The 3 Best Career Websites

The best career websites deliver value-added resources for job seekers looking to improve their career prospects during the job search process. Almost all career websites provide intuitive tools to help you build or improve your resume. Others connect you with recruiters and influential voices who provide expert advice and tips on the latest trends or hiring practices in the industry. Career transitioners especially benefit from career websites, as robust career guides help you make well-informed decisions on what steps to take toward your career goals.

LinkedIn offers job listings posted directly by employers, but the site is much more valuable as a career resource — and not in the way you’d expect. Although LinkedIn doesn’t focus on providing a huge knowledge base containing articles and FAQs on career-related topics, they offer invaluable access to networks of other professionals including key decision makers. Your networking relationships even show up in job searches by showing you who you’re most closely linked to within the company or job function and industry to which you apply. Furthermore, the possibilities are endless when it comes to joining groups and engaging with others looking to learn more about a specific company, industry, or career path.

As the name suggests, CareerBuilder is loaded with tools to advance your career. If you’re wondering where you fall in your career development, start with personalized career tests. These tests help you choose a career or assess options for a career change. You can also find out how you stack up against the competition for a job with a free report containing various data on the other applicants who applied for the same job. Get a peek inside their education levels, previous salaries, and job skills so you can gain a much better understanding of how you compare. This tool is a great way to learn which skills or experiences you need to land that dream job.

Like CareerBuilder, Monster’s aim is to vault your career into the stratosphere. A good starting point is the Articles and Career Advice section, which has great content on emerging trends in employment and industries. A salary calculator shows you what you can expect to earn in different jobs in different locations. Finally, resume tools help you craft and even edit your resume so you can put the best foot forward in your job search.