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Last updated on May 18, 2020

Gree Air Conditioner Review

Remarkably energy-efficient air conditioners with a wide price range for wall-mounted units ​
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Gree Air Conditioning

  • Modern company and technology
  • WiFi enabled units available
  • Energy efficient
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How We Reviewed Gree

8 models compared

7 features evaluated

3 ratings analyzed

Compared to old-timers like Lennox and Maytag, the Gree Group is the new kid on the block of air conditioning manufacturers, having only been recently established in 1991. In this short time, it’s become a serious competitor with some of the best air conditioners on the market.

You will certainly benefit from Gree’s impressive energy consumption. A machine’s SEER rating, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, shows how green-friendly an air conditioner is, with Gree offering some of the most energy-efficient systems available with up to 38 SEER rating. The majority of Gree systems are single-unit air conditioners with multi-zone units also available.

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Some of Gree’s air conditioners are WiFi-enabled, too, like the Sapphire, Crown+, and Crown, so you can still control your temperatures even when you are not home. Indoor units are wall-mounted with 7-speed fans that regulate temperature; the only outdoor units Gree offers are heat pumps that provide both hot and cool air.

Warranties are limited; most machines include a five-year basic warranty, while a few may offer seven-year coverage. It’s well below industry averages, and while that can be off-putting, Gree tops the scales in other areas, like its affordability and phenomenal efficiency.

Multiple models available
WiFi capability on several models
Among the highest in energy efficiency
Latest technology
Only offers wall-mounted units
Lower efficiency with larger models
Short warranty

Gree offers numerous models for you to choose from, which can seem exciting at first until you realize that it only carries indoor and wall-mounted units. While it is common for most manufacturers to give you a choice for other types of air conditioners like floor or suspended ceiling units, Gree doesn’t give you much of a choice here.

Depending on what kind of home you have, you may not be able to utilize a wall-mounted unit and thus would not be able to buy from Gree at all, unless its U-Match system would work for single-zone cooling.

Gree Overview

  • Efficiency (SEER rating): 16 to 38
  • Model options: 15
  • Warranty: 5-7 years
  • BTUs: 9,000-60,000

Gree Mini Split Air Conditioners by Model

Model Name
SEER Rating
Model Cost
Cooling Area
350-1,500 (sq. ft.)
Crown, Crown+
350-1000 (sq. ft.)
350-1,500 (sq. ft.)
Vireo, Vireo+
350-2,500+(sq. ft.)
350-2,500 (sq. ft.)
1,000-2,500 (sq. ft.)
Livo, Livo+
350-2,500 (sq. ft.)
350-1,500 (sq. ft.)

All information accurate as of Jan. 12, 2020. SEER Rating, BTUs, and pricing reflect indoor unit cost from PickHVAC.com. Cooling area calculated using EnergyStar.gov.

Energy efficiency – SEER rating

Using less energy is one of the fastest ways to cut your utility bills, so more and more homeowners are looking to energy-efficient solutions for their cooling needs. This is where Gree really shines, with some of the best performances in the world.

With its Sapphire model, Gree boasts an incredible 38 SEER rating. Gree holds an average SEER rating of 23 across its 13 models, with 16 being the lowest SEER rating.

Gree has made a tagline out of comfort, and it shows in the air conditioners that it produces. The company has also pledged a global commitment to the environment, with over 1,000 research and development techs employed.

Warranty options

When you spend thousands of dollars on a new air conditioning unit, you expect that it will work correctly for years to come. An air conditioning unit is an investment, and its warranty is an enormous part of your peace of mind as a buyer. This manufacturer’s guarantee covers the little odds and ends of this intricate machine so that if something does go wrong, you won’t have to spend thousands more to fix it.

Gree offers its customers limited warranties for its products. Most products come with a warranty of just five years with some top models receiving seven years. Nonetheless, it’s far lower than competitors like Day and Night and Lennox. Gree’s lackluster warranties can sour more careful buyers on its products, but there is a great deal more who forego the extra protections in favor of better efficiency.

Installation and maintenance

After you finally select the right air conditioning unit for your property, you then have to consider how to install it. It can be incredibly dangerous for you to install an air conditioner unit yourself, so it’s important to find a licensed and experienced professional to do it for you. The right kind of help may not be so cheap, as it varies depending on the unit you buy and what kind of installation it needs.

These are the average costs to install some of Gree’s popular air conditioner models, according to PickHvac.com:

  • Sapphire – $2,525-$4,700
  • Neo – $1,825-$4,365
  • Livo+ – $2,000-$6,000
  • Multi 21 – $4,900-$7,200
  • Vireo+ – $1,600-$3,600

National chains like Lowe’s and Home Depot can also assist with installation and typically contract local professionals to complete the job. Be sure to shop your options carefully, checking for both experience and licensing credentials.

The Competition

Factors to Consider
Day and Night
SEER Rating
Up to 60,000
Up to 120,000
Up to 70,000
Up to 7 years
Up to 10 years
Up to 20 years

*All information accurate as of Jan. 12, 2020.

Gree vs. Day and Night Air Conditioners

Gree triumphs in energy-efficiency but fails to encompass the power behind Day and Night’s machines. Even though Day and Night has better machines, they also have better warranties, doubling Gree’s coverage in some cases. However, Day and Night covers a wide range of budgets but is ultimately more expensive when comparing similar models by Gree.

Gree vs. Lennox Air Conditioners

Gree and Lennox are very similar companies when it comes to air conditioners; Gree air conditioners begin at half the price but quickly catches up to Lennox in pricing for its bigger units. Gree is far better on energy-efficiency, while Lennox quadruples Gree’s warranty on some products. While Gree owners are lucky to receive seven years, Lennox offers up to 20 years of coverage.

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