AllClear ID Review

As of March 2016, AllClear ID is not focusing on consumer-direct services. We've opted to keep this page live for archival purposes, but we recommend checking out our other identity theft protection reviews below.

The Good

Free identity protection

If you make a purchase from any of AllClear ID’s partner merchants, you are automatically entitled to six months of free AllClear ID protection. You don’t have to pay a thing and receive the exact same identity repair service you would for a paid membership. The best part is that this isn’t limited to a one-time offer: If you conduct business with another participating vendor, you earn six more months. To take advantage of the guarantee, contact AllClear ID and show them your sales receipt or other proof of your transaction, and they’ll take it from there.

Secure alerts by phone

If you’re away from your computer, you can still receive instant alerts because AllClear ID notifies you by phone. When you create your AllClear ID account, you enter a personal voice key. When you receive a phone call from AllClear ID, you hear this voice key so you know you’re dealing with AllClear ID and not an imposter. From there, you hear a detailed account of the alert and are able to indicate whether or not it is fraudulent. If it is, you are immediately transferred to an AllClear Investigator who assists you in getting the situation resolved and the fraudulent charges removed from your account. This is something that is pretty unique to the industry and should help you get your stolen identity fixed much more quickly.

Iphone app

AllClear ID provides a mobile app for iPhone users that offers many of the same capabilities that can be found through your online account. You’re able to view your alerts from wherever you are and activate lost wallet protection if your credit cards are lost or stolen. With this app, you’re able to stay up to date on the latest trends in identity theft so you know what to be especially wary of. Through the app, you can also invite friends to join AllClear ID, earning credits you can apply to an AllClear PRO subscription or discounts on items such as a hacker-proof wallet.

ID protection for businesses

AllClear ID offers a data breach solution designed specifically for businesses. This plan includes credit monitoring and immediate notifications following suspicious activity. AllClear ID keeps detailed reports providing information about the breach, which should make it a little easier to track down the source. They also help you come up with a response plan, including long-term identity monitoring and repair for any of your customers that were affected by the breach. AllClear ID even offers specialized solutions for businesses in the healthcare, government, financial, and education fields, as well as for Fortune 500 companies.

The Bad

Some information goes unmonitored

AllClear ID monitors your name and Social Security number, but it doesn’t offer any protection for your address, bank accounts, or information from public records. Perhaps the most shocking omission is they do not monitor your spending history on your credit or debit cards. You can keep track of this yourself through your credit card statements, but you may not find out as quickly as you would if it were monitored. However, if you do happen to notice fraudulent charges, AllClear ID does help you to resolve the situation.

No access to credit scores or reports

When you sign up for AllClear ID credit and identity monitoring, you won’t get a copy of your credit reports, although they do monitor them and alert you of any changes. Still, this is rather unusual since most identity theft protection services come with credit reports that are periodically updated. If you’re interested in an ID protection company that offers more comprehensive services, including credit reports and scores, Identity Force or ID Patrol might be better options.

Few online learning resources

AllClear ID does provide a basic FAQ, but they lack comprehensive online resources that help you learn more about identity theft and what to watch out for. There are several other identity theft protection services that provide detailed articles and blogs with updates on the latest trends in identity theft and tips on how to protect yourself. However, in the larger scheme of things, this is a relatively small criticism and shouldn’t take away from all of the great tools that AllClear ID does offer.


AllClear Pro

  • $14.95/month

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