PrivacyGuard Review

PrivacyGuard helps protect your identity by monitoring your credit reports and other personal information for a decent price, though families may feel better choosing a different company that also offers child ID protection.

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The Good

Strong credit monitoring

PrivacyGuard grants you access to reports from all three credit bureaus, credit scores, and daily monitoring of all your reports. Monitoring your credit reports is a critical part of keeping your identity safe, as stolen credit cards are one of the most common types of identity theft. PrivacyGuard notifies you of any major changes to any of your reports so you’re alerted of any suspicious activity. If you’re not sure if some of the charges appearing on your credit report are fraudulent, you can contact PrivacyGuard’s Credit Information Hotline and they will help you navigate through all your information.

Reasonably priced

PrivacyGuard is available for under $20 per month. In addition, you get two weeks to test out the service for just $1 to assess if it’s right for you. If at the end of the two weeks you decide you no longer want to continue the service, remember to unsubscribe to avoid a charge.

Free antivirus software

When you sign up for PrivacyGuard’s credit and identity theft monitoring, you also get Norton Internet Security Online at no additional cost. There are numerous malware and scams on the Internet and, if you happen to fall prey to them, your personal information could be at risk. This antivirus software makes sure you’re protected against these types of threats.

The Bad

Doesn't monitor bank accounts

In the event that your bank account information is stolen and used by an identity thief, you won’t get an alert from PrivacyGuard, though they do help you to resolve the matter once it’s brought to their attention. Checking your bank statements helps you make sure nothing suspicious is going on, but if you’d like an identity protection service that looks after this sort of information on your behalf, there are several other companies that satisfy this need.

Can't add fraud alerts

If you believe you’ve been a victim of identity theft, you must to speak to the credit bureaus directly about putting fraud alerts on your credit reports. Many other identity theft protection services offer assistance with this, so it would be nice to see Privacy Guard do the same, but adding a fraud alert isn’t a difficult task to do on your own. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker in most cases, but it is something you should be aware of before signing up with PrivacyGuard.

Child ID monitoring not available

PrivacyGuard doesn’t look after your child’s personal information to make sure it’s not being used by identity thieves. With child identity theft on the rise, having access to this sort of protection may be important for your family. If so, it might be best to choose a company like TrustedID or Identity Force.

No medical ID protection

If someone is using your personal information or insurance for medical procedures, you may not find out until it’s too late. This type of identity theft is not as common as credit fraud, but it’s still something you should be cautious of. If you’re concerned about becoming a victim of medical ID fraud, choosing a different company might be your best option.

The Details

General Information

  • Identity Theft Insurance: Up to $1 million
  • Monthly Price: $19.99
  • Types of Monitoring: Personal



  • $1 for the first 14 days, then $19.99/month

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