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Networking is LinkedIn's core competency, and their superb execution on that feature trumps shortcomings in other more traditional features you might see from other job search sites.

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The Good

Personal contact with HR representatives

How many job sites connect you with an actual human who’s in charge of filling an open position at a company? LinkedIn can deliver on this because they’re the premier business networking site in the world. You can search for HR managers at different companies and reach out to them either through a mutual connection or by using InMail, LinkedIn’s paid premium email service. Applying for a job and following up with an InMail is a great way to stand out to an HR representative and increase your chances of success.

No need for resume upload

If you’re on LinkedIn, your profile is essentially your resume. It’s become very important for job seekers to have a LinkedIn profile because HR recruiters use the site regularly to view information traditionally seen on a resume. Additionally, with a simple customizable link, you can point anyone to your work history, experience, portfolio, and endorsements on your LinkedIn page instead of dragging around paper copies of your resume.

Quality job search features

LinkedIn’s advanced job search features are robust. Keywords, salary, experience level, and location are just some of the ways you can search for job postings. A more innovative way is to search job postings by your connections so job results are returned along with the connections you have in that industry, at that company, or in a related field. Matching your connections to potential jobs drives your ability to get an introduction, a recommendation, or a degree closer to the potential job’s decision maker.

Apply Now feature for easy submission

If you have your LinkedIn profile updated with quality content, you can use it to apply directly to certain jobs on LinkedIn’s website. This feature is an effortless way to save a significant amount of time during the application process. Not all job postings allow this feature, however. Some employers want candidates to apply in other ways, so the Apply button takes you directly to the company’s website where you use a separate form to submit your cover letter and resume.

The Bad

Few career resources outside of networking

With their heavy emphasis on networking, LinkedIn misses other opportunities to aid career development for its users. If you’re looking for resources to advance your career other than heavy networking, you’ll want to look elsewhere. For instance, CareerBuilder has specific forums for people to connect about career changes; has great tools for improving your resume; and Glassdoor has insider information to help improve your interview skills.

Membership needed to fully experience true value

If you shun social media altogether, then LinkedIn’s job search function is not for you. You must be a member and have a public-facing profile to get any value from the site. Fortunately, it is free to create an account and over 500 million people are members worldwide. If you’re looking for a pure job board site with no account, try

The Details

Specific Site Information

  • Job Site Type: Job Posting Site, Career Website
  • Year founded: 2003

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