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Goodman Review

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  • Lower-cost models available
  • Extended warranty on parts
  • Made in the USA
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American-made Goodman air conditioners are some of the most affordable currently available. While many other air conditioner manufacturers have moved production overseas, Goodman units are made domestically, so you know you’ll be getting products manufactured in the U.S. With air conditioner units typically a pricey purchase, it’s nice to have a low-priced brand available to ease the burden of replacing your air conditioning unit.

Goodman doesn’t provide quite as many air conditioning unit options to choose from as some competitors, but you should still be able to find a good fit for your home. Warranty options are also available, with limited warranties obtainable for select models up to 10 years as long as you register your unit. You can also opt for extra peace of mind with an extended service plan, which covers unexpected parts or labor costs for five, 10, or even 99 years on some parts.

Is Goodman the right air conditioner brand for you? Keep reading to find out whether a Goodman air conditioning unit matches the needs for your home and learn where to find a qualified local HVAC professional to speak with about purchasing and installing a Goodman unit.

Pros Cons
  • Lower-cost models available
  • Extended warranty on parts
  • Made in the USA
  • Units are quite loud compared to competitors
  • SEER ratings only go up to 19
  • Fewer models available
  • Goodman Overview

    • Efficiency (SEER rating): 14-19
    • Model options: 5
    • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty, extended to 10 years if registered within 60 days of installation
    • ENERGY STAR rating: 2 of 5 models
    Goodman AC Model
    SEER Rating
    Model Cost
    Sound Rating
    Unit Size
    Cooling Area
    Up to 19
    68-74 dB
    2-5 ton
    14,000+ square feet
    Up to 17
    70-74 dB
    2-5 ton
    14,000+ square feet
    Up to 16
    71.5-73 dB
    1.5-5 ton
    700+ square feet
    Up to 15
    71-75 dB
    1.5-5 ton
    700+ square feet
    Up to 14
    72-77 dB
    1.5-5 ton
    700+ square feet

    Energy efficiency – SEER rating

    Goodman air conditioners range from a maximum SEER rating of 14 to 19. This meets the U.S. Department of Energy minimum energy efficiency requirements for all regions. If you have an older air conditioning unit with a SEER rating of just eight or nine, you’ll save plenty of money on your energy bill by switching to any model Goodman air conditioner.

    Warranty options

    Goodman offers two warranty levels: a 5-year plan when the unit is not registered and a 10-year plan when the unit is registered. Registration must occur online through the Goodman website within 60 days of installation in order to take advantage of the longer-term warranty. Warranties are fulfilled by Warranty Express, a third-party warranty provider.

    Installation and maintenance

    Although Goodman air conditioning units are made locally in the United States, the manufacturer doesn’t directly install the units. Instead, the manufacturer makes it easy to find local dealers through its website. Installation costs will vary by location and by the individual dealer, so you should reach out directly to these third parties to get an accurate estimate on installing a Goodman air conditioner.

    Goodman also offers a maintenance plan, called the Asure Extended Service Plan. This gives you the ability to purchase service plans from five to 99 years on certain parts or the entire unit. The coverage is relatively affordable and covers unexpected replacement parts and labor. These plans can only be purchased through Authorized Asure Dealers and they aren’t available in all states.

    Sound rating

    Goodman air conditioners come with sound ratings of 68 dB to 77 dB. This means that even the quietest models will be somewhat loud, and the units with higher sound ratings are even noisier, especially when stacked up next to competitors. For comparison, the average lawnmower sound rating is around 90 dB. Some of Goodman’s more expensive competitors offer units with sound ratings in the 50s.

    However, keep in mind that these units are installed outdoors, so sound level might not be too much of an issue depending on the design of your house. Ask your local HVAC professional about the proximity of your air conditioning unit to sleeping areas if you’re concerned that a loud unit might keep you up at night.

    Compared to Other Air Conditioner Brands

    Factors to Consider
    SEER rating
    ENERGY STAR rating
    2/5 models
    10/16 models
    8/9 models
    Up to 10 year limited warranty
    Up to 10 year limited warranty
    Up to lifetime limited warranty
    Sound rating
    68-77 dB
    56-76 dB
    55-75 dB

    Goodman vs. Carrier Air Conditioners

    Goodman is overall a much cheaper option than Carrier, so if you have a limited budget to work with for up-front unit and installation costs, Goodman has more affordable options. Just know that you’ll only have a handful of different models to choose from with Goodman, while Carrier’s lineup is much broader.

    Carrier offers quieter units than Goodman, but you’ll have to pay considerably more for these air conditioners. Both brands are comparable at the higher limits of its sound ratings. Goodman and Carrier also offer similar warranties, with up to a 10-year limited warranty and registration required within a specific amount of time.

    Since Goodman has fewer models available, it doesn’t have quite the range of SEER ratings that Carrier provides, and is missing the ultra-efficient units at the higher end of Carrier’s air conditioner lineup. But it’s noteworthy that both manufacturers have received ENERGY STAR ratings for a similar percentage of its product line.

    Goodman vs. Trane Air Conditioners

    Since Trane is a more expensive brand than Goodman, its units are generally quieter and more efficient. Trane air conditioners have SEER ratings of up to 22, while Goodman’s lineup caps out at 19. Trane has also received ENERGY STAR ratings for nearly all of its air conditioners; Goodman can only say the same for 60% of its units. However, you’ll need to be able to afford a Trane air conditioner upfront to take advantage of these energy savings, and they might not be worth it for all climates.

    Trane also carries a longer warranty, with up to a limited lifetime warranty on some units; Carrier’s limited warranty ends at 10 years.

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