ID Watchdog Review

ID Watchdog's reasonably priced ID theft protection service provides quality monitoring of all your important personal information, in addition to some unique protections you won't find elsewhere.

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The Good

Affordably priced

ID Watchdog offers two different services: the Plus plan and the Platinum Plan, both of which are reasonably priced. The Plus plan costs around $15 per month and offers identity and TransUnion credit report monitoring along with ID restoration assistance. The Platinum plan is $5 more and includes three-bureau credit reports and scores and tri-bureau credit monitoring, along with everything included in the Plus plan. Considering all the resources that are included, it’s safe to say you’re getting a good deal with ID Watchdog.

Immediate alerts of high-risk transactions

ID Watchdog notifies you immediately if someone tries to make an unauthorized high-risk transaction using your account information. This includes opening a new account, transferring money out of your bank, and changing important account passwords. More and more financial organizations are now taking steps to verify an individual’s identity before conducting these transactions as a way of minimizing identity theft. ID Watchdog has partnered with a service that provides this verification, so you’re notified immediately. This way, you can take appropriate action to ensure that transaction is never completed.

User-friendly interface

When you log in to your ID Watchdog account, you can see a list of the most recent scans of your data, including whether any suspicious data was found. From there, click on any of the scans or use the tabs at the top to navigate to other areas of your account. You can easily update your personal information and view your most recent credit reports and scores. Links at the top right direct you to helpful resources to walk you through how to use your account and what to do if you notice any signs of identity fraud. You can also adjust your account settings and quickly turn monitoring services on and off with just a click. They are all initially turned on, for your convenience.

NPI monitoring for doctors

If you’re a doctor, ID Watchdog will monitor your National Provider Registry and notify you of any changes. This lets you know if anyone is trying to file false Medicaid or Medicare claims under your practice. Although other companies offer medical ID protection for individuals, ID Watchdog is the only company to offer this type of protection for medical care providers. It’s a valuable resource to have if you work in this field, so you should definitely take a closer look at ID Watchdog’s offerings if this applies to you.

Offer as a benefit to employees

Businesses can purchase ID Watchdog subscriptions and offer them to their employees as an employee benefit. This is a unique opportunity for employers and can be quite useful, as it reduces the chances of employees taking days off work to handle an identity theft situation. By offering ID Watchdog, you give your employees some extra peace of mind and help ensure your bottom line does not suffer due to identity theft.

The Bad

Reports for Platinum members only

If you purchase ID Watchdog’s Plus plan, you won’t be able to view your credit reports and scores, though ID Watchdog does monitor them for you and alerts you of any changes. This may not be an issue if you’re just interested in protecting your identity, but if you want to look at the reports yourself, you have to upgrade to the Platinum plan or choose a different identity theft protection service. Both of ID Watchdog’s plans are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the industry, however, so upgrading might be the smarter move.

The Details

General Information

  • Identity Theft Insurance: Up to $1 million
  • Monthly Price: $14.95 - $19.95
  • Types of Monitoring: Personal, Family, Business


ID Watchdog plus

  • $14.95/month

ID Watchdog platinum

  • $19.95/month

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