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Job search is one thing, but CareerBuilder rises above the pack with innovative tools to not only manage your career trajectory but also to gain an edge against the competition.

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The Good

Patent-pending job recommendation engine

In a novel approach, CareerBuilder has patented a search function that matches jobs to keywords in your resume. Instead of searching and searching with keywords, you can now be matched based on the content of your resume and have the right jobs come to you. This feature has great potential for people willing to consider a career move because it holds the potential to match you to jobs you may not have otherwise considered.

Personalized Career Tests

CareerBuilder’s career tests provide you with customized tools according to where you are in your career path and what area of your career you’re looking to learn more about. You can use these tools to decide what career to choose, assess options for a career change, or learn about different career choices. This additional service is especially appreciated if, in addition to looking for a job to pay the bills, you’re in the process of reevaluating your career or simply unsure of what you want to do.

Hire Insider for competition insight

Ever wondered how you stack up against the competition for a particular job? Hire Insider compiles a free report for you to see how you compare, revealing how many people applied for the job along with their education levels, salary information, years of experience, cover letter usage, and more. Use this information to beef up your resume or find new skills to learn for a particular job you’re aiming for.

Capable advanced search options

CareerBuilder’s search capability is on par with what you’d expect from a top-tier career website. Like, the advanced search options are designed to get you the right information as quickly as possible. Use keyword, location, or industry data to filter job results, then further refine by searching for full- or part-time work and excluding certain search terms you don’t want to see come up in your job search.

The Bad

Cluttered website

If you’re looking for a no-frills way to search job postings, CareerBuilder may not be for you. Like other high-traffic sites, CareerBuilder’s website is peppered with banner ads and other promotional content designed to monetize. This interference can impede your ability to quickly get the information on the jobs available to you. However, this is a minor criticism considering all the features and tools CareerBuilder does offer.

The Details

Specific Site Information

  • Job Site Type: Job Posting Site, Career Website
  • Year founded: 1995

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