The 4 Best Business Internet Service Providers

When searching for the best business internet service provider, there are several factors about your internet usage that you must consider. Price, availability, and speeds are the most obvious factors to think about, but it is also a good idea to determine how many people use the internet at once and what they use it for on a daily basis. The number of web users and different types of web activity have an impact on your actual internet speeds. If you’re also interested in getting phone service at your business, it may be smart to look for an internet company that offers discounts when you bundle phone with your internet.

Verizon FiOS Internet is ideal for businesses that require extremely fast internet solutions. Its 300 Mbps download speed is far and away the best in the industry at the moment, and its 65 Mbps upload rates should be more than enough for most businesses. Prices are slightly higher than what competitors offer, but the speeds available at Verizon are unmatched anywhere and can be highly desirable for some businesses. However, if price is a major concern, you can often save money by signing a two-year contract with Verizon Wireless, or by purchasing phone service in a bundled deal. An internet subscription with Verizon also gives you access to Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country, which could be extremely useful if you travel frequently for work. If any of these services match your business needs, it would be smart to look into Verizon FiOS Internet.

Charter Communications is a great option for businesses looking for an internet service provider that offers a variety of high-speed internet packages at reasonable prices. At Charter, you can choose among 30, 50, and 100 Mbps download rates, depending on the speed you require and the number of people and devices that need to be connected to the internet at once. If you’re also interested in getting phone or TV service at your business location, you can look into Charter’s bundle deals for businesses. These bundles can be a very convenient way to save a little extra cash, plus, you deal only with one company and one bill. With so many internet service options, Charter Communications can easily fit the needs of any size business and earns itself a spot on the list of best business internet service providers.

Mediacom lands a spot among the best business internet service providers because they offer a wide selection of cable internet packages to suit businesses of any size. Small businesses may be able to get by with its Standard or Plus plans, offering speeds at 5 Mbps and 10 Mbps, respectively. Larger enterprises may want to look into the Ultra 105 plan which, as the name suggests, offers speeds at 105 Mbps and can support more users. Mediacom also allows customers to bundle its internet with TV, phone, and even music services, which could be very useful for certain types of businesses. The only drawback to Mediacom is the high pricing, as its services cost significantly more than any other company on this list, and this may be an issue if you plan to operate on a smaller budget.

AT&T Internet rounds out the list of best business internet providers for its fair pricing. Its speeds are considerably slower than the other companies on this list, and they require a one-year commitment with all of its plans. However, its prices are also far more affordable than many other internet providers, and if your business is smaller, its 24 Mbps top download speed could be all that you need. They also offer some excellent choices for bundle deals, as they offer several different solutions tailored to different kinds of businesses. Most of its plans include both phone and internet services, while some also throw in data backup, remote tech support, or even a smartphone. If any of these solutions sound like a match for your business, take a closer look at AT&T business internet services.