The 3 Best MCAT Tutoring Services

Just about every major MCAT prep company offers at least a couple of solid tutoring options to choose from. However, only a few companies deliver both online and on-site tutoring plans with reasonably flexible scheduling options to meet a wide range of student needs. If you’re looking to get some quality one-on-one MCAT tutoring to complement your MCAT course, consider these top companies first.

The Princeton Review stands out as the best performer in this area, offering a superb range of tutoring plans to deliver the expert assistance you need to reach your full potential on the MCAT test. The Princeton Review’s comprehensive tutoring package is a 48-hour one-on-one tutored course designed to take the place of a standard small-group course. If you want to take a small-group course and add tutoring services on the side, the company’s pay-as-you-go tutoring programs are fully customizable to your needs. As a pay-as-you-go student, you commit to a minimum of three tutoring hours, then schedule additional hours as needed. All Princeton Review MCAT tutoring programs are available either online or on-site in cities across the country. On-site tutoring takes place in your home or in another mutually determined location. While The Princeton Review maintains a network of classroom sites spanning 28 states, their tutor network is even more extensive. Contact the company to determine whether a Princeton Review MCAT tutor is available in your area.

Kaplan is a terrific option if you’re willing to commit to a comprehensive MCAT course and at least 15 hours of one-on-one tutoring. Every Kaplan tutoring plan includes a standard online or on-site MCAT Advantage course that incorporates at least 70 hours of live instruction with other students. The tutored portion of the program is delivered separately from the standard course, enabling you to get private help on challenging topics that come up during your class time. Kaplan tutoring packages are available at the 15-, 25-, and 35-hour levels. Both the classroom and the tutoring components are available online and in person. Kaplan maintains the most extensive network of MCAT classroom locations in the industry, with options in 43 states. Every MCAT classroom location is staffed with MCAT tutors.

Next Step Test Prep specializes in one-on-one tutored courses and offers no traditional group courses at all. As a Next Step Test Prep student, you work with an expert MCAT tutor to design a course curriculum that targets your personal needs. Choose the Crash Course plan for 16 hours of targeted study focusing on your areas of weakness. If you’re interested in covering every content area of the test, go with the 24-hour Comprehensive Plan or the 40-hour Intensive Review package. Next Step Test Prep also offers an open-ended Premium Tutoring option that requires a minimum commitment of two months of tutoring. Tutors are available in Washington, D.C. and in cities in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York. All tutored-course packages are also delivered online.