TrustedID Review

TrustedID offers identity theft protection solutions designed for businesses as well as individuals, but where they really excel is with their family plan, which offers comprehensive ID protection to all members of your household for a flat monthly rate.

The Good

Excellent family plan

TrustedID’s family plan covers you, your spouse, your children, your parents, and any other family members living in your household — all for a flat monthly fee. Many other identity protection services only cover individuals or require an additional fee per child, so TrustedID’s family plan could be a great deal depending on the size of your household. You can also choose to pay for a year’s subscription upfront, which should save you almost $100 on this top-quality ID protection service.

Facebook privacy monitor

As part of their IDEssentials™ plan, TrustedID monitors your Facebook profile to determine if any personal information is at risk of being stolen by an identity thief. This isn’t something that most other identity theft protection companies offer, and it can be useful to have because many people reveal more personal information on Facebook than they realize. By having your profile monitored, you’re able to find out what puts you at risk and take steps to correct it.

Free for 14 days

TrustedID lets you test out their service for a full two weeks absolutely free, which helps you determine whether or not TrustedID is the right identity theft protection service for you. You do, however, have to provide your credit card information and call to cancel within the trial period to avoid a charge. This free trial is definitely worth taking advantage of if you’re on the fence about choosing TrustedID as your identity protection service.

Services for businesses

In the event of a data breach, TrustedID sets up a dedicated website and hotline number for people to call and stays in contact with the affected customers by email so they know their identities are being monitored. If any of your clients’ identities do get stolen, TrustedID’s On-Call Protection and Identity Restoration Specialists are there to help them every step of the way. TrustedID also helps you protect your employees’ identities by including identity theft protection service as an employee benefit. This also works to the advantage of the business owner because it reduces the chances of employees taking time off to handle identity fraud. TrustedID handles it all for them so they can stay focused and on task.

The Bad

Doesn't check for fraudulent loans

TrustedID doesn’t look for any unauthorized loans taken out in your name, so if an identity thief tries this tactic, you may not find out until it’s too late. TrustedID helps you resolve the situation, but if you prefer a more proactive approach, you should consider other identity protection services. Companies like ID Patrol and Identity Force offer many of the same tools as TrustedID along with loan monitoring.

Credit monitoring for two adults only

No matter how many adults you have in your household, only two of them are able to view their credit reports and scores and have their credit monitored by TrustedID. The others on your family plan will still have their Social Security numbers, bank accounts, and other personal information monitored, but not their credit. Depending on your household, this may not be an issue at all, but if it is, it could be a good idea to check out some other identity theft protection services or think about signing up for a credit report and monitoring company.

The Details

General Information

  • Identity Theft Insurance: Up to $1 million
  • Monthly Price: $10.42 - $27.99
  • Types of Monitoring: Personal, Family, Business


IDessentials Identity Protection

  • Family Plan: $27.99/month or $240/year
  • Individual Plan: $14.99/month or $125/year

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