FICO Identity Ultimate Review

FICO Ultimate 3B is ideal for individuals looking for a reliable company to monitor personal information at a reasonable price. They don't offer mailing list removal or medical ID theft protection, however.

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The Good

Track your FICO scores over time

MyFICO is the only company that enables you to track your FICO scores over time so you always know where you stand with lenders. This information is presented in a table, tracking the ups and downs in your score over time. By clicking on one of the numbers, you can see what piece of information caused your score to change. There are three separate timelines available, one for each of your three credit reports.

Resources to help improve credit score

The Score 8 analysis shows the top factors affecting your FICO score and the Score Simulator tool shows how various financial decisions will affect your creditworthiness. Though these tools aren’t critical to identity theft protection, they’re valuable assets for those interested in not only protecting their good credit, but improving it.

Immediate alerts keep you in the loop

FICO Ultimate 3B notifies you immediately via text or email of any major changes, including new accounts opened in your name, address changes, or inquiries. Every time something changes, you automatically receive an updated FICO score so you know how this new change will affect your credit score. This is a great way to keep tabs on what’s happening with your personal information and creditworthiness and if someone does try to steal your identity, you’ll know right away so you can immediately take steps to resolve the issue.

The Bad

Missing some extras

Though FICO Ultimate 3B monitors your credit cards and accounts, they don’t offer additional levels of protection like mailing list removal or medical ID theft protection. Not everyone will be interested in these types of services, but if they are important to you, shop around some more.

Doesn't monitor loans

If an identity thief takes out a loan in your name, you might not find out until you’re getting billed. FICO Ultimate 3B assists you with reclaiming your identity if you are a victim, but it’d be preferable if they employed stronger preventative measures by proactively monitoring your loans. There are several other identity theft protection services that do check for unauthorized loans in your name, but FICO Ultimate 3B is not the only company missing this service either. If you’re concerned about this omission, it might be wise to choose a different company, like Identity Force or ID Patrol.

No fraud alert notification assistance

If you become a victim of identity theft, you must place fraud alerts on your accounts by contacting the credit bureaus yourself. Most of the best ID theft protection services offer some sort of assistance in this matter, so it would be nice to see FICO Ultimate 3B offer this service to their customers as well. However, this is a relatively minor criticism and shouldn’t stop you from taking a closer look at what FICO Ultimate 3B has to offer.

The Details

General Information

  • Identity Theft Insurance: Up to $1 million
  • Monthly Price: $29.95
  • Types of Monitoring: Personal, Family


FICO Identity Ultimate

  • $29.99/month (3-month minimum)
  • $329/year

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