Review is the place to find local jobs with a simplified location search, but their no-frills approach lacks more advanced search features and career resources.

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The Good

Simple keyword search for no-hassle job searching is a good source if you want to find nearby jobs, and their local approach helps simplify their search tool to a location and keyword box. The site is very easy to use for a job seeker looking for a specific location but with a broad industry focus. In this way, you could type in “project management” in “Chicago, IL” and return results for project management in that location for many different industries.

Strong resume tools for a job search engine

Job search engines, which aggregate job postings from many sites, are usually light on extra career resources like resume tools. However, goes the extra mile by helping you build a resume from scratch or critiquing your current resume to improve it. Their resume builder lays out the most important sections of a resume and guides you toward filling those sections out with the most relevant information. While resume assistance isn’t the core function of a job site, it’s great to have these practical resources at your disposal all in one place.

Ability to target your resume to recruiters

to the resume creation tools are resume distribution services that help you stand out to recruiters and HR professionals. By uploading your resume and entering some additional information, you can select to have your resume broadcast to over 85 partner job search sites including Careerbuilder and This feature gives you a broad reach in minimal time. Next, you can choose to target your resume to actual recruiters in industries that you choose, helping to get your resume directly in the hands of decision makers.

The Bad

No Apple apps only has a mobile app for Android devices, so if you’re using an iPad or an iPhone, your only choice to access their site is through the Internet. The good news is that they do have a mobile-optimized website, so you can still access their site from your iPhone or iPad, although there’s the extra step of having to manually type in the web address every time you want to visit

Somewhat outdated Career Advice section’s Career Advice section is meant to convey they have more resources for the job seeker, but it falls short in its execution. Many Top Stories articles are not updated with recent content. It’s hard to be credible with content from 2009 still populating the top spots. If you’re seeking career advice or could benefit from peer forums, check out or Careerbuilder.

The Details

Specific Site Information

  • Job Site Type: Job Search Engine
  • Year founded: 2001

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