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LinkUp's unique job index approach eliminates scams and outdated listings from their results, enabling a quick and reliable search for any job seeker.

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The Good

Jobs exclusively from company websites

Instead of aggregating jobs from other job sites or partners, a search on LinkUp generates open opportunities directly from company web pages. The site works like Google by using keywords and parameters in your search to index the most relevant jobs and send you directly to the company website where you can apply. This process cuts out paid listings, so there are no scams and no third-party recruiters.

Active, up-to-date listings

As companies update their job listings on their own websites, LinkUp indexes to these pages and automatically delivers the updated information as you search. Other sites that have their own page listings must receive updates from the companies then manually update that information on the job search website. Sometimes, poor communication between job sites and companies causes job seekers to run into expired listings or filled positions, which isn’t the case with LinkUp.

Clean design devoid of non-essential elements

In another emulation of Google, LinkUp provides an appealing, decluttered interface, making the site a breeze for you to use. LinkUp clearly targets job search as their primary function; thus, the interface is removed of ads, promotions, or other services that might interfere with user experience. The color scheme, layout, and placement of critical information are all what you’d expect from a web 2.0 design fully focused on the user.

The Bad

Little focus on career resources

If you’re looking to switch careers or want tips on finding a job, LinkUp isn’t a good place to start. Instead, refer to The Best Career Websites top list. These job sites provide resume tools, interview tips, and career forums designed to help you further your career.

The Details

Specific Site Information

  • Job Site Type: Job Search Engine
  • Year founded: 2005

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