The 3 Best Online LSAT Prep Courses

Online LSAT prep courses are a great option if you live too far from an on-site program or simply prefer studying at home. These types of courses are typically broken down into two types. Self-study courses are the most flexible, though they lack live instruction. Live online courses offer an experience much closer to a traditional in-person course in a virtual setting. The best LSAT prep course providers offer both types of online programs to their students, along with a wide variety of online resources for further practice. Some LSAT prep courses also come with academic helplines, tutoring, or weekly office hours to offer students individualized attention, so this is also something to consider if you feel you’d benefit from more personalized instruction. The three companies mentioned below offer a wide range of online course options to suit all schedules and budgets.

Kaplan’s LSAT Anywhere courses employ advanced tools, like a virtual whiteboard and polling features, to keep online students as engaged as the students in their on-site courses. Lessons are conducted via whiteboard and a webcam, and there’s a chat functionality for when you have questions. You also receive course books and thousands of sample questions to do on your own if you want some extra practice. Kaplan also offers Smart Reports™ with your practice exams, which point out the areas where you can use improvement and suggest targeted exercises to work on. One of the most unique things about Kaplan’s LSAT courses is their LSAT Channel, which is located in your student account and contains hundreds of on-demand videos covering all aspects of the exam. Ten hours of new video are added every week, and you’re able to watch them in real time and participate in the live online workshops. This isn’t a requirement as part of the course, but it’s a good way to get your questions answered and practice with the different types of problems that appear on the test.

The Princeton Review offers on-demand and live online courses for students who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home. The self-study course contains all of the same materials as the live courses, but instruction is delivered through over 150 hours of streaming video. Live courses are broken down into two options: the Fundamentals Course and the Ultimate Course. One focuses on the basics of the exam while the other covers all the sections in more depth. Both of these courses take place in a virtual classroom where you communicate with your instructor through live chat, polling, and screen and file sharing. Should questions arise outside of class, you’re able to speak to your instructor to get personalized assistance. Like those enrolled in the on-site programs, online students also take six full-length proctored practice tests throughout the course to get a sense for how you’re doing and what to expect on test day. These exams, along with the thousands of additional practice problems available online, are more than enough to prepare you for all sections of the LSAT.

Manhattan LSAT’s live online courses include 66 hours of in-class instruction by a professor who’s scored in the 99th percentile on an official exam. Courses are taught using virtual classrooms much like the ones offered by Kaplan and The Princeton Review. Instructors speak to you through a webcam and use a virtual whiteboard to go through problems step by step. Class sizes are kept relatively small, between 10 and 25 students, to ensure a high level of interactivity throughout the course. Every week, Manhattan LSAT instructors host 30-minute office hours, which is the time for you to ask questions about concepts or problems you didn’t understand. There are more instructional resources available in your online account, including on-demand video workshops, online labs, and an LSAT Tracker tool. This analyzes the results from your practice tests and pinpoints where you should spend more time focusing your studies. For students who prefer more individualized instruction, there’s also private tutoring available through the same live online classroom used in Manhattan LSAT’s Complete Course.