The 5 Best Rhode Island Homeowners Insurance Companies

Rhode Island’s annual premiums for homeowners insurance are on the higher side — on average $1,398 per year for an HO-3 policy, compared to the nationwide average of $1,132. That said, how much you’ll pay can vary a lot depending on your home’s size, your assets, and your address. Use our tool to find your best rates:

Average annual premium in Rhode Island
$0 $2,500
Homeowners in Oregon pay the least
Average annual premium in the US
Homeowners in Florida pay the most

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The majority of single-family homes in RI were built in the 1950s. While these older homes offer a unique New England charm, their aged utilities and composition can put these residences at greater risk for property damage. And while you can purchase a newer home or renovate to the highest value, homeowners in Rhode Island are unequivocally at risk for natural disasters — it ranks as the state with second-most exposure to natural hazards.

Rhode Island’s small size and coastal location make it more susceptible to wind and water damage. Choosing the right insurance provider is crucial. We encourage you to consider the scope of coverage in addition to the cost when comparing insurances. The average homeowners insurance in Rhode Island is $1,398 per year. This makes for a sound reference point but keep in mind that premiums will vary for every home on your block. That’s why it’s so important to get multiple quotes for your property.

How We Found the Best Homeowners Insurance in Rhode Island

To uncover the best homeowners insurance providers in Rhode Island, our team used a similar formula to the one in our review on nationwide providers. We identified the five largest insurance providers who cater to Rhode Island homeowners. We then analyzed each company’s individual discounts, coverage options, financial stability, and a multitude of other factors to provide you honest and comprehensive information. After many hours of comparing customer feedback and insurance options, we dug even deeper. Our team contacted each company, acquired quotes online and over-the-phone, and experienced first-hand customer support to determine Nationwide Mutual Group is the best homeowners insurance provider in Rhode Island. Keep scrolling to find out what makes Nationwide best for RI homeowners.

Rhode Island Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Nationwide Mutual Group

Our team of experts determine Nationwide Mutual Group to be the best homeowners insurance provider in Rhode Island based on the company’s comprehensive coverage, efficient customer service, and most affordable premiums. In fact, Nationwide offers the cheapest property insurance in the state. When compared to our four other top picks, Nationwide allocates the greatest discounts. It even offers reductions for smoke-free homes and those equipped with deadbolts and other safety devices. Nationwide is also the only provider to partner with Plenti. You can earn Plenti rewards points simply by paying your insurance premium.

Along with being the most affordable insurance provider, Nationwide provides a full range of endorsements to add to your policy at any time. As wind and water damage are the two most common claims in the state, optional flood and better roof replacement insurance can be added on without breaking the bank.


Allstate really gave Nationwide a run for its money, but in the end, Nationwide’s greater range of discounts and pricing earned it our number-one spot. Compared to the other companies, Allstate provided the most helpful and clear customer service support. Experienced agents proved most helpful and not at all pushy when our team acquired quotes over-the-phone. While the company does have an online quote tool, it may disqualify your request if you’ve had previous claims made to your home or the house is more than 50 years old. Any homes dating more than 100 years will require you to set up a meeting with an agent to get an accurate quote. Calling to obtain an estimate is simple and takes approximately 15 minutes-plus you’ll receive immediate answers to any enquires.

Allstate is the only provider offering an online tool to help you determine the five most common claims in your area with the average cost per claim. With water damage being the leading claim in Rhode Island, Allstate offers a water backup for old homes with a $500 deductible.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty mutual ties with Nationwide for offering the greatest range of discounts. It provides savings to members of over 14,000 groups and associations that are part of the Liberty Mutual’s Affinity Program. In part with Allstate, Liberty offers Rhode Island homeowners an early shopper discount for those who acquire a quote before their current contract with another provider ends.

Our team found Liberty’s online quote process to be the simplest; however, when we later entered the quote ID to retrieve our estimate, a message prompted us to contact an agent to retrieve the initial quote. We suggest taking a screenshot of your original quote for personal reference.

Liberty offers a mobile app which allows you to register personal property. In the unfortunate event of filing a claim, this app and Liberty’s great customer service prove especially useful to homeowners.

Amica Mutual Insurance Co.

Amica is regarded as having the best overall claims scores from JD Power and Consumer Reports. And while we can’t rate their customer service quite so highly, you can expect a speedy reimbursement after filing a claim. Amica also has a perfect score for timely claim payments from Consumer Reports.

We were excited to find that Amica is the only provider offering an online chat tool. Unfortunately, several of the representatives we spoke to were quite pushy toward the quote process and ignored several posed questions. Fortunately, obtaining an online quote is easy and Amica is one of the few companies that doesn’t require your phone number for the estimate process. When comparing quotes, keep in mind that Amica’s are provided on the basis of a $2,500 deductible instead of the standard $1,000.

When it comes to savings, Amica doesn’t deal nearly as many discounts as Nationwide and Liberty. Still, they do offer roof discounts with a completed MCVA form and as roofs are so commonly damaged in Rhode Island, this discount can prove quite significant to homeowners.


USAA would be much higher on our list if it was obtainable for everyone. To qualify for membership, you or your partner must be associated with the US military or have a parent that has served in the US military. USAA has the second highest claims rating next to Amica. Also corresponding with Amica is USAA’s perfect five out of five rating for timely claim payments.

As well as having an admirable claims reputation, USAA is most financially stable compared to our four other providers according to A.M Best scores. By not having any shareholders, USAA is able to either preserve profits or return them to members.

Though few discounts exist, policy members exceeding 40 years with USAA are awarded a significant annual “senior bonus” weighing approximately 10 percent of the member’s balance. Although the military population in Rhode Island is small, we highly recommend those who qualify for membership to obtain a quote with USAA.

Did You Know?

Claims and Quotes

As mentioned, the average premium for homeowners insurance in Rhode Island is $1,398 a year but prices can vary up to 20 percent from town to town. Check out this chart to find the average cost of homeowners insurance in your city.

Though the premiums vary immensely, the most common claims are just shy of identical in each city. It’s important to understand the most precedented property damages in your area so you can choose an insurance provider with coverage options that will best aid you in repairing damages. We advise you to add flood and roof endorsements if they are not included in your insurance coverage.

Policies and Laws

Although there are few insurance-related laws affecting you as a homeowner in Rhode Island, you should be aware of a few that pertain to you:

  • Insurers are required to provide unambiguous notice of all hurricane deductibles. This notice will be provided via the policy issuance, renewal package, or it will be mailed for the issuance or renewal of the policy.
  • Insurers are limited to one hurricane deductible per hurricane season to prevent homeowners from having to pay a second deductible.
  • Insurers may not apply a hurricane deductible on a homeowner's policy if it exceeds 5 percent of the home’s insured value.

The Bottom Line

Water and wind damage are the most common insurance claims for homeowners across the entire state of Rhode Island. So while choosing the most affordable insurance provider can be tempting, we urge you to explore the coverage options of our highest rated providers. Prior to obtaining quotes, it’s important to assess your home and utilities so you qualify for discounts and can prepare for any potential disasters.

This is your home and likely the greatest investment you’ll ever make. Choose a homeowners insurance provider that will provide you the greatest coverage in the event of a disaster. Our team selected Nationwide Mutual Group for having the best overall insurance in Rhode Island. Just as every home is different, the most suitable provider for you may vary so use our quote tool and start comparing providers for your home!

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