthy recall period of 180 days — significantly longer than many of its competitors’ offerings of 90 days for parts and 30 days for labor. This means that if any issues arise within six months of TotalProtect’s repairs or replacement parts, a technician will be sent out for no additional fee.

Free first month

Calling TotalProtect will get you your first month of service free upon signing your home warranty contract. At $44 per month for the Combo plan, this offer probably won’t make or break this deal for most people, but it’s a nice cherry on top if you were already planning to sign with them. However, be aware that TotalProtect does not offer this deal in all states.

Possible Drawbacks

Slightly expensive

Compared to American Home Shield, which was awarded “Best Overall” home warranty in our review of the whole category, TotalProtect is a little more expensive. Its Combo plan, which includes both appliances and systems, is $44 per month, which is about $5 more expensive than the comparable option at AHS. We recommend going with AHS if you need flexibility in your plan, but if you prefer TotalProtect’s broad coverage, we suggest calling the hotline and asking for a price match — a common practice in the industry if you’re looking to get a discount.

Not customizable

Though TotalProtect covers a wide variety of appliances and systems in its plan, it doesn’t have a custom option that will let you pick and choose like American Home Shield, our best overall pick in the home warranty category.

The Competition

  TotalProtect Home Warranty American Home Shield Choice Home Warranty The Home Service Club
BBB Rating N/A B B- N/A
Service fee $75 or $100 $75, $100, or $125 $85 $65 or $95
Workmanship guarantee 180 days 60 days 90 days parts, 30 days labor 90 days parts, 30 days labor
24/7 support
View plans View plans View plans View plans

TotalProtect Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield

In our evaluation of available home warranties, TotalProtect led the field in many areas, but was ultimately beat out by American Home Shield, which offers customizable plans that let you pick which appliances and systems to cover. However, it’s worth noting that while AHS plans were more affordable and flexible, the company doesn’t serve the state of Alaska. TotalProtect has coverage across all 50 states and a larger network of approved service technicians — 40,000 compared to 14,000 with AHS. TotalProtect also has a workmanship guarantee of 180 days, which is three times longer than what AHS offers.

TotalProtect Home Warranty vs. Choice Home Warranty

TotalProtect and Choice Home Warranty both waive your first month’s premium when you sign your contract. We appreciated Choice Home Warranty’s commitment to setting service appointments within four hours of receiving your claim — a move that reflects well on the company as a whole. One thing to watch out for with Choice Home Warranty is its low liability cap on plumbing systems ($500 per contract term); if you live in an older apartment or house, we would recommend TotalProtect, which doesn’t place a cap on your plumbing lines, toilets, or water heaters.

TotalProtect Home Warranty vs. The Home Service Club

TotalProtect and The Home Service Club are fairly similar in that they both have comprehensive coverage plans and service fees at the higher end of the spectrum. We awarded Home Service Club with “Best for New Homebuyers” for the flexibility it offers in stand-alone coverage options, from pools and sprinkler systems to free-standing freezers. However, if you already own many of the appliances and systems you’d want covered, TotalProtect may be the better option. While Home Service Club has generous caps on major appliances and systems, TotalProtect has very few — and the ones that they do have would likely cover the average cost of repair —- almost guaranteeing that your most common repairs won’t warrant major out-of-pocket costs.

TotalProtect Home Warranty FAQ

Does TotalProtect really protect everything?

TotalProtect’s Combo plan, which includes both appliances and systems, is one of the most thorough plans on the market. We were most impressed by the lack of liability caps on most major appliances and systems. This means that there is no dollar limit on the repairs or replacements you request, provided that the issue is covered in your service contract. Art Chartrand, Executive Director of the National Home Service Contract Association, says that the benefit of a home warranty is that you don’t need a service provider for every single appliance or system in your home. “If something does break,” he says. “You can call one number 24/7 and get a local contractor to come out and fix it.”

Will TotalProtect cover faulty repairs and replacements?

Yes. TotalProtect offers a 180-day workmanship guarantee — meaning, your service fee will be waived in the event that something goes wrong with a repair or replacement.

Does my home need to be inspected prior to coverage?

No. As is standard with the industry, your home warranty plan will come with a review period of 30 days before coverage kicks in, but TotalProtect doesn’t require any inspections.

The Bottom Line

TotalProtect is a solid choice for homeowners who need broad coverage of appliances and systems, from refrigerators and ovens to plumbing and air conditioning. With few liability caps and a 180-day workmanship guarantee, chances are good that you won’t have to pay major out-of-pocket costs. However, if you want protection for only a few appliances or systems, the higher monthly cost may not be worth it and you may be better served with a custom plan from American Home Shield or a flexible plan from The Home Service Club.

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