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Glassdoor's innovative inside look at companies' hiring practices and cultures sets them apart from other job search sites. For some job seekers, Glassdoor is probably most useful later in the job search process or as a supplementary resource.

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The Good

Inside scoop on position and company

Glassdoor literally gives you an insider’s perspective of what it’s like to work at a specific job at a specific company. Current and former employees anonymously rate and review the companies they work for, and these reviews are posted across five areas: culture and values; work-life balance; senior management; compensation and benefits; and career opportunities. No other job site gives you this level of visibility as to what other employees are saying about their experience at a company. Keep in mind, however, that the employers listed are typically larger and well-established companies so, if you’re looking for information at a start-up or microbusiness, you may not find the information you’re looking for.

Real information on salary and compensation

No longer does the employer hold all the cards when it comes to salary information. This is because Glassdoor publishes detailed salary information aggregated from actual employees of a company. This feature is especially beneficial for younger employees who may not have a good idea of what certain jobs pay. This tool is also very useful for new hires at any level by helping them negotiate salary once they’ve passed the interview stage.

Interview tips from actual employees

Glassdoor aids the interview preparation phase of your job search by giving you access to loads of information about the interview process at numerous companies. Read reviews about the employer’s interview process from real people who went through it and find out how difficult they thought it was. These reviews often include interview questions they were asked and commentary on how their salary negotiations went. You can also see which reviewer accepted or declined their offer from the company.

The Bad

Limited target job search

While Glassdoor does let you search for jobs and openings, it lacks some of the targeted search functions of other job search sites. The advanced search option is only usable for job title, company, and location. This makes Glassdoor more difficult to use for people just starting out who need a more expansive view of available jobs. A simple keyword search could improve this feature. As a solution, you may want to consider using another job search engine site like to find opportunities, then use Glassdoor to narrow down companies you’d like to work at later on in the process.

Few traditional career resources

Despite Glassdoor’s non-traditional resources like internal reviews, Glassdoor lacks more traditional ways to help job seekers. Most of the top job search sites provide tools to improve resumes, for example. Others offer job forums for people to connect and help each other progress along their career paths. Both features are lacking at Glassdoor since their focus is more on providing specific inside information on how companies work and hire.

The Details

Specific Site Information

  • Job Site Type: Job Search Engine, Career Website
  • Year founded: 2008

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