ID Patrol Review

ID Patrol is perfect if you like to take a hands-on approach to protecting your identity. With powerful online tools like customizable alerts and security freezes, you can easily adjust your protections to suit your preferences.

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The Good

Customizable alerts

ID Patrol enables you to select the dollar amount or percentage that triggers an alert. Those who are especially concerned about identity theft typically choose a smaller number. If you find you’re receiving more alerts than you’d like, you can easily change the balance change percentage to a higher figure. The option to customize alerts helps you feel confident and in control of your credit card information.

Dormant card alerts

ID Patrol’s dormant card alert lets you know of any activity on a credit card you don’t frequently use. You can dictate the specific amount of time before a card is considered dormant, choosing anywhere between one and 99 months. If the card is used after this designated period, you are notified immediately. You don’t have to set up dormant card alerts, but they are an added layer of protection to make sure you’re the only one using your credit cards.

24/7 access to fraud specialists

No matter what time of the day or night it is, you can contact ID Patrol about any suspicious activity on your account and be directed to an identity theft resolution specialist for help. Many other ID protection services make you wait for standard business hours to get assistance but, if your identity gets stolen, every second counts. ID Patrol helps you get the situation under control quickly before the identity thief has an opportunity to run up more fraudulent charges under your name. This is an often overlooked factor when choosing an identity theft protection service, but it could make a huge difference when you find yourself in an unfortunate situation.

Add a security freeze

If you think you’re in danger of identity theft, use ID Patrol to place a lock on your account. By doing so, no one can access your credit file without your consent. You can unlock your account in one of two ways: Go back to your ID Patrol account and unlock the account there, or set up a PIN that, when entered, will allow an individual to view your report. Steps like these help keep your credit information out of the hands of identity thieves, so this is a service you should consider taking advantage of if you choose ID Patrol. Note that you’re only able to put a security freeze on your Equifax report using ID Patrol. If you wish to lock your Experian or TransUnion credit files, you must contact the bureaus directly.

The Bad

Doesn't check for medical ID fraud

The absence of medical identification fraud monitoring isn’t that unusual among theft protection companies, but considering medical ID theft is a growing problem, having the option is preferable. If you’re concerned by this omission, it may behoove you to choose a different company, like Identity Force, that does offer medical ID protection.

Limited online learning materials

Through Equifax, the company that owns ID Patrol, you can access a few basic articles about identity theft and what steps to take if you become a victim. Compared with the comprehensive online learning resources found elsewhere, ID Patrol falls short. However, this is a rather minor criticism and shouldn’t likely have a large influence on your decision.

The Details

General Information

  • Identity Theft Insurance: Up to $1 million
  • Monthly Price: $16.95
  • Types of Monitoring: Personal, Family


Equifax ID Patrol

  • $16.95/month

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