Altius Test Prep Review

Altius Test Prep specializes in comprehensive on-site and online MCAT courses that provide a good mix of group instruction and one-on-one attention. However, the on-site courses are offered in only seven states.

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The Good

Full-featured courses

All Altius Test Prep courses provide you with both classroom instruction and private tutoring sessions, in addition to admissions prep services. The company’s base-level Silver course provides 32 hours of live classroom instruction, 20 hours of one-on-one tutoring sessions, and a full review of your medical school application essay. The top-level Platinum course package provides 80 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of tutoring, in addition to weekly small-group review sessions and access to regular open office hours administered by your classroom instructor. As a Platinum course student, you also get personal one-on-one admissions guidance and unlimited editing services for your medical school application materials. Altius Test Prep also offers a full-immersion summer program that packs more than 400 hours of small-group classroom sessions, one-on-one tutoring sessions, and admissions prep services into 10 sunny weeks.

Rare and comprehensive satisfaction guarantees

Altius Test Prep stands firmly behind its services by making three valuable promises to MCAT test prep students. First, you get a full two-week trial period to determine whether an Altius course meets all your MCAT preparation needs. Although you have to pay your tuition in advance, if you withdraw from your course within two weeks, you are entitled to a 100% refund. Second, if you continue on and complete your course but are unsatisfied with your resulting MCAT score, Altius Test Prep promises to pay your tuition for a comparable course offered by any Altius competitor. Finally, Altius Test Prep is willing to match any satisfaction guarantee made by any other test prep company offering full-length MCAT courses. With these three guarantees in place, no other company in the industry can beat Altius Test Prep when it comes to protecting your interests.

Plentiful practice tests and quiz questions

Practice tests make up an important part of the Altius Test Prep system and are delivered periodically through the length of your course. As an Altius student, you get access to 11 practice tests, many of which are given under realistic conditions in a closed testing environment to help prepare you for the stress and pressure of test day. Altius also provides you access to quiz banks that include 15 different categories of questions found on the MCAT test.

The Bad

Limited on-site class locations

Altius Test Prep’s standard courses are only available on-site in seven states, including Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Missouri, Kansas, and Florida. If you’re interested in the full-immersion summer program, your options are even more limited. These 10-week courses are only available in the cities of Portland, Oregon, and Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah. However, since these courses entail 40 or more hours of study per week, some students choose to relocate for the 10 weeks of the course.

The Details

General Information

  • Average Class Size: 12 - 18
  • Delivery Methods: On-Site, Live Online, Streaming Video
  • Hours of Instruction: 100 - 375
  • Number of Full Practice Tests: 11
  • Quiz Bank Questions: None


General Instruction


  • Price: $1,999
  • Hours of Instruction: 100
  • Delivery Method: On-Site, Streaming Video


  • Price: $2,599
  • Hours of Instruction: 180
  • Delivery Method: On-Site, Streaming Video


  • Price: $3,599
  • Hours of Instruction: 375
  • Delivery Method: On-Site, Streaming Video

Summer Full-Immersion MCAT Course

  • Price: $2,599 - $3,899
  • Hours of Instruction: 125+
  • Delivery Method: On-Site

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