The 4 Best LSAT Practice Test Providers

Practice tests play a huge role in LSAT preparation because they give you the chance to apply what you’ve learned in class and get a feel for what exam day will be like. Fortunately, the Law School Admissions Council, who administers the LSAT, has released over 7,000 official questions from previous exams and almost all the top LSAT prep courses make these questions available to their students. What really makes a company stand out, then, is not so much the number of practice tests they offer, but how they are administered. Proctored exams are ideal because they take place under timed conditions identical to the ones you’ll face on test day, which gives you a much better idea of where you’re at and where you could use more practice. The four companies listed below are some of the best in this regard, so begin your search here.

Blueprint LSAT Prep is one of the best companies to turn to for realistic LSAT practice. They offer 17 full-length practice tests to the students in both their classroom and online courses. Six of these exams are proctored, which gives you a good idea of how you’re doing in terms of time management. They also enable you to see how you’ve improved over the length of the course and what you need to spend more time studying on. The other 11 tests are for your own personal use if you feel you need extra practice. Score them using the practice exam scoring tool in your MyBlueprint online account. Here, you also find answers to the thousands of additional homework and practice problems included in the course. Blueprint Prep gives their students access to the over 7,000 official LSAT questions that are legal to license, so there should be more than enough for you to practice with. All of the practice questions you take factor in to the analytics found in your online account, which is another way to get a sense for what types of questions you need to spend more time on.

TestMasters comes in just behind Blueprint LSAT Prep, with 15 full-length practice tests all taken as diagnostic assessments throughout the course. After each test, your scores are posted online along with a breakdown of each question type and the percentage you got correct. You’re also able to see how well you did on each question compared to the rest of your classmates. This information is not only useful to your instructor, but also to you as a student because it tells you where you’re struggling. You’re then able to use that information to focus your studies as you move forward in the course. Take advantage of TestMasters’ extensive database of all the officially released LSAT questions to practice the types of problems that keep tripping you up. Their unique Search Engine feature makes it even easier to find the practice questions you’re looking for by searching for keywords or phrases that appear in the problem.

Manhattan LSAT earns a place on the list of the best LSAT practice test providers, with each student taking six practice exams throughout their Complete Course. As part of your course materials, you receive two LSAT practice books containing an additional 19 practice tests. There are more practice questions in each of the three study guides included in your purchase. The questions are broken down by section to make it easier to find the type of problem you’re looking for. With over 7,000 officially released LSAT questions available to you, it should be easy to get extra practice in the areas where you need the most improvement. Manhattan LSAT has created a virtual proctor tool that times each section for you, including breaks, in order to better simulate the feel of taking the real LSAT. When you’re ready to take the practice test, just pull up the video and get started. This also gives you a good feel for how long you have for each section.

The Princeton Review offers four to six full-length LSAT practice tests, depending on which course you enroll in. Most courses come with six tests, but the Fundamentals course, which focuses on just the basic strategies for solving each type of LSAT problem, only contains four diagnostic tests. All of these are proctored, so you essentially experience test day without your score counting. This not only gives you a chance to practice each of the different types of problems that appear on the test, but also your time management skills. Like the other companies on this list, The Princeton Review provides access to all the official LSAT questions released by the Law School Admissions Council, providing you with even more opportunities to practice the concepts you’ve been learning in class and on the practice tests.