The 3 Best Identity Theft Protection Services for Business

Data breaches are a huge problem for businesses and customers alike. Often, businesses are required by state law to provide free monitoring to affected customers and help make sure their personal information stays safe. Many identity theft protection companies offer solutions designed specifically for businesses. This usually includes assistance with notifying customers of the breach along with providing identity and credit monitoring services. In addition to dealing with data breaches, some ID protection companies also offer the opportunity to make identity protection an employee benefit, which not only helps employees but also the business bottom line. The three companies listed below provide some of the best identity theft protection resources for businesses in the industry so, if you’re interested in these tools, this list is a good place to start.

IdentityForce offers data breach solutions to both government and private businesses to assist business owners and clients with protecting their personal information. Immediately following a breach, IdentityForce contacts you to discuss a plan of attack. They first set up a hotline for customers affected by the breach and sign them up for identity and credit monitoring to ensure identity thieves aren’t using their information. In the event that a client does become a victim of ID theft, IdentityForce provides 24/7 phone support and helps them work through the situation. If you’re a business owner, you can also choose to offer IdentityForce’s ID protection services as an employee benefit. This is a win-win for you and your employees because they won’t have to take time off of work to deal with their stolen identity.

ID Watchdog’s business ID protection services are relatively limited, but they could still be the right fit for some workplaces. They don’t offer data breach solutions, but you can make ID Watchdog identity monitoring an employee benefit. If an employee does become a victim of identity theft, ID Watchdog takes care of the situation for them so they can continue focusing on work without missing many or any days. As a part of this program, all employees have their basic personal information monitored and receive alerts of any suspicious activity that might indicate fraud. Support representatives are also available to help any employees who do become victims of ID theft.

TrustedID is another identity theft protection service that business owners might want to consider. In the event of a data breach, TrustedID creates a website and hotline number where clients can visit to get more information about the breach. Clients also receive identity theft recovery assistance, if necessary, along with a free credit report and Social Security number and credit card monitoring. Support representatives contact you regularly and let you know whether any suspicious activity has taken place or not. This entire system can be set up within 48 hours, which helps minimize any damage. Like IdentityForce, TrustedID offers the choice to make identity theft protection an employee benefit. This may not be a good fit for every business, but it’s great that TrustedID gives the option to interested businesses.