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PowerScore's wide selection of LSAT course formats makes them flexible enough to suit just about every schedule and budget. They also offer some unique advanced courses, which are ideal for students applying to top law schools.

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The Good

A breeze to connect with instructors

Communicating with your instructors outside of the classroom is easy thanks to the LSAT Hotline, which is free to all PowerScore students. This hotline is open every weekday for three hours to help students with any homework problems. Your call is answered by one of PowerScore’s highly qualified LSAT instructors who are well-versed in all of the questions that appear on the exam. They then walk you through the problem and explain how to arrive at the correct solution until you understand it. You can also email your instructors if you can’t wait until the next class period. These options are useful to have because they enable you to get the one-on-one support you need while letting you stay focused on new material during class time.

Get the individual attention you need

PowerScore provides some of the most flexible private LSAT tutoring programs in the industry, with instruction available over the phone, online, and in person. Choose from a number of different tutoring packages or pay by the hour if you’re not sure how much help you need. All tutoring services include a personalized study plan designed around your strengths and weaknesses. Five hours of tutoring or more also earns you one of PowerScore’s LSAT course books and 10 hours or more grants you access to the Online Student Center, where you can find even more resources to help you study.

Special logic courses for advanced students

Students aiming to achieve an especially competitive score on the LSAT exam may want to investigate PowerScore’s Advanced Logic Games and Advanced Logical Reasoning courses, which focus on the most difficult problems in those sections. These courses contain 20 hours of on-demand video lectures taught by one of PowerScore’s expert instructors. You learn about the different question types and go through some of the most challenging problems that have appeared on previous LSATs. If you’re looking to go to a top law school, an advanced course like this may be just what you need to help you earn that high LSAT score you need.

Extensive online learning resources

If you’re new to the LSAT, check out the free help section of PowerScore’s website, where they provide all sorts of articles that explain how the test works and the types of problems that appear on it. There are also links to free lessons and practice tests and details about law school admissions processes. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking in these materials, head over to PowerScore’s LSAT Discussion Forum to direct your question to fellow students and instructors. It’s also a great place to turn if you run into a particularly difficult homework problem and need some guidance. Resources like these aren’t going to be critical factors when choosing an LSAT prep company, but they’re certainly a nice bonus.

Professional help on your application

PowerScore offers several admissions consulting services designed to help you improve your chances of getting into law school. With their Start-to-Finish program, you work with an expert on law school admissions to choose which schools you’re applying to, write your personal statement, and more. They guide you every step of the way until you send in your application. If you end up on the waitlist, they’ll help you out with that as well. There are other packages available for students who just want someone to look over their essays once they’re finished or don’t feel they need someone to walk them through the entire process. PowerScore even offers a 14-hour video course detailing the ins and outs of the law school admissions process for those who’d rather study on their own.

The Bad

Few in-class hours for live online courses

PowerScore’s full-length course contains 64 hours of live, in-class instruction whereas their live online course includes just 36 hours of live instruction. The same materials and concepts are covered in both courses, but online students have much less time to go over them in class, which may be a cause for concern for some people. However, students are easily able to communicate with their instructors through the virtual classroom and there are 45 hours of additional video lessons available online to help reinforce key ideas. So, the fewer number of classroom hours shouldn’t have a major impact on the overall education you receive from one of PowerScore’s live online courses.

The Details


  • Cost of Additional Tutoring Sessions: $100 - $150
  • Price Range: $100 - $1,295

General Information

  • Average Class Size: Varies
  • Delivery Methods: Live On-Site, Live Online, Video On Demand
  • Hours of Instruction: 80
  • Number of Full Practice Tests: 4
  • Quiz Bank Questions: 7,000+


General Instruction

Advanced Logic Games Course – Online Video

  • Price: $350
  • Hours of Instruction: 20+
  • Delivery Method: Streaming Video

Advanced Logical Reasoning Course – Online Video

  • Price: $350
  • Hours of Instruction: 20+
  • Delivery Method: Streaming Video

Weekend LSAT Course – Live Online

  • Price: $395
  • Hours of Instruction: 16
  • Delivery Method: Live Online

Weekend LSAT Course – On-Site

  • Price: $395
  • Hours of Instruction: 16
  • Delivery Method: On-Site

Live Online LSAT Course

  • Price: $995
  • Hours of Instruction: 36
  • Delivery Method: Live Online

Full-Length LSAT Course – On-Site

  • Price: $1,295
  • Hours of Instruction: 64
  • Delivery Method: On-Site


Telephone Tutoring

  • Price: $100 - $800
  • Hours of Instruction: 1 - 10
  • Delivery Method: Telephone

Live Online Tutoring

  • Price: $150 - $6,850
  • Hours of Instruction: 1 - 64
  • Delivery Method: Live Online

In-Person Tutoring

  • Price: $300 - $6,850
  • Hours of Instruction: 2 - 64
  • Delivery Method: On-Site

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