Review offers one of the most comprehensive solutions for employers posting jobs and employees searching for them. Employers have multiple avenues for posting jobs — including totally free options — while job seekers gain the added benefit of Indeed’s Google-like search algorithms. That said, functionality is put ahead of visual design and the sheer volume of jobs filtering through’s website can be distracting. Indeed also lacks the strong career-focused tools that players like Glassdoor and Linkedin incorporate.

Find a Job Post a Job

The Good

One stop for any job search is a job search engine. That means in addition to positions directly pinned to’s job board, it also aggregates job postings from thousands of other sources — including other job search engines. This saves you lots of time in your job search and allows the job-seeker to gain a comprehensive view of opportunities available. When you apply to a job on, you may be redirected to another search site to apply. This can be slightly irritating, but it’s worth it for the efficiency gains from only having to search in one place.

Hiring solutions for big and small businesses

According to SilkRoad’s Top Sources of Hire in 2015 report, ranked as the number one external method of hiring for small businesses — globally. That means was the dominant source of both interviews and hires, producing almost four times the interviews as the next leading site. has three primary recruiting techniques. Employers can post a virtually unlimited amount of jobs for free; these jobs will appear only in the “organic” search results of a job seeker’s query. Secondly, employers can choose to sponsor one, many, or all of their job postings, which then appear as the first few highlighted jobs in the applicable search. Sponsorship includes a daily budget option, which will optimize your job advertising across a month long posting, or the more complicated cost-per-click option, which allows you to set a price you are willing to pay per click and total amount not to exceed. The final solution targets large scale hiring. If your company already has its own career site or applicant tracking system, can integrate with your network to feature specific jobs as well as identify which jobs are worth sponsorship and which ones can be left in the traditional search. You will need to contact directly to get a quote for this option as it heavily depends on your specific situation and existing systems.

Mobile product that covers every user provides it’s job search engine product in a convenient format for almost all smartphones, tablets, or other Internet-enabled mobile devices. Dedicated iPhone, iPad, and Android apps can be downloaded. does not have a dedicated BlackBerry or Windows app, but its mobile-optimized website renders well on all mobile devices to let you search on the go.

The Bad

Lacks strong career resources for job seekers provides a forum platform that allows members to post their questions and talk amongst themselves regarding industries like flight attendants, specific companies like Toyota, or general topics like the ever-popular Frustrated Job Seekers Rant forum. Some average salary information as well as graphs indicating trends in various job markets are available as well. Both are useful, but many job seekers could benefit even more so from the resume writing tools, articles on career advice, networking capabilities, and sheer mass of industry data that places like Glassdoor and Linkedin provide. Glassdoor even goes so far as to give personal insights into the company’s work/life balance, CEO approval, and ratings of the overall culture as reported by actual employees.

Free ads can get buried

As thousands of jobs are added to’s listings daily, free job postings often get buried in the masses. The Google-esque nature of’s search tool means you aren’t just competing with other postings on, but with postings from hundreds of other job sites across the internet. This means that certain job posting types could need a paid sponsorship plan to really gain any traction.

The Details

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  • Job Site Type: Job Search Engine
  • Year founded: 2004

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