The 4 Best Medical Alert Systems for Active Seniors

Seniors who travel a lot on their own may not get the protection they need if they opt for a traditional in-home medical alert system. Instead, a mobile alert device makes much more sense. These devices let you contact the monitoring center from anywhere and often contain GPS technology so you’re easily located. Some medical alert system providers also have mobile apps available for those who don’t want to or can’t afford to purchase a mobile unit. If you’re looking for that peace of mind knowing someone will be there whenever you need them, a mobile alert system’s a smart investment. The four companies below offer different solutions to help you when you’re away from home.

Medical Guardian

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Medical Guardian provides a mobile alert system for active seniors that works exactly like a traditional in-home unit except it can be taken outside of the house. In the event of an emergency, you can press the button on the device and speak to a Medical Guardian representative. The device has GPS technology in it so the representative is able to direct emergency personnel to your location. As with their traditional units, there is no long-term contract necessary to sign up for Medical Guardian’s services nor do you have to pay an activation fee. Medical Guardian’s in-home units only have a 400-foot signal range, so if this not enough, the mobile unit is a good way to go.

Walgreens Ready Response

Walgreens Ready Response offers a device that’s similar to Medical Guardian’s, but it also has automatic fall detection technology. Because of this, the mobile unit triggers a call to the monitoring center in the event of a fall without you having to press the button. Like the Medical Guardian device, the Walgreens Ready Response mobile unit can track your location through GPS so help gets directed to your location even if you aren’t sure where you are. The device has a 36-hour battery life, so you have to remember to charge it when you’re not traveling. However, the ability to carry that peace of mind with you, knowing that you’ll receive help when needed, makes up for this minor hassle. The mobile safety device is water-resistant, so you can keep it with you in the shower or anywhere else.

Life Alert

Life Alert’s Complete Protection plan comes with your standard alert buttons, a base unit, and a mobile alert device, which can be used to contact the monitoring center when you’re away from home. There’s a microphone built in to the mobile device so you can communicate with the representative from the monitoring center about your emergency. From there, the representative is able to send assistance to your location. This device has a long-lasting battery that can go up to 10 years without replacement. If you own a smartphone, you have another option for contacting Life Alert without needing to purchase the Complete Protection plan. You can download Life Alert’s mobile app, which has a button to help you contact the monitoring center as well as light and sound signals you can use to help rescuers locate you.

Rescue Alert

Rescue Alert’s RA911 emergency phone is an optional add-on you can add to your standard medical alert system package for an extra $10 per month. Unlike the other mobile devices on this list, the RA911 emergency cell phone is used to directly contact emergency services rather than Rescue Alert’s monitoring center. It functions in a similar way to the other mobile alert systems on this list, however. You just press the button on the device and you’re automatically connected to emergency services. You can communicate with them through the device so you can explain your situation and tell them where you’re located. This device is small and easy to carry with you, so you may want to think about this if you often travel outside of your home.