The 3 Best LSAT Tutoring Services

For students who value one-on-one attention, there’s no better way to study for the LSAT than to enroll in private tutoring. This is typically a much more expensive option than a traditional prep course, but it also comes with the added benefit of a custom study plan designed around your specific strengths and weaknesses. The best LSAT prep course providers offer both hourly tutoring and tutoring packages so students are able to purchase just as much time as they need. Like the traditional prep courses, tutoring is typically offered in person or through an online virtual classroom. Some companies also offer tutoring over the phone, which is typically a little more affordable than the other two methods. Based on the criteria mentioned above, the three companies listed below offer some of the most flexible LSAT tutoring services in the industry.

TestMasters is one of the best places to turn to for LSAT tutoring because they offer extremely flexible packages in a variety of formats. In-person tutoring is best for students who live near a TestMasters location, but there’s also live online or telephonic tutoring for students who live in a rural area or who’d rather learn from home. Going with hourly tutoring makes sense if you’re only struggling in one area. If you need a little more help, it’s better to select a 10- or 25-hour tutoring package. This way, you’re able to focus more intensely on the section of the exam or the types of problems that are giving you trouble. The ultimate tutoring service from TestMasters is their Platinum Package. It’s expensive, but it means you receive 80 hours of private instruction from one of TestMasters’ highly trained tutors. This is the equivalent of their entire full-length course taught privately so you can get the one-on-one attention you need. Few other companies give students the opportunity to receive this much individual instruction so, if it’s something you’re interested in, take a closer look at what else TestMasters has to offer.

PowerScore’s private tutoring packages are pretty similar to TestMasters’. Tutoring is available over the phone, live online, and in person. A two-hour minimum purchase is required for students interested in pursuing hourly tutoring, but you’re able to add on as many hours beyond that as you need. If you’re looking for more than just a few hours of help, though, it’s going to be much more cost-effective to purchase a tutoring package rather than paying the hourly fee for open-ended tutoring. Choose from 5-, 10-, 20-, 40-, and 64-hour packages. All tutoring programs include a course book and access to one of PowerScore’s instructors. Packages that include 10 or more hours also include access to the Online Student Center, where you’ll find additional practice questions and resources.

Blueprint LSAT Prep offers live online and in-person tutoring sessions for students who feel they’d benefit from more individualized attention. In-person tutoring is only going to be an option for students who live near one of Blueprint Prep’s 35 locations across the country, though, so for many people, live online tutoring will be the way to go. Like the other companies on the list, Blueprint gives you the option of paying for tutoring as you go or buying a set number of hours upfront. Hourly tutoring requires a two-hour minimum purchase, but the rate is relatively standard for the industry. Available tutoring packages range from 10 to 60 hours, so there should be one that’ll work for you no matter how much help you need. All of Blueprint Prep’s instructors have scored 170 or better on an official LSAT and have been trained in how to instruct you in all aspects of the exam. These tutors work with you to come up with a program designed to help you achieve the highest score possible.