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While craigslist's stripped-down design may not be ideal for job seekers looking for more of a guiding hand, the site offers an increasing number of legit job postings and is especially useful for local opportunities.

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The Good

The simplest job board around

With craigslist, you can search jobs and directly contact a company of interest without any ads, promotions, or other content getting in the way. Anyone can post a job for a small fee and anyone can search the job listings absolutely free. Each job listing is primarily all text, and the categories are easy to navigate by clicking on a link from an organized list. Not much else gets in the way of your job search experience, and this is a refreshing departure from other job sites.

Surprising number of high-quality, full-time jobs

Craigslist job listings have historically been dominated by hourly or part-time jobs but competitive, authentic full-time jobs are now occupying more space and becoming the norm. It’s common to find full-time employment listings in categories like web programming, web development, Internet, and sales, and many reputable companies use craigslist regularly to recruit new candidates. Craigslist is also a great resource to find jobs at start-ups and smaller companies.

Mobile apps that put job searches at your fingertips

Access craigslist’s job board from any mobile device. They offer a mobile website reachable from any device, and also have specialty apps for iOS and Android. These apps place all the functionality of the website in your hands wherever you go.

The Bad

Underperforms on some common job search features

Craigslist’s simple site does not enable you to directly apply for any job on the site. Instead, it provides you with an anonymous email link. Other competitors provide a valuable conduit to an application and then let you to track which jobs you applied to. Also, craigslist’s entire site and services are built by location. Seattle craigslist has a different site than New York’s craigslist. Because of this, there’s no easy way to search for jobs by industry and across locations. Certain filters exist for part-time or contract work but, compared to sites like SimplyHired, craigslist lags behind. However, keep in mind that craigslist was not designed with the sole intention of offering job search services so what it does offer suffices, especially for local opportunities.

Target for scammers

Because anyone can post a job on craigslist, the site is a target for scammers and shady jobs. You see postings that guarantee $5,000 per month working from home with no training, for example. Many times, these jobs do not turn out to be as described. Be smart and proceed with caution when replying to any suspicious listings, particularly those that sound too good to be true.

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