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Last updated on Mar 03, 2020

Day and Night Review

A full range of affordable, high-quality machines with some of the best warranty protection available today ​
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Day and Night

  • Full replacement warranty available
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Range of SEER ratings
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How We Reviewed Day and Night

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Day and Night belongs to one of the largest manufacturers for air conditioning units in the world. Parent company International Comfort Products (ICP) does not just own Day and Night; the conglomerate also owns Tempstar, ComfortMaker, and Heil. Performance and durability are the same for both Carrier and Day and Night machines, with just some minor and insignificant differences between each.

Day and Night is well-known for commercial heating and cooling too, but it remains an affordable choice for residential air conditioners. With 13 models, air conditioning units are available in single-stage, two-stage, and variable-capacity ACs. All machines are built to be corrosion-resistant and are between 1.5 to 5 tons. Despite this durability, Day and Night offers fantastic warranties that are some of the best in the business.

When buying a Day and Night air conditioning unit, there are three series to choose from.

Constant Comfort Deluxe

This is Day and Night’s signature series with premium features like upgraded technology and staged cooling with a 10-year replacement warranty.

Constant Comfort

These are single-stage units that come with basic warranties. Only one machine in the series earns the ENERGY STAR rating. These are greater for smaller areas because while the units have less power than other products, the features offer more than enough for smaller homes. Wi-Fi is enabled, making this series a solid middle-of-the-road option.


All air conditioners in this series are single-stage units. Although the products are cheaper, this means that it doesn’t cool as quickly as larger machines and have no real integrated dehumidification. This is Day and Night’s most affordable line with the largest selection of units for your choosing. There is a wider range of SEER ratings, too, so you can choose a machine with the right capability for your household.

Variable speed units feature five speeds, which can be ideal for efficient heating and cooling. But while most machines feature over 70 stages of modulation, these machines fall short and are therefore unable to provide the more precise temperature matching of its competitors.

Ion control keeps things simple with a WiFi-connected remote that helps you keep cooling costs down when you’re not home. Observer Communicating System is another way your A/C unit uses technology to ensure perfect temperatures, but you need a compatible furnace.

  • Fantastic warranties
  • Options of all prices and sizes
  • Accessibility
  • No federal tax credits
  • Smart technology has not proven to be very reliable and can impact the life of your machine
  • Buying an air conditioner is no small feat. There are many factors to consider before you invest in a new air conditioning unit, so it’s important to know what to look for.

    Day and Night continues to make a name for itself when it comes to energy-efficient machines and many of its models are ENERGY STAR-rated. A drawback, however, is that while other companies like Lennox offer federal tax incentives, Day and Night tax credits have expired.

    Day and Night also has an enormous parent company, which means easy access to parts and service. It’s a good thing, too, because communication technology in most air conditioners has not proven to be very reliable and can impact the life of your machine. That’s where the warranty comes into play because owners of Day and Night air conditioning units enjoy some of the best warranties in the business.


    • Efficiency: 13 to 19 SEER
    • Model options: 13 total
    • Warranty: 10-year general parts; 1, 3, 5, or 10-year; no hassle full unit replacement
    • ENERGY STAR rating: Six

    Day and Night Air Conditioner Prices by Model

    Day and Night AC Model
    SEER Rating
    Average Model Cost
    Sound Rating
    Unit Size
    Cooling Area
    Constant Comfort Deluxe 19 CVA9
    Up to 19
    $2,750 – $3,500
    56 dB
    2-5 tons
    1,500-2,500 (sq. ft.)
    Constant Comfort Deluxe 17 CCA7
    Up to 17
    $2,500 – $3,250
    70 dB
    2-5 tons
    1,500-2,500 (sq. ft.)
    Constant Comfort 16 CSA6
    Up to 16
    $2,353 – $3,050
    69 dB
    1.5-5 tons
    1,000-2,500 (sq. ft.)
    Constant Comfort 15 CSA5
    Up to 15
    $2,100 – $2,850
    74 dB
    Performance 17 N4A7
    Up to 17
    $2,400 – $3,275
    71 dB
    2-5 tons
    1,500-2,500 (sq. ft.)
    Performance 16 N4A6
    Up to 17
    $2,250 – $3,100
    70 dB
    1.5-5 tons
    1,000-2,500 (sq. ft.)
    Performance 14 N4A5
    Up to 14
    $1,600 – $2,350
    75 dB
    1.5-5 tons
    1,000-2,500 (sq. ft.)
    Performance 13 N4A3
    Up to 13
    $995 – $1,800
    74 dB

    *All information accurate as of Jan. 28, 2020. Pricing information from PickHVAC.com.

    Energy efficiency – SEER rating

    When buying an air conditioning unit, you want to consider that there are several new updates and features in today’s machines that didn’t exist years ago.

    The ENERGY STAR logo is everywhere and for good reason. One of the most important features in an A/C unit is the ENERGY STAR rating, which shows that an air conditioner is energy-efficient. This means lower utility bills because your machine doesn’t require so much power. You can also use the model’s SEER rating, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, to calculate a unit’s maximum efficiency rate.

    Not all of Day and Night air conditioners are ENERGY STAR-rated, and the SEER ratings range from 13 to 19, so be sure to carefully review a unit’s technical specifications before purchasing.

    Warranty options

    It’s standard for companies to offer some kind of warranty, but often they are found to be lacking unless you buy additional coverage that can be very expensive and include features you don’t need. When you’re paying thousands of dollars for a new machine, you want to know that it will be reliable and a warranty ensures investment.

    When it comes to Day and Night air conditioners, many big-name companies don’t even come close. All machines come equipped with a standard Day and Night warranty, which features an impressive 10-year warranty for general parts. This applies to Day and Night furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, coils, and small package products.

    There are also five models that feature Day and Night’s signature “No Hassle” warranty coverage that offers full replacement for 1, 3, 5, or 10-years. This warranty offers a one-time, no-questions-asked unit replacement should certain parts fail. This includes the compressor, outdoor coil, evaporator fan coils, and heat exchanger.

    Installation and maintenance

    When purchasing a new air conditioning unit, do not forget about the cost of installation. That can add several thousands of dollars to your bottom line, quickly changing which machines you can afford.

    These are reported installation costs for different Day and Night models:

    • Performance 13 N4A3 – $1,850-$3,675
    • Performance NX46 – $2,935-$4,900
    • Constant Comfort Deluxe CVA9 – $3,750-$5,600
    • Performance 17 N4A7- $3,250-$5,300

    Like many manufacturers, Day and Night does not sell directly to consumers, so you must work with a third-party to handle the sale. Day and Night uses registered dealers in your area for installation, although some homeowners opt to use their local Home Depot or Lowe’s instead.

    Installation costs will vary depending on which machine you choose, what kind of home you have, and how difficult it will be to install. Other aspects also affect the price too, like where you live and the cost of living.

    Sound rating

    A loud A/C unit does more than just make noise. It can make it hard to hear that new season premiere on TV or force you to raise your morning classical to full blast. It can keep you up all night, generating complaints from your neighbors and even your HOA.

    When buying a new air conditioning unit, you have the opportunity to cast away the ghastly bangs and rattles of your old unit and purchase something much quieter. To determine how loud a machine will be, you need to look no further than its decibel (dB) rating.

    Day and Night air conditioner machines are available with a decibel range from 56 dB to 76 dB, depending on which model you choose.

    The Competition

    Factors to Consider
    Day and Night
    SEER rating
    ENERGY STAR rating
    10 years
    Up to 20 years
    5-7 years
    Sound rating
    Up to 76dB
    Up to 76 dB
    Up to 56 dB

    *All information accurate as of Jan. 28, 2020.

    Day and Night vs. Lennox Air Conditioners

    Lennox has a more concentrated focus on energy-efficiency, not only offering high energy-efficient ratings but also offering more ENERGY STAR-rated air conditioning units than Day and Night. However, it is a feature you will pay for upfront, with Lennox units costing over $1,500 more than Day and Night machines.

    Day and Night vs. Gree Air Conditioners

    Gree’s energy efficiency really puts Day and Night to shame; while Gree’s SEER rating is 38, Day and Night’s best rating is not even twenty. It’s a significant difference that causes many consumers to look twice. The lower-end models of both companies are comparable in pricing, but to really benefit from Gree’s energy rating, you have to buy the top model, which is significantly more than Day and Night. That, coupled with a better warranty, makes Day and Night the more ideal choice.

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